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How to Stop Bluffing Like a Fish

PokerBluffing is one of the most important skills in poker, a way for players to snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat. There is nothing more satisfying than making an opponent fold their pair of Kings by convincing them that you have a straight flush – when in truth, your hand is completely worthless.

Some will even argue that bluffing is half the fun of poker, and they might not be wrong. Deception is a crucial part of the game, after all. But like everything else in poker, there is a time and a place for this technique.

Why you should not abuse it

The problem that most novice players have is that they bluff for the sake of bluffing. This is a result of what they see on TV and in the movies, where people can’t seem to go five minutes without going all-in. They focus entirely on “winning”, without weighing the pros and cons of their decision.

Some will bluff and play extremely aggressively due to emotion, which people call going on a tilt. After a series of bad hands, they become desperate to recover. They start betting on hands that they would normally fold immediately, banking on luck and trying to intimidate other players.

Needless to say, these two types of players end up going broke rapidly because of how predictable they become. Their amateurish tactics might work in some games, but in top level playing fields like Solaire Hotel Resort and Casino or the MGM Grand, it just won’t fly. Experienced players are quick to notice their recklessness and take advantage of it.

When should you actually bluff?

The best time to bluff is when you are in a calm state of mind, and have an in-depth understanding of your opponents. You should have a good idea of the strength of their hand, and know their betting patterns. Bluffing should never be a shot in the dark; rather, it is an educated gamble where you are more likely to win than lose.

Remember, when you bluff, you are betting on the actions of someone you do not know. It shouldn’t be your last resort. Sometimes, throwing the hand really is the smartest decision.

Chinese Food

Treat Your Taste Buds with Chinese Food

Chinese FoodChinese food is very popular all over world today. Many chefs and gourmets consider it exotic cuisine and hence a number of restaurants serving Asian food have mushroomed all over the place. Asian food such as Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian are also equally famous.

Served With Suitable Adaptations

The 1970s saw the origin of fusion recipes and cuisine. There was a convergence of exotic tastes, fresh food and interesting texture. In the beginning, there were adaptations to suit the expectations of the diners. Basic vegetables and meat used to come in soy, sweet and sour sauces with fried rice on the side.

Today, fusion has achieved its peak, and it will take a connoisseur to tell the difference. However, what does matter is the taste,which gets better and better every day.

Oriental Table Setting

The food tastes excellent already, but the table setting can make them more authentic. Table setting involves special spoons, tea sets and chopsticks create the Oriental atmosphere. These restaurants serve dim sums in steamer baskets, keeping them warm until consumption. Fried spring rolls and sesame balls usually come with freshly made green or lemon tea.  Chinese lanterns can complete the picture.

Modern Chinese and Asian Eateries

Modern Chinese restaurants now serve seafood,Hong Kong style. notes that New Farm Chinese places even send their Asian staff back home to China periodically, so that they learn the latest trends and innovations there.

There are still some Shanghai-style eateries servingsoup dumplings similar to the authentic ones. Beef rolls, excellent meat dishes from northern China, and various options of noodles are also very popular.


People from China eat almost anything and make a delectable dish out of it, but they are also huge seafood consumers. The seafood variants are amazing in all the eateries. Their seafood and coastal menus include turtle, squid, shark, all kinds of shellfish, cuttlefish, shrimps, abalone, and others.  They have found many innovative and tasty ways to cook these products from the sea.

Chinese food is one of the oldest cuisines in the world, and every day that passes one enterprising Chinese chef takes an existing dish and spins out for another experience. This constantly evolving cuisine is what makes it one of the greatest cooking in the world.

display homes

Remarkable Display Homes That Matches Your Dream Home

display homesPeople today, besides investing in luxury cars, want to invest in spectacular houses as well. It is possible to look up the list of houses for sale, either in the newspapers or on the Internet. For more distinguished-looking homes, you may have to search more specifically.

A number of reputed builders construct remarkable houses with a quality more than normal. These are display homes and you have a good variety of them to choose from.

