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Meeting in the Middle: Life Between the North and the South

Residential Property in PasigFor the longest time, the inhabitants of Metro Manila have been stuck in a seemingly endless debate of the North vs the South. But, why waste your time thinking about which is better to live in when you can find a middle ground? Literally.

If you can’t choose between Quezon City and Alabang, consider living in Pasig. Check out your options regarding residential properties, educational institutions, and commercial establishments in the city below.

Residential Property

When you live in Pasig, you have the option of browsing through condominium units for sale, such as The Grove by Rockwell, or house and lots in villages like Valle Verde. Much like other “middle cities” such as Makati and the City of Manila, Pasig has something for everyone — from the bachelor on the go to the family of five.

What’s more, the city is a comfortable mix of the metropolitan life and a laid back living that is close enough to your workplace and schools.

Educational Institutions

So what if the South has PAREF schools and the North has the Manila Waldorf School? If you live in Pasig, you can choose from an entire list of schools that provide quality education. Some of these are St. Paul College Pasig, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, and even Brent International School.

On the other hand, the city does not fall short of good universities such as the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Commercial Establishments

Finally, Pasig has its fair share of commercial establishments. The South has Nuvali? Cool. The North has TriNoma? That’s great. In the middle ground, you will find establishments such as SM Megamall and Shangri-La, which have endless shopping options for both your needs and wants.

Do you really have to choose between the North and the South when life is just as good in the middle?

Fort Knox Depository: The Most Secure Location in the World

Fort KnoxLots of things in life seem impossible. Some say, one of those is trying to break into the U.S. Bullion Depository, aka Fort Knox. It is assumed that there’s about $270 billion worth of gold bullion in the vault. Some even say that Fort Knox hides other more well-kept government secrets.

Fort Knox is probably the most secure location in the world, with its array of interior and perimeter security measures. But just how well-guarded is it?

The Defences at a Glance

The vault is situated just a few metres from a US army base of its namesake: Fort Knox. It’s home to 30,000 soldiers, APCs, attack helicopters, and field artillery. And know that all of this military might can be called upon to aid in guarding the vault.

As for the building that houses the vault, the level of security is so extreme, it’s almost comical. The outer walls are made of 4-foot thick granite. There’s reason to believe that they’re cement and steel-lined, and are also fireproof. Some say that these walls can even withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb. There’s no chance of an underground infiltration since the building’s foundation is also a mix of granite and concrete.

The vault itself, according to the company Mosler Safe, have 27-inch thick walls of concrete and steel. This sits behind a 22-tonne front door protected by multiple combination locks. Each lock is operated by an individual employee, and employees work in random shifts. The combinations are also changed every day. All the heavily tinted windows are bulletproof, fireproof, and sealed from the inside.

Perimeter Defences

Nobody knows which types of defences surround the complex, aside from the visible barbed wire fences and multiple armed sentries. There are three main barriers. The first is a simple wire fence supposedly packed with motion sensors. The second is a 10-foot electrical fence, and the third one is another electrical fence close to the complex. Before one reaches the second electrical fence, there’s a wide open area rigged with surveillance cameras where there’s no cover at all. Some say this area is also a minefield.

Lastly, speculations add details which aren’t so far-fetched. There are virtual trip wires that alert security personnel of intruders from 15,000 feet away; intelligent enough to discern a car from a person. Biometrics IDs, flooding interior corridors, and even remote attacks from a satellite defence system — the list goes on.

If these measures don’t make Fort Knox the most secure location in the world, nothing else will.

The Ideal Place for Yuppies: Why You’ll Adore Living in Pasig City

Ideal Place for Yuppies in PasigAmong all the cities in Metro Manila, Pasig City is rapidly turning into a great place for yuppies and families to start anew. It is the best area to look for houses or condominiums like The Grove by Rockwell. However, in spite being an ideal place to live in, most people misjudge this riverbank city. Below are some of the reasons why you should forget those judgments.

1. The Green Movement and Sunday Car Free Day

In 2013, The International Awards for Livable Communities recognized Pasig City as one of the most livable cities on the planet. It is mainly because of the environmental methods they imposed in the area along with the numerous features like their city hall building.

