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The Relationship among Smiling, Self-Confidence, and Health

The Link between Smiling and Your Health in GlenviewWhenever you smile, you allow your brain to have a little feel-good party. The act itself plays a critical role in the activation of the neural messaging process in your brain; a necessary process benefiting not only your happiness, but your overall health, too.

What smiling has to do with your brain?

Smiling is critical for the brain to activate the production and supply of neuropeptides responsible for fighting off stress. These extremely small molecules then allow the neurons to have better communication.

So when you smile, your body generates certain types of neurotransmitters, including endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – all of which are known as feel-good hormones. As a result, it makes you feel more relaxed, while also lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

Smiling a lot and your self-confidence

Smiling affects your self-confidence. However, there are some instances wherein you restrain yourself from doing so, most likely because you have dental problems like yellowed or stained teeth, cracked or damaged teeth, or gaps between your teeth.

You should not allow these issues to get in the way of smiling, so better contact a cosmetic dentist in Glenview such as Glenlake Dental Care already to know your options in resolving these issues.

Your self-confidence and the way you interact with other people

Having a strong self-confidence makes you feel good and allows you to perceive yourself in a better manner. With these qualities in your personality arsenal, you will have better chances in achieving your goals in life, especially when it comes to your social and professional life. You can communicate with others better, and even use your strong self-perception as a means to further your career.

The bottom line: A great smile impacts your self-confidence and self-perception

As you can see, there is really some truth in the saying “laughter is the best medicine.” Add smiling to that, and you can have more self-confidence and enjoy a greater quality of life.

An Unhealthy Fad: Why are Campuses Celebrating the Drunkorexia Trend?

Drunkorexia Case in North CarolinaAnorexia is a familiar term when speaking about eating disorders. Apparently, university students took this disorder to greater heights by coming up with the drunkorexia trend. It’s the combination of extreme dieting and high alcohol consumption. This worrying fad has taken over the students one bottle of alcohol at a time. This is why facilities like First Step NC are on standby for those who are seeking assistance.

An Unhealthy Trend

Heavy drinking is already a regular incidence in universities. Students have added another mixture to the trend by purging, binging, exercising excessively, and restricting food consumption. Dipali V. Rinker, a psychology research assistant professor at the University of Houston, explains the actions in depth.

Rinker says college students participate in the behavior to heighten the effects of alcohol and minimize alcohol-related calories. They do this by engaging in a bulimic-type diet, exercising, and restricted eating behaviors. Her theory is that students choose to drink on an empty stomach so they ingest fewer calories and the alcohol takes effect faster. She warns these actions are extremely unsafe because the alcohol has a bigger effect.

The assistant professor says that if a person is avoiding more caloric intake from alcohol, they are also depleting vitamins needed by the body.

A Growing Fad

Drunkorexia is not only an eating disorder; it’s an alcohol disorder too. The two elements combined are dangerous as it’s not easy to get over either one of them. The University of Houston did a study on how drunkorexic behavior happens. They provided quizzes to 1,184 students who confessed they were binge drunk the last 30 days.

The researchers discovered around 80 percent of the subjects got drunk without eating heavily, or either binge drunk and purged. Drunkorexia might seem like the best way to lose weight, but the effects of alcohol on an empty stomach are far bigger as food soaks some of its negative outcomes.

Get Ahead of Everyone By Securing Your Australian Open Tickets Now

Australian OpenTennis fans are still reeling from the excitement of The Championships, Wimbledon. Andy Murray of the United Kingdom won his second Wimbledon trophy, and Serena Williams of the United States secured a seventh title on the world’s most prestigious grass court.

There are two more Grand Slam tennis events to look forward to before the year ends. Still, says this is the right time to think about securing tickets to the Australian Open if you plan to make the trip to Melbourne Park in January next year

Why the expense is worth it

The Australian Open is unquestionably one of the most anticipated sports events in Australia. The organisers are fully aware of this, and this is why every year they do their best to make the experience unforgettable, and something tennis fans will keep coming back to. The only Grand Slam event of the Asia-Pacific can be a life-changing experience especially for tennis fans that also play and compete in their own corners of the world.

