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Why Do Whales Love Breaching out of the Water?

A whale breaching the water Imagine clear blue waters, calm with quiet ripples. Suddenly, a creature weighing over a tonne breaks the surface with its big leap. Its dark body hits the water with a loud thud, and while it might not be the smoothest jump, the magnificence is undeniable.

Breaching of whales is a kind of cetacean surfacing behaviour, the catch-all phrase for how water mammals behave on the surface of the water. Marine biologists are not exactly sure why these behemoths do such feats. They have a few assumptions:


Experts have informed us that whales are great singers. Their “songs” are part of the sounds they make to communicate with each other. Breaching can be another way for whales to communicate. The sound waves produced are much more potent, and under the water, the sound even travels faster and for longer distances.

Display of Power

The energy required to breach is nothing compared to the diet of these giants. However, scientists have some proof that breaching is a show of dominance. It indicates that a whale is in good physical condition, which is seen by their potential mates as a very attractive sign.


For All Sea Charters, a whale watching company in Western Australia, seeing the animals breach is a common thing in the water. Their and other charter websites in WA show photos of whales breaching beside their boats. Some marine biologists suggest that this behaviour may just be a sort of playtime for the animals. Whales and other marine mammals have extraordinary and complex social lives – it wouldn’t be surprising for them to have as much fun doing the leaps as those who are enjoying their moves.

There remain many mysteries in the way whales, and other ocean mammals, live and behave. Breaching is one of them. With every short flight they take, they remind people once again of how great nature is.

Renting Is Better Than Buying

A house model and a pair of keys on top of a contract There is an ongoing debate on whether it is better to rent a home or buy one. Buying a home involves a mortgage payment, a down payment, regular maintenance and much more. This is one the reasons people prefer to rent a home for their family.

However, we have seen that there are people who strongly believe in investing in all types of real estate including Section 8 investing, which is considered to offer good returns. But there are some of us who do not want to lock up money in a home and prefer to rent. Here are some reasons why renting is preferred.

Financial comforts

Most young adults who are under-employed or young couples just starting out in their careers and family prefer to rent a home. They do not have the large amount of money required for a down payment for a home or prefer not to lock up a large amount of money in a home. They are also not ready to make a financial commitment to mortgage payment, taxes, and the like. This type of financial comfort is possible with just renting a home of your choice.


The responsibilities of a home are on the plate of your landlord and as a tenant, you do not have these responsibilities. If anything breaks, falls apart or cracks in the home, you need not take the trouble of fixing it, as the onus is on the landlord to maintain the home. However, this does not mean that you can go around causing destruction around the rented home. But the maintenance and upkeep of the home is the responsibility of the landlord.


Rentals offer flexibility, especially if you travel a lot and lead a nomadic existence. If you rent a home, you have the option of moving out when the lease expires and move on to better location or a bigger accommodation. Some not-so-young people can also have the flexibility to move from rentals to buying their own home, if they are at that stage in their lives.

Thus it is clear that renting comes with a lot of advantages and less of responsibilities.

The Singing Humpback Whales of Western Australia

A Humpback Whale

If you are planning to visit Australia between the months of June and December, one of the must-dos is whale watching in Western Australia. It is during this period that herds of humpback whales pass through this area as part of their seasonal migration pattern, according to All Sea Charters.

Humpback Whale Facts

The humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) is one of the larger species of baleen whales. Adult humpbacks can reach lengths of more than 50 feet and weigh as much as 40 tonnes. Humpbacks travel in herds. They were hunted down nearly to extinction until international maritime wildlife regulation enacted in the late 1960s banned its killing.  This action resulted in an increase in the population of the species.

The humpback is a delight to observe because of the following interesting skills.

Acrobatic Skills. The Humpback displays various skills that are a testament to its acrobatic prowess despite its enormous bulk. Humpbacks often breach, when they hurl themselves high out of the water for a few seconds before landing on their side in one tremendous splash.

Skyhopping. Humpbacks poke their heads in a vertical manner for as long as half a minute in what seems to be a scouting gesture.

Dovetailing. It is the opposite of skyhopping, wherein the tail is exposed above water for a few seconds.

