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3 Hunting Tips for Beginners

Hunter and dog walkingHunting can be an exciting hobby. It’s the thrill of stalking prey that can make anyone feel amazing. Perhaps it’s instinct — that humans might be natural predators — or some other reason. Either way, it’s enough to understand why hunting is a major sport and pastime in the United States.

For beginner hunters out there, here are some tips you might want to follow:

Gear Up And Get Familiar

What’s a hunter without their tools? D&R Sports Center recommends gearing up by visiting nearby hunting stores in Michigan. Find the right gun, bow, or crossbow for you and practice. Shoot at cans and mockup targets to get familiar with your weapons.

Keep it simple when gearing up, though. Aside from your weapon of choice, buy basic decoys, bait, and plenty of ammo. Your gear will be more expensive as you go along. Keep in mind, however, that this is due to your skills improving and your future hunts will be demanding more from your arsenal. A hunter who knows their tools well is an effective one.

Patience is Key

Hunting requires patience — a ton of it. Successful hunters know when to move and stay put. Any sound out of the ordinary is bad news. Prey is extremely skittish, so be patient. If you make a sound, stop immediately and stay still. Hold the position as long as possible until the animal stops scanning for danger.

Layer it Up and Pack Light

Don’t dress up too warm or too cool. Dressing up in layers allows for easy shedding of clothes when temperatures require. Try to dress lightly for uphill treks. After the hike warms you up, shed the extra layers. Also, remember to pack lightly even though you love your gear. It’s no fun having to lug several pounds of equipment around. It’s all about convenience and mobility in this case.

Consider these tips and you’ll have an amazing time. Get started now and see for yourself.