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pest prevention

Pest Prevention Tips When Going on Vacation

pest preventionGoing on vacation is something everyone looks forward to, and the last thing you need is pests and other bugs to ruin the spirit. If you are heading out on holiday and will be away for a few days, the buildup of excitement can lead to you neglecting preparing your home for when you will be away.

Pest prevention experts like Edge Pest Control say that neglecting your responsibilities prior to the trip should never happen. Here is a quick guide on what you need to get done before heading out:

Inspect and Clean your Home

Do not let your excitement for the upcoming trip get the best of you. Sometimes, homeowners are so caught up in packing and preparing that regular cleaning and maintenance take the backseat. Never let this be the case, as it is not unusual for bugs to take over very quickly.

In order to prevent bringing unsightly pests into your living room, it is best to maintain standard cleaning routines up until the day you leave. Pay special attention to the folds of fabric items like the cushions of the couch or any wall hangings.

Clean as You Go

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home, and it is not uncommon to smell the sweet aroma of food cooking in the oven or cooling on the counter. Remember, however, that the aroma is also like a big red target that attracts cockroaches, ants, and other pantry pests. Pest prevention specialists recommend that you keep your kitchen clean consistently. Wipe off any crumbs and spills and empty your trash regularly. Do not allow baking utensils to accumulate in the sink without washing them.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Beware of bed bugs in the linen and mattresses. Make sure not to leave your bed unmade as this can be the perfect spot for pests to thrive. Some of the most common areas where they hide are:

  • Around mattresses and in box springs
  • Bed frames and even nightstands
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Check also behind wall hangings and electrical outlets

Keep these reminders in mind the next time you plan to head out on vacation. Remember that it is you who should enjoy the vacation, not the pests while you are away.

potential new hires

Potential New Hires: Qualities You Should Look For

potential new hiresAttitude is everything when it comes to hiring new employees. It can be easy to teach new skills, but it’s impossible to in still enthusiasm, independence, and motivation. Candidates with the right attitude can have a positive impact on your organisation, as they are eager to learn and help your business achieve goals.

Here are qualities you should look for in new hires:

Produces Results

Ask candidates about the roles and responsibilities in their previous jobs. Allow them to talk about their achievements and ask how they’ve reached different career goals. Make sure to look for applicants who are willing to try new opportunities and possess a personal drive toward future goals.

A Little Different

Sometimes, candidates who seem quirky or a little different may be a good addition to your team. An applicant who is not afraid to stand out or push the limits can come up with the best ideas. Job experts from Inc. and I-recruit say that they help you differently and go past your competitors.

Self-Aware and Humble

The best candidates know that they don’t know everything. They are certain about their abilities and strengths and you can speak to them with transparency and honesty. Great hires focus more on specific areas they want to do better in. They are confident when talking about their losses and what they have learned, instead of just their accomplishments.


Great candidates are aware that mistakes and failures can serve as catalysts for best ideas. They can highlight times when they dealt with a problem, and persevered to create something better than the main intention. Look for people who handle mistakes with grace, and learn from them.

Good Communicators

You need communicators in your team, as they often serve as the public face of the company. Your new hire should be able to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders to get their job done. Bad communicators can impact the company negatively, while good ones help create opportunities for business to soar.

Bringing in the right new hire can be the difference between failure and success. Always be willing to consider a diverse set of characteristics while paying more attention to the things that matters most to your company. Make sure to put in enough time and effort when hiring employees to make the right decision.

shower sparkle

Make Your Showers and Taps Sparkle

shower sparkleSo, you’re about to take a shower to freshen up and feel clean. But when you step into the bathroom, you realise it is even dirtier than you. It gets even worse when the problem needs the help of professionals, such as some plumbing issues that need immediate attention. Fortunately, you can always contact plumbing experts to help you get solve the problem as soon as possible.

But, if the problem only involves a few cleaning tasks, you can work on it on your own. Here are some simple tips:

Cleaning the Taps

Tap cleaning can be easily done with mild soap and water. The kind of cleaning you need to do depends on what material your taps are made of. For chrome taps, take some toothpaste and rub it on the entire surface with your hands or with a gentle brush. Then, simply rinse the paste off with water. For steel taps that accumulate a lot of lime-scale over time, your best bet would be to use vinegar with little sugar. Simply rub this mixture on the taps and then rinse it off with water. Preferably, do not use salt for cleaning taps, as it can be abrasive and scratch the surface.

