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Motorised Gate

Motorised Automation: The Key to Better Gate Security

Motorised GateIn the history of residential gates, security has always been an issue. If you cannot erect a high enough gate, your property is vulnerable to trespassing. This prompted several developments regarding the security offered by gates. Not every Australian can allot thousands of dollars for a big gate, thus leading them to resort to security devices.

Motorised is Key

Automation has long been the answer to gates’ lack of security capabilities. Rather than installing camera systems that does not prevent entry, inventors focused on gates remaining closed. Until the owner or a certain signal deactivates the lock, it will remain secure.

On the other hand, motorisation enables hands-free operation of gates. Furthermore, it ensures that the gates are tight and secure. Because when it comes to gate security, what could be better than being unable to open it?

Abundance of Choices

If you search for the market right now, you will find riches of security and ease-of-access solutions for gates. Perth contractors can even make a few, aftermarket fabrications to the motorised systems to accommodate your particular safety requirement.

It is important to remember that not all devices work in every situation. There are products that only function in certain situations.

As for the accessories, it will be best to get one or all of these:

  • Photocell Beam Sensor – If anyone tries to enter your property by following you, a beam sensor can shut the gate down. This device is perfect in properties with limited spaces or a high traffic flow.
  • Flashing Lights – More about safety than security, flashing lights make parking easier. Those with poor spatial awareness will benefit in using this device.
  • Electric Lock – Just like your car, gates can have their own electric lock too. Side or ground mounted, electric gates keep the rolling barrier locked rather than putting residual pressure on the motor.
  • Solar Panel – In sunny Australia, it would be a waste letting all those solar power unused. Therefore, a small solar panel goes a long way in keeping your property safe. By harnessing solar power, your electric security system will perform uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can actually create your own security system. As long as you have a professional working with you, innovate, personalise and improve your own gate’s security.