Methods of Surgical Treatment for Gum Diseases

Everyone should achieve periodontal health in the least invasive way and in the most cost-effective manner, the American Academy for Periodontology (AAP) explains. Unfortunately, non-surgical periodontal treatment has its limits. This is More »

What Depression Looks Like to Those with Alzheimer’s Disease

People living with Alzheimer’s disease don’t just experience difficulty in remembering things. It is also common for patients, especially those in the early and middle stage of the illness, to experience depression. More »

The Truth About Braces in Leeds

Anyone who has been lucky enough to have aligned teeth and jaws may not have an accurate impression of what braces are. For many of us, our only interaction with teeth straightening More »

Is diabetes a problem for Dental Implants in Birmingham?

Dental implants have risen in popularity in recent years and more and more people are interested in this innovative tooth replacement option. Durable and sturdy, dental implants can restore a person’s smile More »

Getting over Gum Disease

Whether it is a winning smile or a clean bill of dental health, it takes more than a set of pearly white teeth. Healthy gums are crucial to healthy teeth. They support More »

Dentist checking a patient's teeth

Methods of Surgical Treatment for Gum Diseases

Dentist checking a patient's teethEveryone should achieve periodontal health in the least invasive way and in the most cost-effective manner, the American Academy for Periodontology (AAP) explains.

Unfortunately, non-surgical periodontal treatment has its limits. This is why sometimes, it doesn’t achieve periodontal health. When this happens, your dentist may perform a surgery to rescue the situation.

Here are some surgical treatment procedures that your reliable periodontics in Spanish Fork might use to fix your oral health.

Bone Graft

This process comprises the use of fragments of a synthetic bone, a donated bone, or your own bone to replace the lost bone due to gum disease. The graft provides a surface suitable for the re-growth of a new bone, which restores teeth stability.

This method sometimes employs a new technology known as tissue engineering. It pushes your body to generate tissue and bone at a high speed.

Pocket Reduction/Flap Surgery

This procedure lifts back gums to remove tartar. It smoothens out irregular parts of the ruined bone to minimize the spaces where bacteria can hide.

The dentist then places back the gum, in a way that the tissue snugly fits around the teeth. By reducing the space between the tooth and the gum, it reduces the chances of bacteria to survive. Any surviving bacteria can cause periodontal disease.

Soft Tissue Graft

Soft tissue graft works to reinforce fills or thin gums in areas where the gums have receded. Dentists often obtain additional soft tissue within your mouth, particularly from the roof part. It is then stitched onto the gum to add tissue density to the affected area.

For a majority of patients, the non-invasive procedures, which involve root planning and scaling, are all they need to treat gum issues. Surgical treatment is only necessary when the surrounding tissue and bone are unhealthy and that non-surgical options cannot repair.

A beautiful bathroom interior

4 Smart Tips on Updating Your Shower

A beautiful bathroom interiorIn the last decade, it was the norm for master bathrooms to have nice bathtubs. Today, most homeowners prefer luxury showers instead. If you’ve been thinking of a bathroom remodeling project in your home, then you may want to consider installing a more practical and inviting shower. Here are four tips to achieve that:

Choose a multipurpose shower head

Many bathrooms have the traditional builder-grade shower heads that can be rather boring. If that’s what your bathroom has, then consider replacing it with one of those trendy multipurpose shower heads that can be used as a rain shower or handheld showerheads. The shower head offers a more luxurious bathing experience. A company that offers bathroom remodeling services in Ogden could help you with this.

Install tile from floor to ceiling

If you are looking for an updated look that lasts a long time, then try installing elegant tiles from the floor to the ceiling of your bathroom. White ceramic subway tile is a great choice. You could experiment with different colors, but white is always stylish. Consider a few accent tiles to add some flair to your bathroom.

Update the shower door too

If you have a framed sliding door for your shower, then consider updating it to a frameless pivoting one instead. Clear glass is the best option. Your shower immediately feels larger and more open. The update is also remarkably inexpensive.

Upgrade your bathmat

In the course of updating your shower, consider investing in a well-constructed, plush, and machine-washable bathmat. Such a bathmat gives your bathroom a luxurious feel as you get out of your shower. In addition, an elegant bathmat adds some color to your new bathroom and is easy to change if new trends emerge.

You use your bathroom every day and it’s only natural to want to have a great experience whenever you’re in it. By investing in a few creative touch-ups, you can transform your shower into a spa you look forward to spending time in.