Cleaning the Shower

This can be a tedious job, but only because the area to be cleaned is large. Here are the steps you should follow to get the job done:

  • Discard all empty bottles, so you can move around easily.
  • Rinse the walls and the floor with hot water.
  • Use a mild spray or a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and ammonia in water to remove any mildew that has accumulated on the walls.
  • To remove any hard water marks, use a combination of vinegar and hot water.
  • Lastly, clean out the drain of hair and other muck with your finger or with a hairpin.

Cleaning your bathroom is also the perfect time to check for any problems in your plumbing system. See if there are any leaks and consult professionals to avoid major repairs in the long run.

proper nutrition

Hormones and Aging: A Balance You Always Need to Maintain

proper nutritionHormones are important for a person’s growth. In a healthy body, these compounds are produced naturally, with the help of the pituitary gland. It’s a whole other story, however, for people with damaged and ill-functioning glands.

A hormone imbalance or deficiency means something may be wrong with your pituitary gland, often because it may not be producing enough hormones essential for growth and several body functions. If the body lacks a certain hormone, there is a risk for problems regarding growth and development.

Hormones and the Problem with Lack of It

Hormones are essential for a human’s growth, as these promote cell production, development of muscle mass, and nutrient uptake and utilization. These are also responsible for the growth of hair, muscles, bones, and other body parts.

Growth hormones, among other hormones, are needed for normal growth in children. It is also needed by adults, as having no or low growth hormone can cause tiredness, lack of motivation, and other emotional and physical problems.

Aging and the Need for Hormones

As a person ages, the body produces fewer hormones. Bones become brittle or weak, muscles lose their elasticity, and growth of hair and other protein filaments in the body slows. This hormonal imbalance can also affect several bodily functions, such as metabolism, sleep, and stress management.

These problems highlight the importance of having not only a well-balanced hormone level, but also a well-balanced lifestyle. As Green Gold Nutrition puts it, leading an active lifestyle, eating the right food, and taking the right supplements for nutrition is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. This helps boost your immunity and lead a life free from sickness.

Some of the best benefits of hormone balance are not visible to the eyes, but these can be felt. If your hormones are within the right levels, you experience an increase in energy levels, a boost in your sex drive, and even an increase in mental activity. It may also considerably slow down many age-related illnesses, making them perfect for aging adults.

Health is important not just for little kids, but also as a person ages. Be sure to keep your mind, body, and spirit active and healthy by making the right choices when it comes to your overall health.

wedding reception

Brisbane Function Venues for the Best Wedding Experience

wedding receptionIf you are thinking of getting married soon, select a venue that will provide you with the finest wedding experience. For couples, it is often quite a challenge to pick the right venue because there are many things to consider such as budget, availability of location, amenities, number of guests, and other factors.

The wedding isn’t just about how beautiful the bride should be, so here is a guide to Brisbane wedding function venues to help you make sound decisions for the big day.

Finding the Best Function Room for your Wedding

When it comes to Brisbane wedding function rooms, the old adage of location, location remains ever so true. There are literally dozens of venues to choose from, so it is imperative that you select a venue that is accessible to all of your guests. Seek recommendations from your wedding planner if you are not sure what to pick and reserve the venue as early as possible, in order to avoid any inconvenience. Don’t ignore online options. A quick browse of websites like will give you an idea what your choices should be like.


The theme of your wedding will play a major role in the selection of your wedding venue. Depending on the number of guests, you can pick a wedding venue that can coincide with whatever theme you have planned out. Romantic weddings call for a cosy and intimate atmosphere. A function room with a view of the night sky can really create the perfect mood for your reception. Make sure that the interiors of the venue coincide with your theme. Coordinate with your wedding planner regarding any changes that need to be made, just in case.


