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Going Rural for Your Next Event

AudienceEveryone who throws a party aims for the event to be memorable. Holding it in the city, no matter how convenient it is, is not ideal. After all, what is so special about attending a wedding, baptism or an anniversary around buildings? That kind of surrounding fits certain celebrations such as corporate events, product releases and bashes.

As for personal banquets, it is much for fitting to throw it in a quaint location in the country. Sure, it is a drive away from the shops that serve your food and the high streets that sell things that make your life easier. Nonetheless, the endless green, the stone walls and the cold breeze refresh you.

Driving Down the M4

There is the possibility that you do not own such a car, but driving down the M4 with any old car will do. Bath is where you want to go. Apart from being a tourist town, it is where you have access to spectacular event locations without having to travel too far. These include places like Bailbrook Lodge, which offer top-class facilities and services.

As you are still in the south, you will be afforded splendid and unobstructed views of England. Additionally, Bath retains its Roman roots through architecture; its buildings are astoundingly beautiful.

The Right Choice

If you are planning for a family-type soiree, forego the hard north and stay in the south especially if you live near London. The drive up there will be long and arduous, as opposed to going to Bath. You can even take the train or the tube if that is easier for you.

Bath is unlike any other place in England. It is where the influence of the once-conqueror Romans is still evident. Its ancient allure always amazes and is perfect for your party to stay in the minds of your guests for a long time.

If you have time to spare, there are places to visit in and outside the city. Bristol is only a few hours away, as does the seaside. In Bath, you will have the time of your life.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that London is the only place worth visiting in England. The origins of industry are still open for everyone to see in Manchester and Brighton is as good as any beach town. It is in Bath, however, where you will find a town worth visiting and revisiting.