What Depression Looks Like to Those with Alzheimer’s Disease

elderly man depressedPeople living with Alzheimer’s disease don’t just experience difficulty in remembering things. It is also common for patients, especially those in the early and middle stage of the illness, to experience depression. This only makes it important to provide the right care, treatment, and assistance that can help improve the way they live.

Studies suggest that about 40% of people living with Alzheimer’s disease suffer from significant depression. Feelings of depression usually come in when patients experience trouble in remembering things or forget how to function on their own. Depression only intensifies the problem, as it can make it difficult for patients to enjoy life.

Symptoms of Depression in Those with Alzheimer’s

Senior Helpers and other Alzheimer’s care centers note that the symptoms of depression in those with the said illness are different from those without memory problems. There are cases that the symptoms may come and go, and those with Alzheimer’s are less likely to think or talk about suicide.

The symptoms of depression to those with serious memory issues include:

  • Isolation
  • Social withdrawal
  • Impaired thinking
  • Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed
  • Apathy
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Sleep disruption

Treatment for Depression

It is seldom helpful to simply tell those suffering from Alzheimer’s and depression to snap out or it to cheer up. The same is also true for those with depression without serious memory problems. Aside from support and reassurance, professional help is also essential. Common treatments for depression in Alzheimer’s may include a combination of counseling and medication.

Here are a few other recommendations that could help:

  • Regular exercise. If possible, it is important to encourage patients to engage in a regular physical activity, especially in the morning. This can help them stay fit, as well as relieve some symptoms of depression.
  • Participation in hobbies and activities. Active participation in social activities and other hobbies can help reduce loneliness and social isolation.
  • Antidepressants. A loved one’s healthcare provider may prescribe antidepressants, but do note that this is only for treating depression and not dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

If a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and depression, it is only important to learn more about care options and treatment available. Contacting an Alzheimer’s care center or expert is also advisable, especially for families who need a helping hand in taking care of a loved one.

A girl smiling and pointing at her braces

The Truth About Braces in Leeds

A girl smiling and pointing at her bracesAnyone who has been lucky enough to have aligned teeth and jaws may not have an accurate impression of what braces are. For many of us, our only interaction with teeth straightening technology has been American movies from the 80s, where half the kids were seen sporting metal train tracks in an effort to get those perfectly straight Hollywood smiles.

The truth is braces aren’t just for kids. Adults can benefit too, and modern dentistry is finding new ways to help grown-ups to straighten teeth all the time. In Leeds, braces come in different forms. There are the traditional metal braces we all know about, though these days they are made of more lightweight materials and can be customised with coloured elastics. There are lingual braces that are also fixed metal ones but are fitted to the backs of the teeth and so can’t be seen. There are tooth-coloured cosmetic braces that blend into the teeth, clear aligners that are almost invisible and aligner bows that move the teeth in as little as six weeks. Any teeth straightening dentist in the area, such as Enhancedental, can talk patients through their options.

While it’s true that major jaw realignment work can’t be done after the age of 18 because the bones solidify at this age and so can’t be moved, the teeth do still move around in the jaw.

What type of brace is suitable for each patient can only be assessed by a dentist. These days, certain types of braces in Leeds can be fitted by a general dentist, rather than one who has been trained specifically in teeth straightening. This is because modern dental technology means that a lot of the work is done in the dental lab, through taking pinpoint accurate measurements with 3D scanners. These measurements are loaded into a software programme that creates a computerised treatment plan.

And certain other kinds of braces only do their work on the front six teeth, so it’s possible for a general dentist to train to oversee this level of realignment. It can often be cheaper, however, to see a teeth straightening dentist who offers this type of treatment all the time and so has no set up costs.

Is diabetes a problem for Dental Implants in Birmingham?

dental implant in a dental holderDental implants have risen in popularity in recent years and more and more people are interested in this innovative tooth replacement option. Durable and sturdy, dental implants can restore a person’s smile as well as improve their oral health.

However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental implants in Birmingham. Patients with diabetes, in particular, should consult with an experienced dentist, such as at Sutton Implant Clinic, in order to determine whether dental implants in Birmingham are a viable treatment option.