The Facts About These Houses

• Display homes function as a sample construction or model apartment so that the potential buyers have an idea of what to expect from that builder. This will help in the search of your new house as you get to physically preview these houses. It will help you understand what is on offer and if it will suit your needs, tastes and budget.
• These houses are fully furnished with interior decoration. These display houses, says, usually are the best maintained in a property and have the highest quality of materials.
• Although appearance does matter, the more important factors are the number of rooms, the layouts, placement of verandas, the space it offers, etc.
• You should also ensure that the construction meets the building codes specified by the local administration.
• Buyers with more discerning taste may take a little perseverance and time. The better option is to look at these houses personally and take a physical tour of the property.
• Some enterprising individuals even use it as an investment. They typically purchase these kinds of homes, then rent it out to a builder or developer for use as a display. This creates guaranteed income from the developer as long as they have a use for it.

With a little patience, you can locate a dream house of your liking and choice, and you can use it also as a business for sure returns.

window film

Home Window Films: Better Looks, Better Comfort

window filmWindow tinting is the modern way of blocking sunlight and improving privacy in the home. With these, the days of heavy draperies have become passé. Solar window films in particular have become much in demand today among homeowners, considering that they make the house more comfortable to live in. compiled reasons that glass safety films are the rage these days:

Improved Energy Efficiency

The biggest reason the solar window films are so popular today is that they improve a home’s energy efficiency greatly. By the application of the film, you can:

• Keep your house naturally cooler during summer.
• Reduce the cooling requirements indoors.
• Control the amount of light that enters the home.
• Consume less amount of artificial lighting during the day.
• Control the amount of UV rays entering your house, preventing furnishings from fading.

Put together, all these contribute to lowering your energy bills and other expenditures. An energy-efficient house also avails you of rebates from the government.

Increased Privacy

With window tints, homeowners can keep nosy neighbours out and add privacy with their homes. The best part is that privacy comes without the blocking of sunlight and air, unlike draperies.

Improved Aesthetics

Another important reason people choose home window tinting is that it increases the aesthetic appeal of the building. With the tint films being available in myriad colours and designs, each home can have different tints to give it a unique look. This enhances the value of the property considerably.

Better Security

Homeowners realized that window tints are more than just for beautification and comfort purposes; they also make the home more secure against thievery and vandals. These films prevent the glass pieces from shattering, thereby lessening the danger for residents.

Finally, home window tints are easy to apply and removed if you want to change the colour. Want to give your home a cheap makeover? Look no further than window tints.

plumber man

Here Comes the Plumber: A Guide to Choosing the Right Plumbing Company

plumber manThe market is currently brimming with more than just a handful of plumbers and plumbing companies. This is primarily because plumbers are a staple when it comes to making sure your house does not get flooded by burst pipes. So, homeowners should be discerning when it comes to choosing which company to go with. Here are some recommendations to help you make the right choice:

1. Cutting search time with referrals

If you need a plumber as soon as possible, you can cut your search time by getting referrals from your family and friends. They would, of course, recommend only someone whom they can vouch for. So, you can be sure that your chosen plumber can provide satisfactory service.

Of course, you can still check out plumbers listed in your local directories and those you can find online.

2. Reviewing documents

Each state would have its own set of requirements for a plumber to conduct business. Make sure the one you would be hiring has all the needed licenses and business documents. Some of the documents the company should have include worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. This would protect you from injuries and damage incurred during the entire project.

3. Checking for assurances

There are two assurances you should look for – one for the work of the plumber and another for the materials they would be using. While the former would come from the plumbing company itself, the latter is typically something that depends on the manufacturer of the item. Make sure you are aware of any purchases needed.

As with any other purchase, asking questions can help ensure you get what you pay for. Take the time to sit down with the plumber before you get their services to help you make the right decision.

yoga hammock

Mid-air Yoga: An Introduction to the Yoga Hammock

yoga hammockMany yoga studios and instructors have redesigned props to help students do more challenging poses with ease. One of these props is the yoga hammock and to say the least, it is not for the faint of heart.