Diving. The humpback can dive for at least 15 minutes, going to depths as deep as 700 feet.

Singing. Humpbacks have been observed to “vocalise” for lengthy periods of time, characterised by a series of squeaks and high-pitched squeals that seem to harmonise into an eerie yet strangely enchanting song. Its vocal range is quite vast, going from as low as 20Hertz to as high as 9,000.

Speed. The humpback normally travels through water at an average speed of up to 14 kilometres per hour or even slower at just about 5 km per hour when it is feeding. However, in the face of danger, it has been known to travel at speeds exceeding approximately 42 km per hour.

Humpbacks are interesting animals to observe. Despite their bulk and weight, they are one of nature’s fascinating marine inhabitants.

Safety Tips for Operating Hand Strapping Tools

Worker with Goggles and Helmet on the MachineAfter learning how to use hand strapping tools, you will find that it makes a significant difference in doing DIY work. As with any other tool you may use, though, you should look out for yourself and everybody else’s safety. Unexpected things can happen while you’re working, and these simple guidelines can save you the trouble.

Wear Safety Gear – Using hand strapping tools might be simple enough or even faster when you skip putting on the necessary gear, but accidents can still happen anytime. Don’t afford to work without safety gear, even if you are only using the tool once. Putting on safety glasses, gloves, and shoes are good enough to reduce damage in case of an accident.

Find the Right Position – Sometimes, accidents happen because you’re holding your equipment the wrong way or others are close enough to get in the way. Before using any of your tools, make sure that you are in a stable position with a good distance from the machine. Best that you also warn other people to give them a distance from your work area.

Clean Up Immediately – Clean up at once after finishing the job. Loose strapping lying around can hurt others in your workplace. Also, take note of the instructions for storing them properly just so they remain durable and safe for use the next time you need them.

Following these simple guidelines can reduce accidents that you might encounter. Fewer accidents mean greater productivity and less time and money spent on damages and injuries. After all, it’s always worth taking the extra time to check for safety concerns, whatever it is you’re doing.

Five Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

Male Job Applicant in a Job InterviewToday, the job market is characterised by cut-throat competition the world over. Employment opportunities have not risen at the same rate as the population growth and consequently, unemployment is on the rise. However, there are some things young people can do to increase their chances of getting a good job. Here are five ways to boost your chances.

1. Get international exposure

This comes top on the list because it can make you to really stand out. Multinationals or large organisations are attracted to candidates who are exposed to other cultures and who are adaptable. There is no better way to prove adaptability than to have lived in a foreign country. A study published in 2012 showed that students who studied abroad were twice as likely to find jobs as those without an international education within the first year of graduation. Overseas destinations such as Singapore have increasingly become popular due to the high-quality standards of their education. Opting to undertake your degree at a university overseas, such as quality institutions in Singapore can increase your chances of landing that job you aspire to get.

2. Work on your soft skills

Soft skills include interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation skills, critical thinking, etc. Unfortunately, soft skills cannot be learned in the classroom and most fresh graduates lack them. However, these skills are just as important as academic qualifications. It is no wonder they are referred to as employability skills; they determine who gets the job and who doesn’t. The only way you can learn is to practice and to embark on continuous improvement.

3. Get some experience

These days, experience is just as important as education. A 2013 report by High Fliers Research revealed that the chances of a graduate to get a job without work experience are slim. Therefore, you must make those summer breaks count. Be active in looking for internships or work-study programs.

4. Hone your leadership skills

Leadership skills are indispensable. Employers require people who can assume responsibility and who can be counted on to become future managers. So look for ways to build your leadership skills. Those school club leadership positions count. You can also begin an association or a regular event; anything that helps you to work and get results through people.

5. Be passionate

Passion is something you cannot fake. An employer can determine how passionate you are about a job during the interview. Therefore, pursue what you really love rather than what you think will get you a good job. People who are passionate about their jobs achieve higher success and find more fulfilment in their work.

These tips can help you to prepare yourself better for the job market. So do what you can when you still have the time.

Make Sure Your Home Is In Top Shape Before Summer Rolls In

House under construction

A long winter season makes one look forward to the warm days that spring and summer bring. Before you pack up, however, and hit the road with your RV, be sure you don’t leave your home in a suspended winter-fortress state. Chances are, all that extra ice can wreak silent havoc on your house’s nooks and crannies.