Dental implants: the basics

Dental implants are small, artificial tooth roots, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Unlike dentures that sit on the gums, dental implants are rooted in the bone tissue and form a strong bond with the jawbone that restores full chewing power. This means dental implants cannot come loose when a patient eats and talks. Once dental implants have fully integrated into the jawbone, they can support a variety of replacement options; a dental crown for an individual missing tooth, bridges and partial dentures for several missing teeth as well as full dentures for extensive tooth loss.

Dental implants and diabetes

While implant treatment is not out of reach for diabetic patients, things can become more difficult and at times risky. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes have high blood sugar. This can affect the body’s response to inflammation and can hinder the healing process that occurs after implant placement. Moreover, diabetes is associated with gum disease, a condition that can risk the longevity of dental implants. In general, dental implants are not out of reach for patients with diabetes as long as their diabetes is under control and carefully monitored.

Diabetic patients have a higher chance of developing a post-surgical infection after an implant operation and this can cause major problems with the success of dental implants. A dentist can assess the health of a diabetic patient’s teeth, determine healing times approximately and help prevent any problems with post-surgical healing to prevent failure of the dental implants.

With some precautions and attention to oral care and hygiene, diabetic patients can still enjoy a successful treatment with dental implants.

Woman in pain with the inflammation of gums

Getting over Gum Disease

Woman in pain with the inflammation of gumsWhether it is a winning smile or a clean bill of dental health, it takes more than a set of pearly white teeth. Healthy gums are crucial to healthy teeth. They support the teeth and provide a barrier against bacteria that are waiting to overrun the body. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss and is also linked to increased risks of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Preventing gum disease in Perth and treating it when it occurs is the job of a dentist specially trained in looking after the tissues that support the teeth, such as at Elite Perio.

How can gum disease be prevented?

The most effective way to prevent gum disease is through regular daily brushing and flossing of the teeth. Electric toothbrushes are often recommended as they enable continuous motion and consistent pressure. However standard toothbrushes can also do they job as long as patients make sure that they use them correctly and that they are in good shape, without the bristles splayed out.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Signs of gum disease include:

  • Red, sore, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gums pulling away from the teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Changes in the way the teeth bite together

A patient with gum disease in Perth may experience one, several or all of these symptoms.

What are the consequences of gum disease?

The inflammation that results from gum disease can make eating and chewing an uncomfortable or even painful experience. If left untreated, gum disease in Perth can ultimately result in tooth loss, which brings with it a whole new set of problems.

How can gum disease be treated?

Gum disease in its earlier stages, known as gingivitis, can be treated by physically removing the offending bacteria. Local anaesthetic can be used, if needed, to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. A period of healing is then required, during which time the dentist will monitor the patient’s gums to check that they are re-attaching to the teeth.

Gum disease in its later stages, known as periodontitis, may require further intervention in the form of surgery to re-attach the gums to the teeth.

How to Qualify for FHA Streamline Refinance Program

refinancing mortgage contractThere are various ways to work on your mortgage rates without losing your home. The FHA streamline refinance program in Utah, for instance, is a great option for homeowners who have an existing FHA loan and want to lower their monthly payment.

However, certain qualifications need to be met. Here are the criteria for you to qualify:

You Have to be Staying in the House

One of the qualifications for refinancing is that you have to be living in the property you are refinancing. You should also own the home for at least six months before you could apply for a refinancing program.

Your Payments Should be Updated

You will not qualify for refinancing if you have two late monthly payments on your FHA home loan within the past 12 months. So before your application, check if all your payments are current and made on time.

Get an FHA-approved Letter

You need to have an FHA-approved letter to refinance your existing loan. Meanwhile, homeowners who want to switch to a different lender must ensure that the FHA approves the bank that they will choose as well.

Save Up for the Closing Costs

Another factor that you should consider is the closing costs. Keep in mind that all the closing costs must be paid up front prior to your loan approval. You may also arrange for a “no-cost” FHA streamline home loan.

Although the FHA streamline refinance program is the fastest and the easiest way to refinance your mortgage, there are still a few qualifications that need to be met. To make the process easier, you may want to consider working with qualified mortgage planners to assist you with the entire application process.

Three Facts You Should Know Before Opening a Safety Deposit Box

safety deposit box with money insideNowadays, a safety deposit box is one of the security upgrade strategies most embraced. Your safety box can be hard to break. Besides, it’s conveniently accessible. However, it’s still vulnerable to theft since burglars might break into your home and force you at gunpoint to open it. They can even run away with it to a secluded place and access it using some specialized equipment. This is why you need to verse yourself in the ways of using a safety deposit box.