The latest in the yoga world is anti-gravity yoga, developed by a gymnast, Christopher Harrison. This type of yoga helps practitioners get a good stretch with the least amount of pressure on the joints and vertebral compression. And anti-gravity yoga uses a yoga hammock.

Use of a Yoga Hammock

The hammock used in this particular method consist of silk and supports a student while they learn to do inverted poses and suspend in midair. It supports the hips when one has to do intense forward and backward bends. It is also a seat when one has to do abdominal-related exercises.

It can also loop around either foot to do standing poses like the natarajasana. The yoga hammock used in this form is reminiscent of an Iyengar-style studio where ropes attached to walls help students stretch out their shoulders and other parts without too much stress. What better way to relax at the end of a class in savasana than cocooned in a hammock?

Accelerates Learning

Aerial yoga classes using yoga hammocks, like those of, are now popular, and props like the hammock comprise sturdy material. These undergo checking and testing so students don’t fall and hurt themselves.

Props and yoga hammocks help students do poses that they could do normally only after years of practice like the headstand and the wheel pose. The biggest challenge many have to overcome in a class is to learn to trust and let go.

Studios offering this style of yoga ensure that there is plenty of space for each person to swing free and get the best workout possible. Instructors help students use the yoga hammock to get the most intense stretches in problem areas like the shoulders, back, hips, legs and hamstrings. Overall, the humble hammock’s redesign offers a completely different kind of yoga class.

cathodic protection

Raise Shields: Cathodic Shielding for Pipelines

cathodic protectionThe most popular applied electrochemical corrosion control method is cathodic protection. Cathodic energy shielding involves applying a direct current to pipelines, storage tanks and pressure vessels that allow the structure to change from a natural corrosion potential to a protective potential. This comprises allotting sacrificial anode materials or an impressed current setup.

It is important to note that most metals that meet a liquid environment with a neutral pH level can benefit from cathodic protection.

Energy Shielding vs Replacement

Cathodic energy shielding prevents metal corrosion, according to’s AC mitigation experts. Corrosion can destroy the integrity of any infrastructure. Repairing the area may look like the most cost-effective and simple means of addressing the issue, but it may be the least effective approach, because it requires regular replacement with too much cost.

Aside from this, constant replacement may weaken the structure eventually leading to more costly total replacement.

Benefits of Cathodic Protection

• Preventing deterioration of structures due to corrosion, and immunization to rust of existing structures.
• Comprehensive setup analysis, including design upgrades and essential installation services.

Impressed Current System

An ICCP setup, or an impressed current cathodic protection, is perfect for much larger structures where resistivity is higher than normal. This involves a series of anodes connected to a DC power source, or a rectifier that converts AC power to DC.

Galvanic Protection System

This consists of a sacrificial anode attached to the structure. The sacrificial anode is just a metal piece that is more electrically active than the steel of the structure. A specified wiring installs near the ground surface to allow for inspection. This sacrificial material will corrode, instead of the pipeline itself.

Cathodic protection has two types, and all protect metal pipelines from the common enemy: corrosion. This improves the lifespan of these pipes and other metallic structures, instead of replacing them frequently that leads to higher operational costs.

selling house

Real Estate Auctions: A Step-by-Step Walk-through

selling houseThere are a number of reasons people end up selling their property. Some are vigilant about the property’s value, quick to jump ship as soon as it decreases in value and stops projecting a good ROI. Others are forced to sell because they find themselves having a hard time keeping up with costs just to keep the property.

As they say, though, one man’s loss can be another’s gain; a person looking for a shot at owning an affordable home in a major commercial district might want to look into property auctions for foreclosed real estate. Here’s a step-by-step guide prepared by Laing+Simmons Artarmon on foreclosed real estate properties.

1. Look for an auction. Find an auction you’re interested in. Be sure to get relevant information, such as the time, date, and place of the auction.

2. Ask for a catalogue (and study it). Identifying your targeted auction is not enough; make sure you know which property or properties you’re specifically aiming for into by going through the auction catalogue extensively.

3. Arrange a viewing for your target property. Once you’ve selected your preferred property, you may then ask for a viewing. Be sure to examine the property extensively so that you’ll know exactly what to expect and what you’re getting into.

