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How to Tell When Your Parents Need Home Care

a senior woman crying and being comforted by her daughterYou consider your parents to be the ultimate superheroes. Saving you from your first knee cut, your first break-up, or from losing a friend. But there may come a time when your parents will turn into the damsel in distress, needing help.

That’s the time you’ll turn into the superhero and sign your parents up for senior home care in Deland. But how will you know if they need home care or if they forgot where they put their glasses? These signs should help you figure that out.

1. Bad or Irregular Eating Habits

If there’s more junk food than there are whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, they may already find cooking a decent meal too taxing. Having someone to cook and prepare their meals will give them better nutrition.

2. More Than the Usual Clutter

If you notice clothes in scattered in the living room or books are not in place, this could be another task they don’t have the energy for anymore. Regular housecleaning can be a huge help.

3. Poor Hygiene

Maybe your mom hasn’t washed her hair in days, or your dad just forgets to brush his teeth. These may be signs of a challenged coordination and mobility.

4. Frequent Falls

Out of four seniors, more than one fall each year. If you notice bruises, or if they complain about hip or back pain, chances are they suffered a fall. Their motor skills and ability to balance may start to diminish.

5. Isolation

This may mean they’re having difficulty dealing with their situation and are afraid to let others know. Having someone to encourage them daily may be beneficial.

Remember to discuss every decision with them so they won’t feel you’re disregarding their opinion. Give them options and let them know you’ll still be there every step of the way. Empower them by listening to their concerns and addressing them positively. With home care, the benefits significantly outweigh the disadvantages.