Snow damage and general wear would not be apparent at first glance. Inspecting areas of your home is essential to maintaining its resilience in the coming seasons, so best get started on some household tune-up.

Ventilation check

Your HVAC system’s air conditioning unit is most susceptible to dust collection, seeing that it sat unused for most of the winter months. Professional cleaning and checkup can save you from potential breakdowns when you start using your system to cool down during summer.

Heating inspection

Make sure your gas furnace runs fault-free since you will be adjusting it for cooling. Carbon monoxide leaks usually result from inadequate venting on furnaces.

Safe entry

If your area experiences constant temperature change, it’s likely your door expands and contracts along with it. Price’s Guaranteed Doors agrees that the wooden entry doors are especially vulnerable to damage, and will often need replacement, especially if the door is quite old.

Where there’s smoke

To complement your furnace maintenance, consider replacing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors’ batteries. Brush up on proper replacement and servicing of your home’s units and call a professional to assist you.

Let there be appropriate light

Check all your light fixtures, as you may have neglected burned-out bulbs and such. Replace your lighting with LED bulbs for more energy-efficient illumination.

Take advantage of the spring season’s pleasant weather to keep your home in great shape. Investing time on some preventive maintenance keeps the house the safe and hardy haven it is for the next 365 days.

Common Home Electrical Issues You Should Know

Electrician Fixing Wires Using PliersWhile everyone is concerned with electrical wiring at home, there are some electricity issues that only a few households consider.

However, before getting the help of registered electricians in Wellington, it is best to know more about the common problems many homeowners face. Having this knowledge can give you a better idea of what kind of electrical service and help you would need. Here are two of the least noticed electricity-related problems that you should know.

Problems with Meters

One of the most common reasons for an increase in your electricity bill is that your meter is playing up. It’s best to have it looked at to determine the root of the problem. Local regulations dictate that if you own your electric meter, you should take good care of it, as well as have it repaired when it’s broken.

If you don’t own your meter, you can call your line company or energy retailer to check if something is wrong with it. However, you may be asked to pay for the meter test that they will conduct.

Problems with Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Tripped circuit breakers and blown up fuses are only some of the problems that can signify electrical wiring problems at home. People often think that faulty electrical connections as the cause of problems with electricity without realising that it may have something to do with their fuses and circuit breakers.

According to WorkSafe, the agency that regulates work safety and health in New Zealand, homeowners are allowed to repair circuit breakers or fuses. However, before you start doing anything with your switchboard, you must strictly comply with the Electrical Codes of Practice 51 (ECP 51) to do any repairs. However, letting registered electricians in Wellington do the job would be better.

It’s never too late to think about you and your family’s safety at home when it comes to your electrical concerns. You have to make sure that all your electrical wiring are connected properly, and there are no damaged or exposed wiring in your home.

Giving your Home Exterior a Face Lift

House ExteriorA comfy, elegant interior can certainly make you never want to leave your house, but when it comes to creating a powerful first impression, it is your home’s exterior that counts. This is why investing in an appealing outdoor space is so important.

Here are simple ways to make your compound fabulous and inviting.

Upgrade your fence

A fence will serve two primary purposes in your home. Firstly, a good fence instantly boosts your home’s security. Secondly, a fence will give your compound structure, giving it more visual appeal. Talk to a fence company in the Grand Rapids about the best fencing solution for your home.  

Build a pool

Nothing draws attention to your yard than a well-maintained swimming pool. Check out different designs before settling on the ideal one for your house, depending on your landscape. A lovely pool in your compound will have everyone looking forward to spending more time outdoors, especially come summer.

Add character to your yard

Besides keeping your lawn mowed neatly, there are other ways to make your garden stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Consider growing some trees, for instance, or planting a garden. You may also build a fountain if you have a water source.

Just be sure to maintain any additions to your compound regularly.

Work on your deck

What is the situation of your deck? During the cold months, it is easy to neglect your deck since you spend much of your time indoors. However, a comfy deck will make you relish spending time outdoors. Look for creative ways to make your deck more inviting.