Every Sunday, they aim to improve the quality of life in Manila by urging the citizens to go car free for a day. The practice happens along Emerald Avenue (F. Ortigas Jr. Road) in Barangay San Antonio. During this day, they encourage everybody to skate, jog, exercise, bike and spend time with their loved ones in the area.

2. The Lifestyle Sanctuary of the North

Pasig City hosts the current and hippest entertainment hot spots in the Metro like Frontera Verde, Rockwell, Metrowalk, The Grove by Depot Place and Capitol Commons. These places provide a number of restaurants and entertainment varieties that will satisfy everyone who is searching for a great time.

For the foodies out there, you will get to enjoy the delicious meals offered in Kapitolyo. The dishes range from Asian and Western delicacies like RUB Kapitolyo, Ninak and Three Sisters’ eatery.

Forget about those misconceptions about the riverbank city. These are just a few of the benefits you will get from living here. You do not only get to experience a whole new sense of community, but you will also get to enlighten your sense of taste.

Does Your Living Room Colour Say Something About You?

Living Room in HataitaiMore often than not, a home design is a reflection of the owner’s personality. So, it is safe to say that your choice of furniture, décor, and even wall colour says something about you. To even delve in this matter, some colour experts weighed in and revealed meanings behind a few living room colour choices.

  1. Light Green

Psychology and colour experts say that light green is an emotionally positive colour. They even associate this colour with love and peace. They say that homeowners with a living room full of light green colours and shades are most likely good listeners and compassionate.

  1. Brown

Most commercial painters in Wellington say many clients prefer brown accent colours in their living room. It is actually not surprising as many of the NZ homeowners are industrious and responsible – the meaning behind the choice of rich brown colour in home design and decors.

  1. Black

A living room with a black-painted wall and full of black colours definitely look elegant. But more than that, people who love this colour are likely analytical and can quickly connect ideas to produce results. No wonder you see a lot black in living rooms of business people and the likes.

  1. Electric Blue

If you choose electric blue, it actually means you have a dynamic personality. After all, this colour is not your usual shade of blue. Colour experts say people with a living room full of electric blue accents are often quirky and full of energy.

  1. Pink

A pink living room doesn’t only mean the owner is girly or very feminine. Experts say if you’re drawn to the colour pink, you are likely an adventurous person – seeking out new experiences whenever you can.

After reading this article, for sure, you’ll look around your living room. Now, does your living room colour revealed something about you?

Living Alone, Living Large: This Life Might be for You

Living Alone in Makati“So you’re living alone? Isn’t that…lonely?”

You must have heard that line a thousand times.

In a family-centered culture, living alone seems a little out of place with houses or apartments filled with families or roommates. Almost everyone is living with someone — their sister, a significant other, or even a total stranger.

It’s no wonder some people think living alone is lonely.

But there are also joys that come with living solo. In fact, your condominium at the Proscenium at Rockwell or any nearby apartment might be better for your welfare.

One Less Responsibility

When you live alone, you do what you want, where you want, and when you want. There’s no pressure to fulfill tedious duties and to walk on egg shells with other people. While living with others teaches you good life skills, it also comes with the burden of attending to the needs of others. If you’re too busy with life, living without a roommate relieves you of one less responsibility.

A Good Buffer from Pressure

In line with pressure, solo living also offers the ultimate freedom to relax with some peace and quiet. Living with others makes relaxation difficult. But when you live alone, it’s a piece of cake.

A good shut-eye is necessary to help you recover from intense work days. This is useful for highly sensitive individuals who feel as if they carry the world on their shoulders. If there is no relief for the weight they carry, they might suffer from physical or mental illnesses.

That Sense of Personal Pride

Living alone means depending on no one but yourself. No one cleans, cooks, or washes underwear for you. Everything rests on your shoulders — you’re the only one responsible for everything.

It’s difficult, but when you realize that you can be self-sufficient, you realize you can take care of yourself. This also strengthens your self-confidence. Living alone builds your self-respect, which also enhances your self-worth and esteem.

Solo living might be lonely sometimes, but when you do it right, it’s actually worth it.

Recognising Abundance: The Story Behind the Name ‘Bay of Plenty’

Bay of Plenty in New ZealandIn the northern coast of New Zealand’s North Island is the Bay of Plenty, which stretches across an open coastline of about 259 km. Read on to know its story.

