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Flat Roof

A Guide to Flat Roof System

Flat RoofThe roof is a home’s first line of defense against man-made and natural hazards. A well-installed and chosen roof can last years, thereby providing more than adequate protection as well as dramatically reducing costs of repair and replacements.

One of the most popular types out there is the flat roofing system. Like the rest of the United States, a flat roof in Utah has been embraced by more residential and commercial spaces.

Below is a basic guide about flat roofing system, specifically its types and benefits.

What is a Flat Roof?

Flat roof is one of the first few types of roofing systems developed throughout history. It was initially used in areas where there is little to no rain and where hot & dry climate is rampant.

The term “flat” could be misleading, as a gradient still comes with it to prevent water accumulation. It does look completely different from the traditional sloped roofs found in most homes.

What are the Types of Flat Roofing?

There are mainly three flat roof types: First is the built up roof membrane (BUR) in which there are multiple asphalt plies installed in overlapping layers to form a membrane. The second is elastomeric roof membrane in which the sheet materials are installed as a single layer. Liquid membrane uses EPDM liquid otherwise known as the rubber membrane applied throughout the surface.

What are Its Benefits?

A flat roof in Utah is mainly advantageous especially to those living in cold areas. Now that there are more developed versions of it, such roofing can now better function against snow and ice accumulation. Another benefit is the low-cost installation, as it is much easier to install – thereby lessening labor and material expenses.

Flat roofs are also easier to climb up on and inspect. The space available also makes for another living space or placement of HVAC systems. Moreover, such roofing system is long lasting and durable, lasting well over thirty years. In case of storms, flat roofs offer less resistance against the wind, making it an ideal choice.

These points illustrate one thing: flat roofs are the superior choice for homes.