Store Copies of Necessary Documents in Multiple Locations

If you are using a safety deposit box in Columbia or elsewhere for document storage, you should keep copies of relevant documents with you as well. Some of the most critical documents include insurance, property titles, estate plans, and wills. This makes it convenient to access them when emergencies and urgent calls come through during odd hours.

Give a Trustworthy Person Access

You can never predict some circumstances in life. You may fly out of the country or become incapacitated in one way or another. This inhibits your ability to access your safe box directly. Having relatives sign your signature card makes it convenient for them to access the box and deliver whatever items you need.

Take Inventory of Items in your Safe Box

A mishap is a possibility, even to the so-called safest and hard-to-break boxes. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take stock of what is in the box. Make a list of the items. Support the list with photos if you have a smartphone or camera and store them properly. This makes it easier to launch a claim in case one or more of your items goes missing.

Some documents and jewelry cannot be replaced once they get lost. For the ones that are replaceable, it takes a fortune and time to finish the long and daunting process. Therefore, safety deposit boxes can spare you the trouble of having to waste your precious time and money.

Woman smiling with glowing skin

Chemical Peels: 3 Things You Need To Know

Woman smiling with glowing skinIf you expose yourself to sunlight a lot, you will notice an adverse change in your skin tone, color, texture, and complexion. As you age, this habit will lead to the formation of lines, wrinkles, spots, skin acne and roughness in your face–unless you do something about it soon. Getting a chemical peel from a qualified dermatologist, for instance, is sure to help. Below are some facts you need to verse yourself in before getting a chemical peel.

1. It is for all skin types

A chemical peel is not limited to a specific skin type or only damaged skin. Instead, the procedure works with all skin types, colors, and ages. And when it is appropriately and carefully used, it can protect healthy skin from sunburns, dark spots, and other skin problems.

2. It isn’t a one-time procedure

On a daily basis, most individuals are exposed to the sun. And some of these individuals may be advanced in age. These are two factors that will make their skin more susceptible to damage, such as dark spots, scars, wrinkles and fine lines. In this case, a single chemical peel can never be enough. You will, therefore, need to see your skin care guru, as often as you can for more of these procedures.

3. It doesn’t harm your skin

Chemical peel procedures like those offered by Clarity Skin use acidic chemicals. While that’s true, you don’t have to worry about burning your face. The chemicals aren’t strong enough that they can burn or scar your skin. Instead, they will help remove dead skin cells, keeping your skin looking younger and healthy.

Unlike other skin care procedures, chemical peel procedures are not DIY-friendly. You must work with an expert since your skin requires a thorough examination and careful approach when being treated.

How to Determine How Often You Should Water Your Lawn

Lawn SprinklerHow much you should water your lawns has been in discussion for a long time. Different lawn owners and landscaping experts always seem to have a different answer to the question.

To help you decide on how to water your lawn, Utah Sprinkler shares their knowledge on lawn repair and maintenance. They say, no two lawns are ever the same for the following reasons.

1. Each lawn has a different turf planted.

2. The type of soil and soil consistency is never the same.

3. Your water supply’s pressure and sprinkle system varies, affecting the growth of your lawn.

4. The general weather and shade properties change from lawn to lawn.

Know How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

Most lawns need between 1 inch and 1.25 inches of water per week during high-temperature seasons. This doesn’t mean that you should always feed your lawn 1.25 inches of water per week. It is better to water your plants with irregular intervals to let the roots grow deeper.

You should also make adjustments depending on where your lawn is growing.

1. Heavy clay soils retain water more than sandy soils. If your lawn consists of heavy clay soil, you will barely need an inch of water. Sandy soils might need more than 1.25 inches to keep the grass nourished.

2. Grass growing under trees, hedge or wall fences are shielded from the sun and need less water to thrive. They can make do with less frequent watering.

3. Always factor in the rain. If nature is giving your lawn approximately half an inch of water, you just have to add the remaining half and you are good to go.

How Long Should the Sprinklers Run?

The amount of irrigation bursts depends on how much your sprinklers and water pressure can supply. There is no fixed figure. If you want 0.75 inches of water for 3 days a week, you most probably have to measure how long your sprinklers take to push 0.75 inches of water. This is the most practical and reliable way to know

How long you should irrigate your lawn per day.

Understanding the amount of water your lawn requires and receives will help determine its overall health, beauty, drought resistance and ability to withstand use.