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Passcode security

Home Security 101: Basic Guidelines for Homeowners

Passcode securityWhen it comes to home upgrades, most people tend to focus more on improving the curb appeal of their property. Most of the time, they overlook the importance of having an efficient home security system. You must not risk your family’s safety.

Start investing in a top-qualitysecurity system in Lafayette today. Here are some guidelines to give you more ideas:
Wireless or Hardwired?

As much as possible, try to avoid hybrid home security systemsWhile most of these devices feature wireless communication, some models still need hardwired networks. This means you have to use analog phone lines. Other than limited access, these types of security systems can easily be hacked by intruders.

The better option for this is to switch to a wireless home security system that you can access through your mobile phones and other gadgets. Today, there are devices that feature a reliable battery backup system in case of power outages.

Sensors: Is it Worth the Investment?

Most smart home security solutions include security cameras, alarms, and sensors. Such considerations will depend on the size of your property. To answer the question, sensors can be a good investment. This feature is effective at preventing intruders from breaking into your property. Some window sensors today can also detect motion, water leaks, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is the first big step in boosting home security. Having an efficient surveillance system will give you peace of mind every time you need to leave the house. The key here is to determine the “blind spot” of your property. Consider updating your exterior lighting fixtures as well.

It’s useless to have all these highly advanced devices without making your own observation and research. Inspect the property and review the clips recorded by your surveillance camera. Check every area once again to see what else you can add to improve your property’s security.

A Guide to Taking Care of Your Hair

woman have pink hairYour hair is a good indicator of your general health. Dry and brittle hair, for example, can be traced to a lack of oil produced by the scalp. If the scalp is unable to produce oil, it may be suffering from irritation or nutrient deficiency. Taking care of your hair is essential in taking care of your body.

Here are ways to have healthier hair:

Treat Your Scalp

In haircare, treating the scalp is just as important as treating the hair itself. Use shampoos, conditioners, and moisturisers that are designed not only to wash your hair but to exfoliate and nourish your scalp. Experts at Kerluxe, a Swiss-based haircare company, advocate practising a regime that follows the “Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat and Protect ritual” for both hair and scalp. Haircare products rich in natural ingredients like sunflower oil extract and jojoba oil can reinvigorate your scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Get Trims Regularly

Untrimmed split ends can lead to more damage if the hair splits all the way to the root. Once it reaches the root, it can damage the hair follicle which regulates hair growth and length. Getting short trims every six to eight weeks can help get rid of these split ends and prevent further damage. Regular trims can also make your hair look longer by keeping the tip of your locks rich and thick.

Watch Your Diet

Nutrient deficiency is a common causes of hair loss. Eating food rich in iron and protein can help nurture your hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Incorporate eggs and green vegetables into your daily meals. Fish like sardines and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your scalp healthy. Your food intake affects your hair much like the way it affects the rest of your body.

Having great hair is something that most people can aspire to. Taking care of your general health gets you a long way there but to make your hair great, be sure to pay your hair and scalp a little extra care with regular trims and a solid hair care regimen.

Dealing with Home Sewage Leakage Promptly

pipe underground leakingThe raw sewage leaving your home contains a filthy collection of excrement, cleaning products, food waste, and various beauty products. They are hazardous. Wastewater includes pathogens that may cause illness in humans and animals. Even casual contact is harmful. Therefore, any leakage of sewage near or around your home must be assessed promptly by a professional plumber in Utah and dealt with effectively.

Early signs of sewer leakage

Cracks in the foundation, driveways, patios, and walls are telltale signs, as well as lush vegetation on the grounds. The smell of sewer gas should alert you to the problem, too. The smell should be absent if the system is functioning optimally. These are apparent links to a possible sewer line break, but there are subtler signs to watch out for as well.

The presence of mold growth may signify a sewer line leak. If this arises with a foul, unpleasant odor, then you have good reason to call a professional plumbing service. The presence of rodents is another sign. Since rat populations thrive in sewer lines, their presence above ground suggest that the surface has become more accessible to them through a break or breaks in the drainpipes.

Dealing with blockage and backup

Sometimes, before a break occurs, sanitary sewer backup poses a problem. A blockage may manifest with difficulty in flushing down the toilet or draining water down the bathtub drain. When there are no immediate issues in the drains or the bathrooms, it’s possible that the main sewer line may be compromised. A deteriorating sewer line is often the reason for regular backup issues in your home. Early detection and effective intervention can minimize the problem.

