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swimming pool

Backyard Swimming Pools: Are You Ready to Take the Plunge?

swimming poolOwning a backyard swimming pool not only adds value to your home, but it also gives you immediate access to different ways of keeping in shape. If you’re planning to install your first backyard swimming pool, below are some pointers to get started:

Have a Clear Idea of What You Want

You may have been dreaming of a swimming pool for years. But before you install one, suggests gathering ideas first and updating yourself with the latest technology.

You may also create a “lookbook” with pictures of swimming pools from magazines or even scenic photos from your vacations and present them to the builder. It will give them a good sense of what you want and incorporate your preference to the pool design.

Consider the Weather in Your Area

Depending on your location, the weather can affect your pool building decisions. If you live in colder or wetter climates, you will definitely enjoy the benefits of pool enclosures. In temperate climates, however, pool heaters are good. If your place is windy and heavily treed, choose a swimming pool with pool covers to keep leaves at bay.

Don’t Forget about Your Local Building Codes

Know about building regulations, permits, restrictions and property tax before you do anything with your property. Visit your local planning office to find the right building codes for your area.

Establish a Budget and Stick to it

Talk to your pool builder to find out more information about the cost of the project. It is important that both of you know the budget from the start, so you can make some adjustments to your plans if you do not have enough resources for the initial concept.

Always think about the long-term effects when establishing a budget. Call your insurance provider to see if owning a pool affects your homeowner’s policy.

Think about Long-Term Costs

For upkeep, make sure to take a few energy saving steps. Also, consider the amount of water to keep your pool full, accessories you will need to buy and the cost of cleaning and water maintenance.

The swimming pool you are adding is for personal enjoyment. So, do not put your individuality aside. Work with your builder to make your dream pool a reality.

natural oil

When Things Make Scents: Top 3 Ways of Extracting Essential Oils

natural oilFrom the sweet aroma of vanilla to the stimulating fragrance of menthol and eucalyptus, essential oils light up the senses and enliven your body. Packed in these pure essences are numerous properties that are suitable for culinary, cosmetic, medicinal and other purposes.

Before you can enjoy the soothing aromas, however, extraction needs to happen. This can be done in several ways, and requires years of expertise and experience.

With that, here are some of the most popular ways of extracting and producing essential oils.


Pure extracts can be obtained from plants by distillation using steam. Fresh plants are hung over boiling water and steamed for a few hours. The rising steam pulls out the oils and takes it upwards, where it is caught, and left to condense and turn back into liquid form. The steam condenses into water and does not mix with the fat. They are then separated into hydrosols (the “flavoured” water) and the essential oil.


This is the most direct way of producing essential oils. The plant, complete with seeds and skin, is cold pressed to extract the oil. Basically, the skin of the plant is scored, and then pressed until the juices and oils come out.

This method is very popular for extracting oils from oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits, as these are rich in oil. ITA Overseas shares these can then be used to add aroma to food, to your spa time, or to almost anything that requires soothing smells.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

This is a new procedure that uses carbon dioxide in its gas and liquid state. The chemical is subjected to high pressure along with the plant. Once it goes back to normal pressure and temperature, the CO2 reverts to its gaseous state and evaporates, leaving the plant extracts. This is best for producing oils with exceptionally true aromas.

Essential oils are perfect for several uses. You just have to make sure you actually buy natural oil extracts, and not chemically-formulated ones. This is to ensure you only breathe in the highest quality aromas and that you get the smell’s full benefits.

house painting

House Painting Services: Making Sure You Choose the Right Person for the Job

house paintingAre you planning to revamp your home and get it repainted? Giving a fresh, new look to your home can instantly add to the feeling of living in a whole new place. Although some prefer the DIY route, residential painting is a task that needs an expert. Finding the right professional for your project may be challenging at first. But, with a bit of research, you can find the most suitable one to address all your needs.

The Complex Task of Choosing the Right Painter

Finding the best painters is not an arduous task, but it involves a bit of planning and understanding what processes should be prioritised. Make a list of potential painters and contact them for their bids and details. Choose the one that best suits you. Ask questions and after thorough satisfaction, state your requirements and expectations.

