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The Shocking Truth about Oral Health Care Problems in the US

Man and woman brushing teethYour oral health doesn’t just affect the inside of your mouth. Having healthy teeth and gums also play a major role in your overall physical, mental, and psychological health and well-being. Your smile is of great importance to your personality and how you perceive yourself. As such, it’s vital that you pay more attention to your dental health from now on, and avoid delaying visits to an experienced dentist.

To help you understand the just how big of a role a dentist plays in your life, Glenlake Dental Care has compiled some of the most important – and surprising – facts about oral health care in the United States.

Almost a third of US adults have untreated tooth decay

In the latest report from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it revealed that nearly a third of adults aged 20 to 44 continue to suffer from untreated dental carries. It also indicated that 18.6% of children between the ages of 5 and 19 also have the same problem.

This makes tooth decay the most common of all oral health diseases, one that needs immediate addressing. You should never postpone a visit to the dentist for treatment since this will only progress and worsen the longer you delay.

From tooth decay to gum disease

Although plaque – the sticky, film-like substance that forms on the teeth – can directly cause gum disease, untreated tooth decay is also a culprit. Dental carries can quickly eat away at your teeth’s enamel and dentin, and once it reaches the inside of the tooth, it can result in gum infection, paving the way to gingivitis. This is why gum disease is also one of the most common oral health problems affecting both children and adults.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums starts at home, but for you to fully reach optimal oral health, you also have to rely on the expertise and knowledge of your dentist.

carpenter ants

The Most Dangerous Types of Indoor Ants

carpenter antsOne of the most dangerous indoor pests you can encounter is an ant. Ants live in colonies. Sighting one or two ants in your home, therefore, signifies the presence of thousands of ants you cannot see.

DIY solutions are ineffective in getting rid of these types of ants. It might even be very dangerous. The removal of these ants is best left to professional pest exterminators. According to, here are some of the most dangerous types of indoor ants.

Carpenter Ants

These ants live in colonies made of 10000-20000 ants and create their nests by excavating wooden pieces. You will often find carpenter ants in insulation, wall voids and wood furniture. These ants travel for up to 300 feet from their nests to scavenge for food. You should be wary of old firewood, tree stumps and dead trees around your home as these can harbor carpenter ants.

Pharaoh Ants

These ants are known for being cheeky and super annoying home invaders. They seek areas with warmth, especially during winter. Their nests are mostly found in well-concealed areas, especially in the kitchen. They are among the most difficult ants to get rid of as their brownish color makes them blend in with their environment.

Fire Ants

These ants are typically found outdoors especially in warm months but form nests indoors in cold months. You will find their nests under water heaters and bathrooms and other areas with warm moisture. These ants are very aggressive when disturbed and have a painful sting. The sting produced by fire ants can also cause a severe anaphylactic reaction in some people.

It might not be possible for anyone to identify all the dangerous types of ants. Nevertheless, it is wise to keep away from these insects. Call an exterminator to deal with serious infestations. This is very important to protect your home and health.

Installing Gutters in Your Home? Here’s a Must Read

a rain gutterInstalling new gutters in a home is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people do not like doing it. However, gutters are an addition to your home and are an investment. And as usual, as with anything you do for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts.

Below are things to look for before buying new rain gutters in Utah.


The first decision you need to make is whether you will buy plastic or metal gutters. PVC gutters are the most common types of gutters, thanks to their versatility. PVC gutters are low maintenance, fit easily, and cheaper than metal gutters.

The Basic Styles

There are four basic styles of PVC gutters: deep flow, half-round, ogee, and square. If you have a standard-sized roof, a square or half-round gutter will be appropriate. Ogee or deep flow gutter suit a large house as they can handle a large volume of water.

The deeper flow is more of the half-round but is a bit deeper. The ogee gutter takes a molded shape and contains decorative features on the front.


PVC gutter systems come in three main colors: brown, black, and white. Choose a color that matches the style of your house. The good thing is that you can paint PVC a color of your choice after installation. Be careful not to paint during the rainy season as the rainwater can wash away the paint.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Your money is valuable and you ought to get the real value for your money. Ensure you buy gutters that have a guarantee from the manufacturer. This way you have somewhere to run to should the gutter seals start leaking or the gutter system fails.

Most importantly do not forget to take the measurements of your house correctly. Make a sketch of the house for a clearer vision of the gutter positions and the location of joints and determine how your new rain gutters will connect to your neighbors.

Effective Management of Restaurant Finances

a cashier at a restaurantMaintaining a successful restaurant business requires ongoing investment, and getting the appropriate lender to partner with you is essential to keep your restaurant in top shape. What most restaurateurs don’t understand is that after opening your doors, you still need to be financially prepared to keep them open.

Over 60% of restaurants close within their first two years of opening because of financial missteps. It is essential to manage your finances efficiently making sure that you have a sufficient ROI. ARF Financial recommends a few tips you can use to manage your restaurant financing efficiently.