You get what you want if you are willing to spend for it

When you plan for the first Australian Open of your life, you have to explore all the available options. A ground pass is the most affordable, but if you have savings to spare, how about investing on a seat inside the prestigious Rod Laver Arena. The seat categories are available online, and you can take your time choosing. A reserved seat in this arena puts you at the heart of world-class tennis, and you will be thankful that you got it, instead of a single session ground pass. Melbourne Park’s centre court displays the talents and exceptional skills of top-seeded players. Tickets for seats in Margaret Court Arena also put you at the heart of the action, where the biggest names pit their skills against each other.

This is the right time to start doing your research about Australian Open 2017 tickets. There are numerous online resources to use, so enjoy exploring!

4 Drawbacks of Paying Down Your Mortgage Early

Mortgage in PlymouthUnless your lender would penalize you, prepaying your mortgage in Minnesota is the only way to save in interest and finish your loan faster. Every dollar you pay directly to your principal is interest-free. Experts say that paying one month’s worth principal payment twice annually could cut several years off your mortgage’s life.

While the benefits of prepayment are obvious, it’s not without drawbacks. Believe or not, it may be disadvantageous to you to pay extra for your mortgage every month. Here are some of the ways your prepayment may work against you:

Your Cash Becomes Illiquid

If you buy a home for sale in Plymouth, MN, you wouldn’t really lose your cash in down payment — it only becomes another an illiquid form of asset called home equity. It’s expressed in a percentage to represent how much portion you own in your property.

The same rule applies to principal payments. When you send your extra money to your mortgage, it helps build an equity — which is fine because it helps build your wealth, except you can’t easily convert it to cash.

Your Money Might Not Grow

Especially in times when mortgage rates are incredibly low, financially savvy individuals would rather invest their extra cash in the stock market. This form of investment offers a greater chance to grow your money over time. Besides, your property’s equity would increase on its own if home prices in your area rise.

Your Other Debts Might Make You Poorer

If you pay high interest on your plastic, settle your credit card bills first. Rule number one in breaking the debt cycle is to finish those with superior interest. Even if you feel you’re shaving years off your mortgage through prepayment, letting your credit card debt balloon could cause you financial ruin.

Your Retirement Fund Might Suffer

Unless you have plenty of reserves later in life, you might kick yourself down the road for ignoring your retirement accounts in favor of your mortgage.

Making extra principal payments should only come second after maximizing your overall wealth. After all, you don’t want to sell your house later to pay your bills just because you forgo saving enough.

Paying down your mortgage earlier than its term only makes sense when you have no better thing to do with your cash. If you do, you should prioritize and get more value for your excess money.

Additional Costs to Think About When Buying a House

Young Couple Buying Their New HomeBuying a beautiful house for the family is among the most cherished dreams people strive to fulfill. Owning a house is a great way of turning your monthly rents into savings for other developments. However, the buyer needs to know that different expenses are not included in the initial buying cost that a real estate agent gives.

Registration costs

The amount of money you may be required to pay as registration fee may depend on the total worth of the house you are buying. In most states across the globe, registration fees and stamp duty are legal charges the property buyers can’t evade and the charges may increase the buying cost by about 7-10 percent. In addition, the buyer should be ready to meet miscellaneous expenses such as the lawyer’s and notary fees incurred during the registration process in court.

Parking space

In some large residential complexes, the seller may include additional upfront fees in the name of exclusive parking spaces. The parking upfront fee may vary depending on the parking space provided, locality and type of property. Most property buyers don’t find this enticing especially if they were not prepared for it.

Industry experts at Hedgecock Group Real Estate suggest setting aside more money to meet the hidden costs when buying a Fairbanks house for sale. 

Interior costs

Once the buyer has paid the last penny and gets all the required ownership certificates, one should find out if the interiors are in good condition. Some more money would invariably be spent to organize the interiors depending on the buyer’s requirements and preferences. Although working on the interiors can really spend quite a fortune, most house buyers are not prepared for it at the initial stage. Besides paying the last penny, the buyer needs to organize some more money to paint the ceiling and walls, refurbish the floor and replace the faulty bulbs and door locks among others.

This means that every home buyer should not only worry about the initial buying cost, but also organize the expenses included with a property purchase.