According to Barker-Whittle, here are some questions you should ask to help you make the right choice:

• How long have the painter and his team been working on residential painting projects?
• What is the duration of the project?
• What type of paint will be used? What is the theme? There are different kinds of paint options to choose from – pearl finish, matte finish and others. Choose the paint details based on the theme of your home.

Before settling on one painter, make sure to do these tasks, too:

• Ask for references from friends and associates. A person who has already used their services will be the most suitable one to give recommendations.
• Read through some company reviews on discussion boards and forums.
• Cost is an important aspect that should be your primary criterion. Normally, painters either charge for the time and materials involved or quote based on the project as a whole.
• The painting bid must include everything from planning, preparation, priming, and painting and clean up after the paint job.

Lastly, before hiring a painter, the homeowner must check the painter’s qualifications, which includes verifying his contractor’s license and making sure it is up to date, insurance proof and his references.

Surfboard Fins

The Importance of Surfboard Fins

Fins, also known as skegs, are an all-important part of surfboards. Imagine a fish without fins and you will get a general idea of how vital it is. Without these hydrofoils mounted at the tail end of surfboards, surfers would not have much foot steering control or directional stability.

Surfboard Fins

Controlling the board, harnessing the waves

According to Compare Surfboards, the toe, foil, rake, flex, and cant are crucial elements of a surfboard that affect how well, or how badly, it performs in the water. While some may say that the surfer’s skill level is the only thing that matters, there is no denying that having a maneuverable board makes things a lot easier.

Fins come in different shapes, sizes, and materials — all depending on a surfer’s personal preferences. Though typical surfboards come with single fins, there are other designs that have more than one. Single-finned boards offer more control, while multiple-finned ones are more preferable for surfers who want to avoid sweeping turns, as well as straight-lined charges.

Surfing Through Repairs, Living With Replacements

When it comes to surfboards, minor dings and dents are part of the deal. Punctures and fractures on the nose, tail, or rail are the battle scars that boards earn after session after session of riding gnarly waves.

Most of these damages, you can live with, but not when it comes to the fins. Surfboard fin repairs are a reality that ever rider faces. Oftentimes, though, repairs are out of the question when there is substantial damage to the fin.

Be sure to keep your surfboard in prime condition before hitting the waves. While every part of the board plays a part, none is more crucial than the fin. Good tail fins can improve your board’s overall maneuverability. This is crucial — especially if you are relatively new to the waves. With maximum controllability, you will be able to catch the largest waves.

rsa training

RSA Q&A with the Australian Hotels Association (WA)

rsa trainingPerth Licensee: G’day, as you know, we’re opening our new venue very soon in the Perth CBD, all of my staff members already received their RSA qualifications. But, before we open the new venue, I’d like them all to obtain the most recent RSA certification, so they’re up-to-date on any legislative changes. Is this something that can be organised or is your RSA training online only?

AHA Professional Training Adviser: Hi, there! We can certainly help you and your staff with group responsible service of alcohol training. You can come here at the Australian Hotels Association (WA) and use our training facilities or we can come to you. It will cost $120 per person for AHA members or $135 per person for non AHA members.

Perth Licensee: Sounds good. How long does the RSA course go for? It would be difficult staffing-wise if it was a full-day activity.

AHA Professional Training Adviser: The course goes for 5 hours, so we can squeeze everyone into one session or run the training course twice over two days, whatever is easier for you.

Perth Licensee: Great! Just so I can inform my staff, what are the main points we will cover?

AHA Professional Training Adviser: Once completed, your staff will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

• Duty of Care
• Harm Minimisation
• House policies
• People to whom alcohol service would be an offence
• People to whom service may be refused
• Physical and social effects of alcohol
• Juveniles on licensed premises
• Identifying someone who may be ‘drunk’ in accordance with the Liquor Control Act 1988
• Strategies to use when refusing service and conflict resolution
• Crowd controllers

Perth Licensee: I’ll be in touch with an appropriate date. Many thanks for your help.

