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Screw Machine

The Precision Advantage of Swiss Screw Machines

Screw MachineThe Swiss screw machines of today have evolved to do things beyond their original application. They are not just used to design and process slender components for watches, but in different industries such as aeronautics, medicine, telecommunications, and defense. When equipped with a computerized numerical control (CNC), they create a large range of programming possibilities to reduce processing time.

CNC Swiss machines today have become valuable equipment for most component manufacturers. This is because of the improved tooling capabilities they offer, which includes the virtual elimination of multiple operations. This gives manufacturers an invaluable competitive advantage by producing precision Swiss products and components in less time and at rates that are more competitive.

The Machine Architecture

Swiss screw machines deliver precision advantage because of its robust set of turning tools and great machine architecture. They fabricate parts by moving the item and tool simultaneously, reducing wear rates. Moreover, some machines can also accommodate several functions to eliminate the need for secondary application. This makes the equipment ideal for producing complex parts that need multiple unique operations.

All Parts Work Together

Swiss machines are designed to enhance the quality of production components through its guide bushing, second spindle, and bar stock feeder. These parts work together to offer increased productivity, which leads to lower cost per part. They also reduce tool time, which shortens production time on multiple orders.

It’s All in the Guide Bushing

The secret to the machine’s accuracy and efficiency is in the guide bushing. This offers rigidity to the item by providing adequate support to the tool. This lowers deflection levels, allowing the cutting tool to produce parts with far more accuracy and consistency. The guide bushing also reduces tool wear by absorbing cutting forces, which also prevent defects in the work piece.

Screw machines today continue to offer countless benefits associated with labor reduction, which ultimately translates to significant costs savings. Precision, quick production times and a reduction in variable costs have made the machine a top choice for different industries and variety of applications.