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New hairstyle

Hair Evolution: The English Hairstyles for 2013-2015

New hairstyleThe hair is the crowning glory—this is true for everyone. A good hairstyle is a form of self-expression and oftentimes a nod to your favourite personalities.

Who better to turn to for the latest hairstyles than the celebrities that grace televisions, billboards, movies and ads? Take a look at the personalities that defined hairstyle trends of recent years:

2013: Style it Like Beckham

Whatever David Beckham fancies, most people find attractive. It is hard not to when he makes everything look good. In 2013, neat hair made a comeback in Britain courtesy of Victoria Beckham’s other half.

Characterised by short back and sides, the fashion hairstyle gives that cool and polished look. It became so popular, in fact, that more barber shops opened that year.

2014: Wear It Loose

Personalities like Jamie Campbell Bower, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp and the members of One Direction paved the way for the resurgence of long hair sported by rock legends. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik became the style icon of the younger generation, while Jamie Campbell Bower, an actor-model based in London, made the long mane look posh in his Twilight appearance and various modelling gigs. This free-spirited trend resulted in a 200% increase in men buying hair extensions.

The shoulder-length hairstyle is all about being creative and carefree, while allowing some room for masculinity and sophistication. Paired with the right clothes, men can achieve a charismatic appeal even with long, unkempt hair. Be careful you keep your locks healthy despite the long, carefree attitude, though.

2015: Break it Free

Zac Efron did more than sing Breaking Free in High School Musical—he started breaking free with a hairstyle to match his dynamic attitude as well. Current hairstyles are versatile, which can be set and fixed depending on the occasion. A good haircut from the best barbers in London and styling techniques that match whatever event you attend makes for different looks every day.

Whichever cut you prefer, whether you want to conform or not, always pair your preferred haircut with the right attitude. There is nothing more fashionable than being confident and showing the world that you rock your look. Go and choose that which make you look your best.