When choosing a venue site, it might be in your best interest to get one that has the most amenities for the convenience and enjoyment of your guests. A venue that features lounge areas that encourage conversation would be a good start. The venue should also have the standard parquet lined dance floor, or at least a good equivalent, for your first dance. Seating arrangements should be comfortable and there is access to a number of powder rooms. Standard bar amenities for beverages should be strategically located and the buffet table should be setup in a way that allows guests to queue conveniently. Make sure also that there is adequate parking space for your guests and if possible, provide valet service as well.

What Steps Are Involved in Residential Building Projects?

estate projectReal estate in itself involves a lot of planning and a significant amount of money. Property developers have to guarantee that their projects follow the standards and requirements of property construction, so their clients won’t get into trouble in case problems arise.

Building a property involves two steps: the submission of the building plan, which is subject for reviews, and obtaining the permit. If you want to know more about this process, property development experts like Pointcorp lists down the steps involved:

The Initial Step

The property developer needs to submit their project for approval bya government body. They need to pass the following documents to get an approval:

  1. Commercial Building Permit Application
  2. Project Plans
  3. Energy Compliance Report
  4. Submittal Number
  5. Payment for Building Plan Reviews

In addition, applying for an approval might need some payment to start the reviewing process. If you don’t pay, your property will remain unapproved even if you’re all set.

This initial step is important because this proves that the site is fit and ready for the construction process. This also proves that you reviewed every aspect of the construction before starting the project. After the review and approval, that’s the only time you can start so it’s best not to ignore this.

The Project Plan

There five sets of plans that property developers need to submit for review. These include engineered foundation plans, riser diagrams, structural plans, elevations, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing strategies. These will give the government body an insight about how the final output will look like, if it follows the safety norms and other important regulations.

Residential building projects involve different steps, but knowing them all guarantees that you won’t encounter legal issues in the future. Ask your property builder for more information if you’re still clueless about the process.


What Qualifications Should a Professional Jewelry Appraiser Have?

A jewelry appraiser is a professional who examines a piece of jewelry and writes up his own assessment of the potential value of the piece in question. They work in different settings, such as jewelry shops and insurance companies. Some of them are actually independent entrepreneurs who make it their business to know the value of jewelry items to determine if it is worth purchasing or not.

jewelriesHere is a discussion on the qualifications that professional jewelry appraisers should have.


AAA Jewelers say that a professional jewelry appraiser should be a person of good reputation. He must have membership in some of the most recognized organizations in jewelry appraising, such as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, the American Society of Appraisers, the American Gem Society or the International Society of Appraisers. Knowing that the appraiser is affiliated with any or all of these organizations can give customers every assurance that they are dealing with a highly qualified jewelry professional. This person is in the best position to value whatever piece of jewelry they seek to auction, sell or buy.


Another quality a professional jewelry appraiser must have is the ability to stay informed on the latest trends and prices of jewelry pieces. An excellent appraiser never stops learning about his craft and therefore, keeps abreast of all the latest developments in the industry. He is also quite knowledgeable on all the latest insurance policies for fine jewelry and other precious stones.


A professional jewelry appraiser is very meticulous about his duties to his clients. When he examines a piece of jewelry, he looks at it like a scientist. He studies every detail and notes any imperfection or fault as well as remarks on the most important qualities of the piece.
These are just some of the most important qualities you should look for when considering the services of a jewelry appraiser. Read forums and ask for referrals to find a reliable one.

3 Customer Behaviours You Should Know to Become a Successful Retailer

retail storePeople are not always rational thinkers—that’s a fact. The truth is numerous subconscious factors are a huge part of a person’s decision-making, especially when it comes to shopping. Many weird factors connect people to what they buy. As a retailer, you should know them.

Here are some dissected facts about consumer behaviour that can help you tap into your customers’ brains:

People Move in Patterns

After years of research and analysis, researchers found out how people move in a store—Australians are moving clockwise in stores. Because of this, big retail stores have been putting their door to the right, and the dairy, fresh produce, and other essentials to the right of the store. This will lead customers to pass by every shelf throughout the room.

According to ADP Store Fixtures and other experts, this means you need to put great importance onyour store layout. Use those fixtures to your advantage—add some to your store and arrange them according to how your customers move around.