4. Compare and contrast (and get legal advice). Just because you’ve selected a property doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check prices of similar properties. It helps to compare, just to give you an idea of the property’s true market value.

5. Make sure your financial requirements are met. On auction day, you need to be prepared with a 10% deposit, with the remaining 90% to be completed within 28 days. Also, be careful not to get carried away when bidding! Set a maximum limit for how much you’re willing (or able) to pay.

6. Bid away. Good luck!

Just make sure that you’ve done thorough research and that you’re bidding with confidence, and with a bit of luck, you’ll get the property you desire.

facial treatment

4 Ways to Maintain Acne-free Skin

facial treatmentMuch like having crooked teeth, having too much acne on your skin decreases your confidence and self-esteem to face people. It has been a common problem for people, especially those who are entering their adolescent years. Experts say that the reason for its development differs on individual cases.

There are many ways to prevent or eliminate these annoying zits. Facial treatment Singapore residents benefit from may be the most ideal solution. Performing follow up actions is a must, as these may help diminish acne. A few maintenance ways are important to prevent the problem from resurfacing.

Stop Pricking Pimples

As what every dermatologist says, do not prick the acne. Touching it with bare and unclean hands may cause further irritation and worsening. Dirt and other microorganisms are some of the main causes of its development, so avoid getting it in contact with anything to prevent inflammation.

Avoid Using Makeups

One of the preventive ways people, specifically women, often do is conceal the pimple with makeups and other beauty products. On the contrary, these cosmetics may just worsen the situation. The compounds of the makeup and bacteria present increases the risk of skin infection. Take a break from your alcohol and oil-based facial washes or toners, as these will maximise the inflammation.

Watch Your Hair Products

Believe it or not, your hair can affect your facial skin. The hair products you use may be a cause of acne, according to experts. Avoid using oil-based hair products, because its chemicals slide down to your face once you start sweating. It may be fine for your scalp, but not for your skin.

Apply Medicinal Creams or Ointment

The only product that experts recommend to use is a topical cream or ointment that contains benzoyl peroxide. These can be bought over the counter at your local drugstore. This facial cream is relatively effective in eliminating acne. Before buying anything, consult a dermatologist first.

The best way to treat pimples is to leave it alone. The more you put attention to it, the more it will annoy you. But for better treatment and happier days, it is always practical to visit a dermatologist.

gold coins

Buy Gold Coins Online in a Safe Manner

gold coinsThis is the age of the Internet, when everyone does everything, from working to shopping, eating to entertaining, online.

As far as shopping is concerned, there is probably nothing you cannot buy online today, be it food, clothing, appliances, or jewelry. Why, you can even buy gold coins, Personalized Coins, or any related item, via the Internet these days. There are online dealers that specialize in selling these.

The difference between buying a consumable item and gold coins is, the latter is a major investment, unlike the former. That is why you need to be extra careful when buying the coins from an online dealer. Here are a few tips to help you buy gold coins safely from an online dealer.

Make sure the dealer is accredited

Understand that there are many gold coin dealers operating via the web today. This makes finding a dealer a breeze on the net. But it also makes finding a reputable and reliable dealer that much more difficult. To find trustworthy online dealers, you must-

  • Look for or demand their accreditations.
  • Look for the number of associations they have.

Accreditations or being a member of associations tells you that the dealer has been deemed trustworthy by an objective third party. This implies that you too can trust the dealer over most others without the same certification.

Payment platforms

Even if you find an accredited dealer to buy the coin from, do not jump into making a purchase as yet. You must now find out if the dealers offer you a payment platform that is both easy and secure. Remember, not all accredited dealers will offer you this because they may not be set up to conduct business online. Ideally, look for a dealer that gives you multiple payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, and others.

Shipping and insurance

Finally, remember that you are not buying a cheap consumable item; instead you are buying a worthy piece of investment, a gold coin. So obviously, it needs special shipping and insurance to ensure that the product arrives at your doorstep safely. So choose an online dealer that offers you a wide spectrum of shipping and insurance options.