AHA Professional Training Adviser: My pleasure. If you need more info you can visit our training website.


Give Your Home a Modern Look: Using Glass Splashbacks to Update Your Kitchen

kitchenMany homeowners pay a lot of attention to making the interiors of their homes elegant and sophisticated. Among the many parts of a home, the kitchen is one that needs the most attention. This is because this is where the homemaker will be spending most of her time making sumptuous meals for her family. It is also the area where families and friends gather to enjoy and share food.

No More Tiles

There was a time when people refurbishing or getting the interiors for their new houses done tile the kitchen walls to decorate the area. The tiles were once considered a practical option because they were easy to maintain, available in different colors and patterns and quite affordable. Today, more options work better than tiles.

New Glass Splashbacks

As an alternative to kitchen tiles, glass splashbacks are made of toughened glass. According to Perth City Glass, they are a popular option for kitchen décor because they are durable, resistant to acidic substances and use of force, easy to clean and can handle significant amount of weight.

Functionality with Beauty

Perhaps the biggest reason glass splashbacks are a favorite for many kitchen owners today is their range of lively colors that can brighten and bring to life even old kitchens. Some color options include bright blood red, apple green and fluorescent blue. All these colors, when contrasted with the right kind of wood color, are enough to make the kitchen more pleasing to the eye. They can transform it from a mere working space into a pure work of art.

Glass splashbacks are three things rolled into one – beauty, functionality and durability. What’s more, modern glass splashbacks also come with a protective glass coating that ensures the material remains intact for over ten years.


Acne Prevention and Control: The Role of Different Vitamin Types

blue-eyesSeveral vitamins contribute to a healthy and clear skin. They can help men and women suffering from some skin problems, such as blackheads and acnes. Acnes are commonly found among people with oily skin, and they have no definite cures yet.

But, it has long been proven that many vitamins work well with acne and blackhead prevention, such as vitamins A, B, C and E. These contain co-enzymes that are necessary in inducing biochemical reactions. Also, these vitamins have antioxidants, which also actively protect the skin from free radicals. discusses what each vitamin type does to achieve a beautiful skin:

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant protects the skin from damage brought about by free radicals entering the body through pollution, drugs and food preservatives. Vitamin E not only detoxifies the body, but also improves sebaceous glands functions to moisturize the skin. The best sources of Vitamin E are almonds, tofu, cabbage, soybeans and wheat germ.

Vitamin A

High doses of Vitamin A are for those with severe cases of acne. This is because the vitamin cuts down the skin’s oil production, preventing acne growth. Oily skin is mainly responsible for acne development because oils clog the skin pores while trapping bacteria and dirt. Vitamin A also reduces skin pigmentation, scars left by acne, and pre-mature aging. Vitamin A is widely used in skin creams and lotions.

Vitamin C

High doses of Vitamin C enhance rapid skin healing, prevent blackheads, inflammation, and scars and reduces free radicals. It is found in citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lime and grapes. You can also consume it in supplementary form.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex combines different vitamins and works for the improvement of overall health. Vitamin B6 deficiency causes acne inflammation, while Vitamin B12 removes unwanted skin pigmentation. Vitamins B3 and B5 reduce stress and promote blood circulation. This, in turn, promotes better skin health. Vitamin B complex variants are found in strawberries, squash, avocados, vegetables, whole grains, liver, milk, and a host of dairy products.

pigeon infestation

How to Get Rid of a Pigeon Infestation

pigeon infestationPigeons are one of the worst creatures a property owner will ever deal with, especially in large populations. If they have chosen your building as their roost, you should be familiar with the mess they make. Pigeon droppings can accumulate rapidly, depreciating your property and causing no small amount of disgust.

Pigeon droppings also carry significant health risks. Sanitation specialists like Cleanair UK say that bird waste can spread serious diseases, and thus should be removed immediately. Of course, you don’t want to clean up pigeon poo every day, so the only long term option is to get rid of them.

