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Man Fishing From A Boat

Big Game Inspiration: The Legendary Cabo Blanco Fishery

Man Fishing From A BoatFishing is an acquired taste. It isn’t a common hobby for city dwellers, and many just don’t have the patience for it. But if you’re going on a trip and would want to add big game fishing to your activities, you won’t regret it—like the anglers who went fishing down in Peru in the 1950s to catch game in Cabo Blanco.

This historic blue-water hunting ground was the destination in sport fishing. The different species of fish were colossal, including large black marlins, huge bigeye tuna, striped marlin, and swordfish. There wasn’t an area in the United States or elsewhere that matched the game, and nothing else did.

On your trip, you had better make sure to have the tools you need. D&R Sports Center warns that it’s not easy finding appropriate gear. Back then, however, it wasn’t the tackle equipment that reeled the 1000-pound fish. It’s the sheer will of the anglers, with some improvisation.

The Wild Hunt

What caught anglers GP Ted Seeley, Michael Lerner and Kip Farrington by surprise is the ferocity of the marine life. Lerner recalled how the swordfish were so aggressive that they will strike the boats. The game was also bigger to the usual catch in America. The swordfish he caught was 638 pounds. Seeler’s couple of black marlin were 700 pounds apiece. Farrington snagged himself a 1,135-pound black.

But it was nothing against Alfred Glassell’s catch. It is still the all-tackle record: a 1,560-pound black marlin.

Mother Nature Reins You

When Seeley arrived in Cabo Blanco in a 60-foot diesel sailing boat, it didn’t have a fighting chair. Glassell had to jury-rig a swordfish boat so he can go to the game-rich waters. It was men against nature. In one funny moment of improvisation, Lerner wore a piece of cloth on his face to protect his face from the Humboldt squid’s ink sprays.

What made Cabo Blanco a legend is the stories that came out of it. So whether you catch the fish of a lifetime or the typical bass, it will be the tales you tell that you’ll cherish forever.