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Woman Pinching Her Belly Fat

Worried About Your Fat? Freeze It!

Woman Pinching Her Belly FatOnce upon a time, medical experts discovered how heat could burn away fat and allow humans to lose unwanted fats in their bodies. Thus, the birth of body sculpting and other medical cosmetic methods that use heat to burn away fats. However, over the years, medical experts have also seen the effects of doing the opposite— freezing fats.

Now, there are various fat freezing procedures one can choose from. But how does it work and is it effective?

What procedures are available?

Cryolipolysis is perhaps the most common fat freezing procedure on the market. It works by freezing the area where you want your fats removed. Once the skin is cold, fats inside the body slowly burn out and can naturally be eliminated by your body in the following weeks. This procedure can be quite lengthy and pricey. So manufacturers came up with easier freezing solutions such as freezing belts which you can wear around your waist (or any part of the body) to help remove fats using the same logic.

How can freezing reduce fats?

Burning fats is easier to understand. Put a cube of pork fat on a heated pan, and you would see it melt into liquid in no time. But put a cube of pork fat in the freezer, and it would remain a pork cube even after weeks of freezing. The logic of freezing human body fats is different, however.

Scientists classify human fats into two types. Brown fats are fats that generate heat. Meaning if your body is feeling cold, brown fats would help your body generate body heat and thus disappear in the process. White fats are ones that circulate in the blood and muscles and is responsible for flab and chubby stomachs. Freezing white fats allows it to turn into “beige” which has the same function as brown fat. By converting white fats to beige/brown fats, one can reduce fat build up in certain parts of their body.

Whichever procedure you choose, the logic in removing fats with frigid temperatures remains the same. So, if you don’t want to burn them off, you can definitely freeze them away.