Acknowledging the Māori: Indigenous Polynesians

As the Bay of Plenty’s earliest settlers who came from eastern Polynesia around the thirteenth century, the Māori are representative of the culture and heritage of the region’s several large islands. Statistics show that today, there are about 750,000 Māori living in New Zealand.

Take, for example, how the total population of the Kawerau District, in particular, has around 62% residents identifying as Māori. Despite the town’s size and age, as it had only been founded in 1953, Kawerau is home to a few high-profile people such as Danielle Hayes from the Next Top Model; Ria van Dyke, Miss New Zealand 2010; and Sarah Walker, a BMX world champion.

It comes as no surprise why the town is growing in real estate value. The First National Mills & Gibbon cites the new homes and properties in Kawerau, which happens to be a town in the Bay of Plenty region.

Discovering the Story Behind the Name

In Māori, the Bay of Plenty goes by the name ‘Te Moana-a-Toi’, which means ‘the sea of Toi’. Toitehautahi, an ancestral explorer of New Zealand, serves as an important figure to the Māori people. A number of places in the region espouse variants of his name to commemorate his contribution to their culture and history, further emphasising his prominence.

Its English name, on the other hand, came from James Cook, an English explorer. It was during his 1769-70 journeys across the country when he took note of the region’s abundance of natural resources. Until today, the bay still exudes the same richness. It remains popular and its economy is steadfast because of its timber, fishes and tourism, amongst other resources.

Digital Marketing in Roselle

Digitise Traditional Marketing to Compete Locally

Digital Marketing in RoselleYou don’t have to abandon your traditional marketing strategies for online ones because many of the tactics done for the former is adaptable to the latter. In fact, adapting these allow you to reach your local audiences effectively. This strategy allows you to integrate all aspects of your advertising campaigns.

Here are some ways that allow you to do so according to Digital Ads International Pty Ltd.

Correct Use of Hashtags

Some businesses are now using hashtags for their Internet campaigns, whether it is on Twitter or Instagram. If you are already using these, look for terms that translate and relate well with your target local audience. Use this across different digital platforms to integrate your approach and make it easier for your market to find you. You can also use these on billboards, newspapers and other forms of traditional marketing.

Find ways to use the same hashtags, regardless of platform (traditional or digital) to encourage your target market to begin the conversation about your brand online. The right keyword or phrase must be high search volume and represents your company.

Incentives for Involvement

The old strategy of offering freebies is something that marketers can adapt for traditional and online marketing. Providing a promotional item or a two for one special gives an incentive to visitors to share your content, click on your website or whatever your call to action is. If your audience is only seeing your print materials, offering a freebie to visit your website will incentivise them to go digital.

Inbound Links

Whether you are using the local newspaper or Facebook to reach your audience, looking for inbound links that are talking about your brand or industry, allows you to expand your network. Connecting with them allows you to localise your approach and tap into a market that yet to open for your company.

Traditional and digital marketing can work for you, as long as you know how to integrate both. Using different platforms allows you to expand your audience and connect with people.

Setting it Straight: Invisible Braces Are a Unique Cure to Crooked Teeth

Invisible BracesAn alarming 25% of Americans skip visits to the dentist out of fear and anxiety. Some see the dentist’s office as a ‘torture chamber.’ But is avoiding the dentist really worth all the teeth and gum problems it could cause later on?

Keeping your fears in check

Fear of the dentist isn’t usually a response to pain. Most dental treatment is as easy as it takes to say the word ‘teeth.’ Most importantly, dental care also entails treating patient anxiety. But the idea of lying down in a helpless position, while a dentist hovers above putting all sorts of rods and needles in your mouth, can be terrifying.

Thinking about the alternative to not visiting the dentist for prolonged periods of time can be terrifying, too. The risks of avoiding the dentist can range to bad breath, painful toothaches, gum disease, and all your teeth falling out.

A cure you can’t see

Innovations are constantly underway in the orthodontic care industry to alleviate patient anxiety. Crooked just be addressed by dentists at once to avoid further complications. Curing it involves the painstaking process of wearing braces over the span of several years.

