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Disrupted Slumber: Reasons Behind Snoring

SnoringYou intend to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, your partner starts to create unwanted grunts and noises whilst gathering air into the lungs. These are the moments when you feel like you are not having the rest you deserve, all because of another person’s snoring.

Here are the most common reasons behind snoring, along with useful tips putting it to rest:

Not a Disease

You might have an impression that snoring is an illness. Nevertheless, it is not a disease itself. More often than not, it is a symptom—an indication of something more serious.

The mechanics of snoring usually start when your muscles are relaxed while sleeping. At this phase, the upper airway muscle groups decrease the size of airway, which in turn will cause the limitation of air flowing through it. The combination of the airflow and the tight airway results in the noise.

Clinics note that other causes of snoring include a problematic oral anatomy. Alcohol consumption, chronic nasal problem and sleep apnoea also affect the airway.

Tips for Stopping it

Manchester-based practice Smylife said, “You might be pleased to know that dentistry may have a solution for you.” There are now mouthpieces that prevent the closure of a person’s airways.

Lifestyle changes are another effective treatment for snoring. If you are a heavy drinker, cut down your alcohol consumption. Resist drinking three hours before sleeping. Sedatives may make you relax, but they can cause excessive muscle relaxation, which contributes to the changes in the airway. You may change your sleeping position; typically, sleeping on one side can keep you from snoring.

These are only some of the things you need to know about snoring. Do not let this problem affect your sleep. Be sure to consult a health professional if it becomes too problematic that it affects your quality of life.