You can get help from an extermination service to cull their numbers, but take caution: pigeons reproduce rapidly, and population levels could be back to normal in as little as six weeks. Here are humane methods that are effective at permanently removing them.

1. Making your home inhospitable – First of all, never feed the pigeons, and remove any obvious sources of food. Bowls of dog food or cat food lying around are usually the main culprits. If the infestation is indoors, make sure to also find their entry points and seal them off with screens or netting. This will make it difficult for them to return.

2. Using deterrents – Sticky pest control chemicals, anti-roosting spikes, and even kitchen spices are effective pigeon deterrents. Place them in areas where the birds usually are, and over time they will move elsewhere.

3. Scaring them off – Actively scaring the pigeons away will eventually teach them to avoid your property. Using a garden hose works, but this takes a long time and much effort. Some advise using life size figurines of predator birds, but this won’t work for long. Pigeons will eventually get used to the silent, unmoving figure.

An effective, easy, but pricey option is to use ultrasonic devices. These can scare away pigeons and most other pests.


Why Asbestos Removal Ups the Roof Repair and Replacement Cost

roofHome renovation was never an affordable business, more so if it involves a roof restoration job. But, there could be certain additions to this cost, which will depend largely on the materials used.

For example, if the roof contains asbestos, you can expect to pay at least 10% or more in addition to the usual roof restoration and home renovation costs. If you are wondering what makes asbestos removal so costly, read the following discussion from

Asbestos is Toxic

One of the main reasons asbestos removal is a costly affair is that the material is highly toxic. As the asbestos gets worn out, its fibers are released into the atmosphere, which act as potential health hazards.

So, roofing contractors should follow different rules and regulations governing asbestos removal, which in effect, increases the price of the process.

Ask Only a Professional

As you need professional help to have the asbestos removed, this also increases the price of the entire process. You could have done a DIY had it been a roof sans asbestos. But, because the material is toxic, the law says you must have it removed by a professional. As a result, the cost gets multiplied.

Additional Reasons

The following are other reasons asbestos removal is pricey:

  • Specialized equipment is needed
  • State permits are required
  • Special abstraction devices will be required to remove asbestos dust from the site of removal
  • Special vacuum cleaners and HEPA filters are needed to rid the area of asbestos dust
  • Specialized work clothes are required to protect the roofing contractors
  • Contractors will need to dispose the removed asbestos as per laws and prescribed methods
  • The process requires a long time

Asbestos removal is a specialized, time-taking and skilled job. Hence, the high costs.

commercial space

3 Signs You’re Ready to Become an Entrepreneur

commercial spaceEntrepreneurship has always been a part of Filipino culture, and the number of new businesses every year is reaching record numbers. Because of the strong economy and the wealth of knowledge provided by the Internet, many people now dream of quitting their jobs and achieving financial independence; the barrier to entry has never been lower.

You might be one of the many people considering entrepreneurship as a way of life. Perhaps you have a brilliant business idea, and you already found the perfect commercial space to lease from or any other listing site. The only thing stopping you now is the thought that you might not be ready.

If these three signs apply to you, then it might be time to take that first step.

1. Your dream is more important than security – There’s nothing wrong with a stable job. It offers a reliable source of income and numerous benefits. Many people love their work and the security it brings. But if you’re ready for entrepreneurship, you know that your dream is worth far more; you’re willing to deal with rough times, countless disappointments, and an uncertain future just to make it a reality.

2. You have a good business plan – Passion alone isn’t enough, you also need a solid business plan. Too many people fail because they try to make things up as they go along. They waste time and capital, make one mistake after another, and have no direction. Eventually, they get frustrated and just give up. A business plan is irreplaceable and it will save you from more problems than you can imagine.

3. You have a support group – Starting a business is one of the most stressful things a person will ever experience, and it’s not something you can accomplish on your own. You will be tempted to quit many times, and that’s when you need the support of your friends and family. Having a group of mentors that you can consult is also important; they can help you avoid mistakes that they made in the past.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Those who are attracted to it because they believe it will free them from the hardships of a regular job will be sorely disappointed. The rewards, however, are well worth it.