There may be a solution for people who feel uncomfortable wearing traditional metal braces because of the added pain it might bring. offers an Invisalign system, which involves the use of an invisible plastic aligner that functions in moving crooked teeth in the right position. They’re a lot more dental-friendly because patients are free to take the off whenever they want. They really don’t need a frequent reminder of what they fear the most whenever they look at their teeth in the mirror.

Dispelling dental fear can be a stretch for those who have bad memories on the dental chair. But getting over such fears are the first step to becoming a more confident and beautiful you. To achieve this, most patients should be willing to meet with their dentists halfway and consider the best kind of treatment that works for them.

Which Cars? Whose Car? What Wedding?

Wedding TransportationWhen it comes to weddings, cars are the least of your priorities. With the dress, the bridesmaids and the food to think about, transportation is not your top priority. Granted, it is not the most important, but it still requires your attention.

For some engaged couples, transportation became the biggest headache of the wedding planning. Because it did not fit in their priorities, they ended up scrambling with plans to accommodate everyone. As a result, even the bride was clueless about her transportation situation.

Not Everything is Mandatory

For Xquizit Limousines & Tours, a provider of tours and transportations, providing wedding transportation is optional. In some social circles, wedding transportation is not only unnecessary—it is also ridiculous. But if you are willing to give guests an extra special gift, feel free to splurge.

Remember, your guests have spent a lifetime going from one place to another. As a wedding guest, they would truly appreciate your gesture. But if offering transportation does not fit your budget, do not push it. There are other ways to make up for it anyway.

Who Wants a Ride?

For transportation plans, getting a headcount should be the obvious starting point. The transport of the bridal brigade (if you have one) is a must-have in some circles, both as a logistical convenience and a matter of courtesy. 

Some of your guests might be unfamiliar with the location. In such cases, offering wedding transportation is a big help. Weeks before the ceremony, create a list of people who will need a ride.

From Point A to Point B

If you plan on transporting a large number of guests, function should trump form. Some weddings hire school buses to move their guests from one point to another. Several transport providers offer cost-effective and amazing options. For example, renting a limousine or two is a good deal—it’s affordable and stylish.

Lessen worries on your wedding day by choosing the right transportation for you and your guests. Enjoy your special day minus the headache.

How to Design Effective Micro-Interactions for Websites

Web Design in ColoradoIn UX, the things that matter most include how you, as a web designer or developer, deal with users, and how these users feel when using a site you developed. Even the seemingly inconsequential details require your utmost attention, says an expert from Micro-interactions do just that—offer users feedback and a comprehension of ongoing processes, which in turn makes the interface more approachable, regardless of the complex logic it took to build it. Take advantage of micro-interactions by keeping these crucial tips in mind:

  • Always Keep Users In the Loop – In short, keep them informed. Consider a status icon or loading bar to prevent confusion and keep their attention.
  • Quick Response Times – Ideally, an almost instant response time of say, .1 second, will help keep users feel in control.
  • Unification is Key – Whenever possible, build a unifying theme for tying all interactions together, whether micro or not.
  • Utilize What You Can – Resist the urge to add more than what the site needs. Utilize existing elements for delivering feedback instead.
  • Take Cues from User Research and Context – Know your users and each context behind your micro-interactions to ensure their effectiveness and preciseness.
  • Keep Repeated Use in Mind – Ask yourself if a certain micro-interaction you’re planning on designing is unobtrusive and easily understood or will it annoy users on their hundredth use?
  • As Human as Human Gets – A fast and easy way to humanize UI is to incorporate a human tone in your copy. A web development expert in Denver adds that this holds especially true for micro-interactions that emphasize feedback and need-to-know details.
  • Keep Basics Animation Rules in Mind – While the animation is a prime part of micro-interactions, it still follows its own rules. So prior to incorporating one with the other, remember the rules so you could apply them better.
  • Simplicity is Also Key – Put simply, do not turn your micro-interactions into macro-interactions.

Essentially, don’t lose sight of why you incorporated micro-interactions in the first place. They must serve as facilitators for easy and simple interactions, and offer quick feedback, instructions, notifications, and perhaps, some entertainment. They should help users save time by immediately providing information in a manner that does not distract or bore users. Basically, make your micro-interactions functional so they will work for you.