For instance, a few pieces of comfortable outdoor furniture can instantly transform the look of your deck.

Your compound is the first part of your home that greets you when you drive in at the end of a long day. By taking the time to work on it, you can enjoy the experience getting home much more every day.

What a Solid Online Presence Can Do for Your Dental Practice

With nearly 30,000 dentists operating in the United Kingdom, it has becomeA Dentist Using A Tablet increasingly difficult for oral health care professionals to have a lucrative practice. This does not automatically mean though that your office will become part of the statistics.

There are many different ways to secure your market share of patients in need of dental services, and one of these is to ensure you have a solid online presence. Having a team of experts specialising in website design for dentists will help you achieve this goal.

Dominate Dental stresses the importance of hiring a firm that will give you that all-in-one, online marketing package that grows your patient list.

Boosting new patient traffic to your site and your practice

It is not enough for you to have a website and expect droves of patients to come knocking on your door. It needs to have all the right components that make it stand out from the thousands of other sites competing with you.

In short, it should have dental marketing content that best describes your practice, such as your specialisations, while also educating patients and making them feel secured and at ease, especially since dental anxiety is common in the UK.

Showing off your expertise

Potential patients need to see tangible proof that they can trust you and put their oral health in your hands. So one of the first things they will look for when they visit your site is your “Before & After” gallery. This page should feature your latest work in an organised manner and layout.

Make certain you display your expertise in high-resolution photos. Do not forget videos too, as these will give off a more realistic vibe. Bear in mind, some 84% of people trust reviews online the same way as personal referrals.

Getting the best value for your money spent

After successfully converting visitors into paying patients, this tool in your arsenal will then provide patients a way to set up an appointment with you right away; they no longer have to wait for the next day, since they can do so through your “Contact Us” page.

In short, a well-conceptualised and competently designed website will help you not only garner the attention of prospective clients, but also capture your leads.

Prevent Tree Stumps from Becoming an Eyesore in Your Property

Backyard healthy treesTrees are great things to have in your backyard, especially if they provide a comforting shade during the warm season. Nevertheless, there are certain cases where these majestic living things would have to be cut.

While cutting trees and grinding their stumps down should be made as a last resort, there are certain situations that certainly call for it. If its roots are wreaking havoc on your underground pipelines. In one case of an Auckland couple and their pohutukawa tree. While the tree was protected under New Zealand law, The placement of the tree could destroy their house. In this case, the best option was to apply for a permit to cut the tree and have the stump grounded. Many tree stump grinding professionals in Tauranga believe that it is the best option in such a case.

Big trees in your backyard help a lot by providing shade during hot summertime and a firm support for some of your backyard equipment. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to cut them down because they might become a hazard to your family and the neighbours. Cutting trees is a chore that you can perform yourself as long as you have the right equipment and skills. Nevertheless, you also need to do something about the stump that remains after cutting the tree. You would not want it to become an eyesore in your property.

A Table Or Seat

Depending on the size of the tree stump, you could transform it into a nice mini-table where your family can gather on occasion. If the stump is too small, you can place a table near the stump and make it part of the seating area. Make sure to add some bit of enhancements to it so that it does retain its identity as a tree stump but make it part of your outdoor seating area.

An Artistic Piece

If it is in a place where it is difficult to make it into a table or seat, you can transform it into an art piece. Converting the tree stump into a wonderful piece of garden art is a perfect project if the stump is located within your garden. You can even make it into a beautiful planter and put lovely flowers on top. If you have woodcarving skills, you can even fashion it into a small statue or carve a face on it. The list is endless if you wish you make your tree stump into an artistic piece.

Remove It

If the above ideas will not work in your situation, as what often happens with many homeowners, then you can remove it. Wrapping thick ropes or steel cable around the stump and pulling it out using your truck might not be the best. Digging it out using a mini-construction equipment might damage the rest of your lawn or yard and you might end up spending more money. The best solution would be to have it removed by tree stump grinding professionals in Tauranga. This would remove the unsightly tree stump and leave you with a nice surface which you can then cover with ornamental grass.

You don’t have to endure the sight of a tree stump in your lawn. Use these ideas to improve your home’s kerb appeal and make the ornamental or decisive choice for that tree stump.