Understand Your Cash Flow

The money you earn and the amount you spend make up your cash flow. Proper cash flow is one of the essentials of any successful business venture. You should adequately budget your expenses including loan repayment, mortgage or rent, food orders and payroll. You should monitor your cash flow closely so you are not spending too much on certain things. Don’t take goods from your suppliers for more than ten days on credit. This helps in preventing you from using more cash than you should.

Control Your Payroll

Your restaurant’s payroll is another crucial area that requires vigilance. Ensure you have just enough staff for an outstanding customer service experience. Overstaffing will eat into your profits while understaffing will tire your workers and affect the service they offer your clients.

Reduce Your Running Costs Daily

There are many simple ways you can minimize the daily operating costs in your restaurant business. Consider changing to energy-efficient appliances and low flow taps. Regularly update your menu and keep your inventory low. You can remove items which do not sell to lower your inventory. These small measures will save significant operating costs for your business.

You can also track your food and beverage sales daily using a business review. It will help evaluate your customer counts and sales trends and assist you in planning for future sales. With the right financial management skills, you will reap handsome returns from your business.

At a Glance: Booth Ergonomics in Home and Garden

A man sitting on an ergonomic chairErgonomics refers to the positioning of products to suit persons. Conversely, booth ergonomics such as in in Utah when applied to home and garden shows refers to the arrangement of home furniture and appliances or plants to fit persons who would eventually make use of them either for use or display. Ergonomics may be divided into three categories-sensations, populations, and communications.


Delighting the senses should be present in any booth for trade shows. There should be enough light to make displays visually pleasing. Such light must be placed strategically, highlighting key areas. Also, displays may be arranged in such a way that each area, in the case of kitchen layout, should be based on how a person usually works in the kitchen. In the case of gardens, plants that love the heat or cold should be displayed depending on the location of the home of the target market.


While preferences in shapes, sizes, and textures depend on a person, there should be enough variations to hold the interest of each person. Then from there, further customization may be provided. Also, ergonomics customizes a person’s preferences generally to match his or her body. For example, persons who have a backache may prefer furniture which supports the back.


An example of how ergonomics affect communications is through the application of psychology. A table with persons facing each other may promote interactions more. Gardens with flowers as its main theme may well apply to persons seeking relaxation. Also, colors in the home may influence a person’s mood or thoughts. Some energetic colors usually inspire creativity in writers or artists.

In finding clients, preparation is the key. Your booth is the prime example of your services. Making sure that the booth is prepared with unique creativity while still targeting the vast majority may be your ultimate challenge yet.

Loose Baby Tooth: What You Can Do

A girl with baby teethWhen your little one has a loose tooth, you are wondering whether to pull or not. This can be stressful for you and your child, as a loose tooth doesn’t necessarily fall out immediately. This may take days or even weeks, which can be considerably bothersome for the kid.

Let Your Child Wiggle the Tooth

Experts suggest that you should let a loose baby teeth fall out naturally. If your child complains about them, encourage them to wiggle the tooth and pull it by themselves. Southridge Pediatric Dentistry, children’s dentists in South Jordan note that this is a good first option, as kids can control how much pain they can bear. Just make sure that to wash the kid’s hand first before they do the wiggling.

Waiting to Fall Out

This may cause the tooth to become looser, and it may or may not fall out immediately. When the tooth finally falls out, you are likely to hear a popping sound. There will be some bleeding, but this is normal. If you, however, notice some swelling around the tooth and gums while waiting for it to fall on its own, it is best to call a pediatric dentist.

Removing it Yourself

If your kid wants the tooth out, you can try to remove it yourself. You can use a piece of gauze or tissue to pull the tooth out gently. Note that the tooth may not come out on your first try. You may have to wait a few days. A loose tooth is not a serious medical concern, but you can still consult a dentist. This is especially true if it is causing extreme comfort or if your child refuses to eat or brush their teeth.

The right approach for a wiggly tooth will depend on what your child wants or the level of discomfort. Note that there are also cases where calling a pediatric dentist is advisable, particularly for kids with special needs. You should also take your child to a dentist for examination of permanent teeth.

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Moisturized in Winter

A woman scratching her dry skinLights, snow, and gift shopping are what usually herald in the winter season. With the cold air settling in, you’re most likely taking out the thick jackets you stashed away along with cozy scarves and gloves to help protect you from the biting cold.

Keeping warm is not the only thing you should be worrying about. Winter means cold winds and dry air, meaning your skin gets affected as well.

Taking Care of Your Skin

Your skin is susceptible to its surroundings, which is why you can easily feel any change in the weather. Skin doctors from Revere Health in Provo believe that good health and great skin go hand in hand, which is why you need to know how to protect your skin from drying out and cracking in this cold weather. Here are a few tips:

  1. Moisturize – Moisturizing is the most crucial part of skin care, especially during the cold, dry season of winter.
  2. Humidify – The heat used to keep the chill out is also what is causing your skin to dry out. Invest in a humidifier to help your skin along.
  3. Wash in lukewarm water – Don’t bathe in scalding waters because they strip away the essential oils that keep your skin healthy.
  4. Use home remedies – Natural remedies are great for your skin since they don’t have chemicals that could irritate.
  5. Consult your doctor – Professional advice is still the best advice. Ask your doctors about what is best for your skin type, because generic moisturizers and serums might work for others but not for you.

