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Why Roof Replacement Estimates Are Never the Same

Roof ReplacementWhen replacing roofs, one of the biggest challenges is often the cost. In a bid to get the fairest price, people often consult their friends to get to know the contractor they used for their Tauranga roofing and the total cost they incurred. The problem with this strategy is that the probability is quite high that you will most likely not get a similar quote as your friend did. That said, below are the reasons why replacement estimates are never the same.

1. Roof Slope

There are two main reasons why the pitch of the roof determines the cost. Many experts consider that a roof that is over 6:12 is dangerous for anyone. Having that kind of roof slope calls for more labour and safety equipment, which consequently raises the cost. The second reason is that the pitch of the roof defines the kind of demanded underlayment system. Each type varies in cost.

2. Size of the Roof

The size of the roof affects the price estimate as it greatly determines the amount of material that will be required. The measurements of a roof are often taken in square footage and then the resultant number divided by 100. The reason behind this is that most materials used for roofing are measured by the square and not square feet.

3. Roofing Components Installed

When considering cost, many only consider the cost of the roof tiles and forget about other components. You should know the kind of decking and underlayment used, the insulation, ventilation, and the kind of fasteners your contractor used. All of these play a significant role in determining the total cost.

The above points are a clear indication that you should not set your budget based on what other people paid to have their roof replacement. The best way to get an estimate is to have your roof assessed by various roofing contractors.