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Exercise Motivation: What Encourages People to Continue Exercising?

ExerciseWhile the benefits of regular exercise are undeniably worth it, many people still lack the motivation to get and stay active. Research suggests that almost half of those who start an exercise routine will quit within the first six months. Most people drop out because the program does not meet their expectations or simply because they don’t enjoy the activity anymore.

The dying motivation to exercise presents big challenges to fitness trainers and for those planning to take personal training courses. Fortunately, researchers have examined the drivers of motivation that can set people up for success.

The Wrong Kind of Motivation

Motivations for exercise are complex and hard to understand. Scientists, however, agree there are wrong kinds of motivation that kill a person’s drive in the process. Researchers note that self-determined motivation is much more effective than externally imposed efforts. A person who exercises because of shame and guilt may end up with bad results. Motivation also needs to come from the inside.

Exercise Adherence

One study indicates that demographic and biological factors affect motivation. It notes that men are more involved than women are, and being overweight proves to be negatively associated with exercise adherence. Self-efficacy is the primary psychological factor linked to exercise devotion. This refers to a person’s confidence in the ability to do exercise and be consistent with workouts. This factor is particularly important for women.

Behaviours and Attitude Matter

People tend to continue exercising if the routine makes them feel good and if they believe that it is worth their time. Those who acknowledge that exercising improves their quality of life are motivated to continue with the program. This is why fitness experts do assessments and report improvements to their. Positive feedback and knowledgeable advice from a professional is essential to exercise adherence.

It is more likely that people will continue exercising with the right support and guidance from a professional. It is also important to educate them about the value of physical activity to health and quality of life.