If the seller indicates that such hidden costs are included in the initial cost, the buyer should involve a lawyer when confirming it.

Tiling 101: Considerations for Choosing Tile Adhesives

Tile AdhesivesChoosing the most appropriate tile adhesive is as critical as choosing the particular kind of tiles for your tiling project. Adhesives serve as the setting platform that will bond the surface to the tiles’ bottom portion.

How Do You Choose the Right Tile Adhesive?

Tiles come in various materials. Likewise, tile adhesives come in different specifications and qualities, each one ideal for a specific purpose. According to Waterproofing Direct, when choosing tile adhesives, a top contractor in Australia recommends that you must first consider where you’re putting the tiles—outside or inside, floors or walls, or in a dry or wet area.

For instance, if you’re installing tiles in your bathroom or driveway, which are locations continuously exposed to daily moisture and water, you’ll need an adhesive with strong water resistance properties. These adhesives are also typically fast acting so you’ll need to install tiles carefully because in the event of misplacement, you’ll have a very difficult time uninstalling them.

It’s likewise crucial to determine which setting bed you’re going to use. Are you using plywood, concrete or drywall? Many people complain when their tiles pop up, and this is a classic example of utilising the wrong tile adhesive.

When preparing all the materials to be used in your project, ensure that all substances are in good condition. All tiles and surfaces should be free of dirt, paint or oils. Should there be holes that require patching up, repair them at least a day before with cement and sand or plasters. Keep in mind that you should never add cement or sand to tile adhesives because this will alter the water resistance and bonding properties of the adhesive.

Other Crucial Considerations

The most vital thing you have to do, however, is to read and understand the specific instructions from the tile adhesive manufacturer. Remember that companies offer different kinds of adhesives made from different kinds of materials. Some adhesives may have better water resistance properties and some have more potent bonding properties, while others dry very quickly. Put simply, don’t utilise tile adhesives on projects they’re not recommended for.

Style Your Home, Starting With Your Windows

Home StylingSome homeowners underestimate the power of windows in their homes. Little do they know that windows can create a completely different look for a room and even provide the illusion of having more space. If you are planning to have an interior makeover in your home, try including these popular window treatments on your list.

Adding Roller Blinds

If you are tired of maintaining those curtains and drapes on your windows, try switching into innovative roller blinds that are easier to operate and have simpler designs. With roller blinds' variety of styles and colours, it's not surprising that they are popular. You can easily find these products on websites such as, where homeowners can customise their blinds.

Maximise Your Windows

The bigger the window, the better. Let the light shine through your beautiful windows. It is popular these days to have large windows that blend with your home concept as well as the outdoors. If the window size or opening is important to you, sliding, double-hung or casement windows are good options.

Choose Bright Colours

White and off-white colours will always be on top of choices for stylish windows. Brighter colours are commonly used to accent your walls as well as to match the tone of your room. You can also try putting a touch of popping colours, which are very popular today. It provides homeowners with the opportunity to customise their windows.

Eco-friendly Windows

The environmental impact has become one of the important criteria for homeowners in home design. Some of the popular window treatments today include products that are made from recycled materials and natural fibres. If you want to go green, seek for window treatment styles that feature low chemical emissions and increase energy efficiency.

You can always experiment with textures, materials, and colours when window dressing. Whether you prefer simple treatments or eye-popping shades, there’s always a trend that will suit your preference.

Production and Process: The Make or Break Factor of a Jewellery Business

 Jewellery BusinessThere are many things to consider when starting a jewellery business. Finding the right caster for jewellery designs can help anyone start a jewellery business on the right foot.

The Current Global Status

According to JewelCast Ltd, projected sales of annual global fine jewellery will increase at a 5 to 6 percent clip every year until the year 2020. In other words, this is the best time to start a jewellery business. The trend follows the apparel industry in which people are ready and more eager to buy luxury items to prove their fashion and financial powers. Consumer demand seems to be on the high.

What Hopefuls Can Do

In order to keep up with the demand, designers must be careful in their production process. This involves expensive labour costs. However, new designers are still able to produce affordable, quality pieces. The secret is by cutting out the middleman. Many designers go straight to local casters instead of outsourcing them overseas.