Dangers of Dry and Cracked Skin

Leaving your skin untreated can have consequences. Dry skin is very easy to get, especially since the heat will be turned up in almost every home and establishment. The best case scenario is your skin will start to itch; worst case scenario is that it cracks and bleeds because of how dry it is.

Remember, prevention is better than the cure. Keeping your skin healthy can help you enjoy the winter season and the holidays that come with it.

The Different Types of Mortgage Rates

applying for mortgageDifferent people have diverse needs. Since mortgages are designed to meet people’s needs, they are packaged differently, each trying to meet various needs. This suggests that mortgage rates are not standard.

If you consult with a mortgage lender in Portland, you will know that borrowers with high credit scores often get lower rates. Depending on the type of loan you want, mortgage rates will vary.

Conventional mortgage rates

Mortgages by either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae are referred to as traditional mortgages. Their securities control the prices so that the Fannie Mae rates will depend on their bonds, for instance. The most common program here is the 30-year fixed-rate in which home buyers make a 20% down payment. Bundled with the Freddie Mac and the Fannie Mae are loans like HARP refinance, Delayed Financing, and HomeReady loan.

FHA interest rates

These are rates for Federal Housing Administration-based insurance. Available all over the U.S., these loans are most preferred by home buyers who want a low down payment. The FHA requires just 3.5% as down payment. The rates are determined by the GNMA (Government National Mortgage Association) bonds. When these rates go up, the FHA loan rates drop.

VA interest rates

Also controlled by the GNMA mortgage-backed bonds, these rates tend to work alongside the FHA rates although they are often lower. When the Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees a loan, the recipients use these standards. U.S. veterans get 100% financing without the need for mortgage insurance.

The government also controls USDA interest rates, which are for borrowers in the suburban and rural areas all over the country. They are guaranteed by the government, which allows you to enjoy a rates discount. Whatever the case though, mortgage rates will be unpredictable. However, if you know them, you at least stand a better chance to get the lowest rates possible.

5 Things to Do Before Having Cosmetic Surgery

close-up portrait of young beautiful woman's closed, eye zone make up with black arrowIf you are planning to get an eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA from institutions such as, you can join the club of many others who have gone under the knife.

Statistics show that these two procedures are at the 3rd and 4th place (respectively) of the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures done in 2017. More and more people across all nations are taking on physical change through cosmetic surgery.

Whether it be for social reasons, health reasons, or just wanting to have that youthful look, there are things you first have to do before making that appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Check your doctor’s credentials

Review his resume. Make sure he is board certified and that he is part of a respected medical society. All these will tell that he is qualified and ethical in his dealings because you will only want the best.

Be open-minded, honest and reasonable

Do not hold back any medical history information from your doctor, as this is crucial to know before planning your procedure. Explain, in detail, what you want to happen and listen to everything he has to say about pros and cons. You have to make sure you are on the same page before scheduling anything.

Take care of your body for a speedy recovery

It is wise to eat right, and get enough sleep months before your procedure as this not only ensures the success of your surgery but also helps with faster recovery.

Do your own research

There’s tons of information on the internet that will give you enough knowledge about the procedure you want to have. Read enough and make sure that your sources are reliable.

Establish good communication with your doctor
Stay in touch with them as much as you need. They are paid for that.

Doctors will do everything they can to secure the safety and success of each procedure, and they will need you to do your part, too.

How to Clean Your Home When You Have Furbabies

a cat sleeping on a shiny floorHaving a pet can definitely change your life. Cuddles can make you smile and taking them for a walk can make you more physically fit. Seeing them sleep can give you the same satisfaction and feeling that you get when you look at your sleeping kids (if ever you have).

Pets can also change your home in ways you will not initially consider. For one, you may find your son’s homework tattered across the floor. The flower pots are all capsized. And the curtains are torn. Despite these, you still love your pet.

Cleaning your home with a pet around may prove to be challenging. Here are some tips that may come in handy:

Schedule cleaning

If you attempt to clean the shed fur every day and all the mess that your pets have caused, you will only end up frustrated. What you can do to avoid being irritated is schedule cleaning. It will be much easier for you to clean your space if you follow a schedule, especially when it comes to couches and carpet.

Bathe your pets

Your home has a higher chance of getting dirty if your pets are already dirty. With that, it is important that you keep your pets clean. Schedule their bath and make sure that they free from dirt before they get inside your home. For one, wipe their feet and fur after they play or roam outside.

Seek help

If you are constantly frustrated by how your home gets dirty, it’s time that you seek help. Ask your kids to help you clean the home or at least assign someone who will keep the pet clean. You can also seek the help of carpet cleaning professionals in Utah if dealing with fur is your dilemma.

Cleaning your home should be easy. But if your pets are making it hard for you, it’s time to change your strategy and mindset.