People Love Shiny Things

What do a diamond ring and a brand new car have in common? They are both shiny—and expensive. Humans subconsciously assume anything that shines is fancy. According to research, humans (and even birds) love shiny stuff because back then, it helps them find clean and drinkable water in the wild.

According to the researchers, early humans who had an eye for shiny surfaces were able to pass on their genes. Today, people get a little excited when they see light reflecting on the surface of anything.

People Get Confused with Numbers

Why are retailers still doing the “$_.99” on their prices? Instead of saying the iPad costs $500, why did they say it was only $499? Do you ever wonder? The truth is, people get confused with numbers in many different ways.

This strategy, called price anchoring, has been effective. The $499 vs. $500 is a perfect example, because people always put a higher value on the first digit they see.

Knowing these consumer behaviours will help you design an eye-catching store. Use these to make potential buyers slow down and think twice before skipping to the next store.

singapore skyline

Hong Kong vs Singapore: Which Country is the Better Choice for Business?

For decades, Hong Kong and Singapore have been competing with each other for the title of the “Best Country to Do Business in Asia”. Both countries have been trying to woo foreign investors with their own set of rules and tax friendly policies, easy procedures and excellent infrastructure.

singapore skylineHong Kong has a long history as a centre for business, but Singapore has been quick to adopt their policies. There is no definitive answer to the question of which region is currently more attractive for business.

Economic Landscape

While Singapore has a strong trade and investment, Hong Kong still emerges as one of the world’s most dynamic economies. Their GDP growth averages to an annual rate of 5%. They virtually have no public debt, they have a sound banking system, and they have ample foreign exchange reserves — a perfect environment for forming a business, cites consultancy company

Business Political Climate

Hong Kong has a pro-business governance, free market principles, and political stability. They are one of the most corruption-free countries in the world. The country is also a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with a freedom in all matters, except for foreign and defence affairs.


Singapore and Hong Kong are both strategically located at the centre of Asia. Most Asian countries, including China, are accessible within only five to seven hours of flight.

For those who want to tap into the massive Mainland Chinese market, Hong Kong would be the perfect choice. It is on the southeast coast of Mainland China, next to the mouth of the Pearl River Delta. If  Hong Kong is your base, it will be easier for you to travel back and forth to Shanghai, Beijing, and other major Chinese cities.

Quality of the Workforce

Both countries have a well-educated, highly trained, and skilled workforce. However, Hong Kong stands out, as it boasts a large pool of experienced and entrepreneurial talent. Hong Kong citizens have an appreciation for the concept of business and the entrepreneurial culture in the Mainland cities. Also, English is their language of communication in a business setting.


car tint

The Durability of Car Tinting

car tintMost people prefer to have a certain amount of privacy. This is why most car owners tint their car windows. Factory tinted windows are in fact coloured glass, but if you do not have this, you can still apply tinting film. Many automobile workshops in Perth and Adelaide can do the job.

The following are the most common reasons for window tinting:

• Window tints can hide the identity of passengers. This is the reason why celebrities and those who simply value their privacy prefer them over regular windows.

• It offers a certain amount of protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Both the passengers and the interiors get adequate protection.

• Car interior temperatures are significantly cooler, so you can use your car air conditioners sparingly.

While tints can provide many benefits, it is important to know the prevailing laws about window tinting in Adelaide, Australia regarding the darkness of shades. Countries have different rules for tint levels that for the side, front and rear windows of cars.


Although car tinting can be a DIY project, it is generally better if professionals apply them for you. Good quality tints are long lasting, durable, and require little in terms of maintenance.

• The window films are kid-proof, so children cannot tear up the film easily.

• They are also pet-proof. Smudges are fairly easy to clean

• Professionals always apply hard coating on the film to make them scratch resistant. This prevents simple wear and tear.

• But while loading or unloading articles from the vehicle, you must be extra careful. If the objects have hard or sharp edges, if they are huge sporting equipment and other instances, then they might tear up even the best of window films.

It is important to take care when carrying sharp objects, as these can scratch tints. This kind of damage is not usually under warranty, so it is best to be careful with window tints. If there is no film, then these sharp objects can damage the glass itself.