The Ideal Example

Bouchra Ezzahraoui, a Goldman Sachs trader, and Sophie Kahn, a Marc Jacobs top executive, launched their own jewellery line and introducedAnchor it as affordable fine jewellery. They design and create their pieces locally, which make it easier to monitor their business as well. Initially, the duo travelled to Morocco to learn the art of jewellery making and brought what they learned home.

You can see their success in the 300% sales growth of their business in 2015 alone. If they can do it, anybody can.

Take It from the Experts

According to successful jewellery business start-ups, important things to consider include mapping out sales growth through long-term business plans and the ability to create new, dynamic collections. Apart from this, however, they shared some helpful tip: designers should wear their own craft. If you hire or commission a brand ambassador, make sure they wear the right pieces at the right occasions.

Jewellery making is a traditional business. It is important to build trust with partners in the production process and this includes casters. Casting jewellery is a separate art, but necessary in the entire process still.

Real Estate Property: To Invest or Not to Invest?

Property Investment in Salt Lake CityThe worst decision you could make in personal investments is to put all your eggs in one basket or to invest all your resources in a single investment vehicle. Imagine yourself zeroing in on stocks. If you invest solely on stocks, a significant drop in the stock market could put you in hot water. To put mitigate risks and improve ROI, consider investing in different asset classes. Have you thought about real estate property investments?

Investing in real estate with the help of a reliable mortgage company in Salt Lake City such as is seen positively due to the numerous advantages that come with it. Read on to find out more about them:

Steady and Reliable Income

As soon as you have acquired the property you are eyeing, it is relatively easy to put it up for lease. You can earn a steady income by renting out your property. Make sure though that the property is lease-ready; meaning, water, electricity and plumbing are fully-functional.

Asset Appreciation

Another great thing with real estate investments is that the value of the property appreciates – or increases – over time. A note of caution, though. Be mindful of the location of the real estate you're eyeing prior to making the actual purchase, Seek help from a trusted mortgage company in Salt Lake City to help you out. Remember, it might be difficult for property value to go up if the location of your property is not favorable.

Easy Asset Management

As compared to other types of assets, real estate property is easier to manage. You can breeze through the entire management process because it is very low-key, unless you want to renovate the property or have it redecorated. In contrast, stocks and mutual funds require thorough technical expertise and constant investment decisions to ensure a profitable ROI.

While there are property taxes and maintenance costs required when investing in real estate, the benefits of acquiring one are also quite evident. Your decision to give property investments a final go depends on how you weigh the advantages over the disadvantages. Good luck!

A Crash Course on Gutter Guards and Their Benefits to Your Home

Gutter Guards in DenverDownspouts and gutters are integral to the roofing system. More than that, they are part of the mechanism that keeps the foundations of the house stable. When leaves, dirt, and other types of debris accumulate, the viability of the entire system is compromised. Cleaning the roof regularly offsets potential problems.

Keeping the roof spic and span

Unfortunately, many American homeowners neglect the roof. After all, they cannot see from ground level what is really going on up there. Although some remember to hire professional roofing maintenance crew to check the condition of the roof every now and then, most let the roof fall to neglect. Gutters become cramped up with debris and the water stops flowing.

It is a good thing gutter-control systems are available from gutter companies in Denver. They prevent accumulation of materials that cause clogging. These products, known as “guards” ensures rainwater does not accumulate on the roof as well.

Solid versus mesh

There are quite a number of options, but the primary comparison is between solid-top guards and fine mesh products or screens. Because of the design of solid-top guards, there is almost no need for regular roof cleaning and checkup. The reverse curve arrangement serves as an effective cover. The system separates leaves from the water, and because they are effective, they can be costly.

Meanwhile, fine or micromesh guards act like sieves to separate debris and water. If you have money to spare, look for screens with super-fine mesh. They are effective in keeping sand-like particles from reaching the gutter system. These systems can be expensive as well. You can further explore gutter-guard technologies and ask the supplier about the pros and cons of each.

Roofing experts advise caution to homeowners before investing in a gutter protection system. Find ones that will not succumb to a severe downpour. Be smart with your choice, and ask for estimates from at least three suppliers. In this way, you will get your money’s worth.