Do not take unnecessary risks with the health and well-being of your household. When you see something or smell something suggesting that there is something wrong with the sewer line, call a professional plumber to assess the situation. A sewer leak is a risky business best left to professionals.

Literally a Beauty Rest: 3 Ways Good Sleep Makes You Look Younger

Sleeping WomanNothing beats a well-rested, peaceful sleep. It makes you feel better — and as a bonus, makes you look younger. Who knew that such a simple, daily human activity could top the most expensive facials and skin care routines? Here are the ways good sleep contributes to a youthful look:


Good sleep contributes to a youthful look precisely because it triggers anti-aging hormones in the body. That is, if you sleep in a cool bedroom.

Utah experts say that setting your thermostat at 60–68 degrees Fahrenheit could help facilitate the production of melatonin in the body, the hormone that’s believed to slow down aging. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to anti-aging facials, then lowering your thermostat might just be it.

If you do encounter problems in keeping your room cool, it’s probably time for an AC repair; Salt Lake City specialists can help you with this.

Fewer Wrinkles

Yes, a peaceful slumber could give you that firm, supple skin. How? Well, there’s a chemical in the body called human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a role in improving skin’s elasticity as it causes the production of collagen.

As people age, though, HGH levels drop and stays low, especially during adulthood. Thus, the wrinkles and the sagging skin. But, the good news is, there are natural ways to increase levels of HGH in the body, such as — yes, you guessed it, sleep. A restful, peaceful 8-hour sleep, at that. Because well, poor sleep just results in further reducing HGH levels in the body.

Glowing Skin

The skin is exposed to harsh elements during the day: the sun, pollution, and other irritants. That’s why it needs to repair damages and regenerate itself. And it does so more efficiently during sleep. Experts say that you develop more skin when you’re at a restful slumber than awake.

So if you want to get literally the I-woke-up-like-this glow, then getting plenty of sleep should definitely be in your beauty routine.

Good sleep is good for the health. And as an extra benefit, it also helps you in your natural glam. So, don’t just spend time and money on snake venom facials and blood moisturizers. Sometimes, a beauty routine can be as simple as getting plenty of beauty rest.

Winterization 101: 4 Best Tips to Prevent Your Pipes from Bursting

a bursting pipeYou probably know about the importance of winterization, but it could be fairly easy to neglect this crucial task because of all the other things that need to be done. Ideally, you should prep for winter and winterize your pipes during the fall, prior to winter actually arriving. To help you get started, below are some practical ways to prevent your pipes from freezing:

Wrap Them Up Good

To prevent freezing or if you think your pipes are on their way towards freezing, you could save them by wrapping them up with warm rags or towels. Cover your pipes with towels then drench them with boiling water. You could likewise use towels that are already wet, but use gloves for safety. This would aid in loosening ice inside your pipes and prevent frozen pipes, explains a licensed plumber in Utah.

Let the Water Flow

If the freezing temperature is already here and is expected to stay for some time, turn on all your faucets — both outdoors and indoors — to help water move along and prevent freezing. You don’t necessarily have to waste water to do this, about five drips a minute will suffice.

Pull Out the Big Guns

A trusty hair dryer could be a blessing for freezing pipes. If the hot towel trick didn’t work, you could blow heated air directly on your pipes. Never use devices that generate direct flames, like a blowtorch. Keep in mind that you are trying to melt ice inside your pipes, not the pipes itself.

Open Up

During particularly cold weather, consider opening cabinet doors and plumbing covers in the bathrooms and kitchen. This would enable warm air to circulate more efficiently, which in turn could help prevent all exposed pipes from freezing. Although this won’t truly help pipes that are behind walls, under the flooring, and on the ceiling, it could help keep water move along and reduce the risk of your pipes freezing.

In the event that your pipes have already frozen, the best thing to do is to shut off your water supply right away. Make certain to shut off water sources outdoors as well. This would help prevent more water from getting into your plumbing system and making things worse. It’s also best to call in a licensed plumber to check out your system just to make sure that everything’s in order.

A 3-Step Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

a man adjusting the temperature of the waterEver experienced running out of hot water in the middle of your shower during the peak of winter? Not only is it annoying, but the idea of leaving the bathroom all wet because you need to fill up the heater tank is a nightmare. To prevent this from happening, more homeowners are making the shift to tankless water heaters.

Installing a tankless water heater in your Utah home is easy. But, as All Hours Plumbing and HVAC noted, choosing the right one that will suit your lifestyle, needs, and space can be tricky. Here’s a quick guide to help you with your first purchase:

Determine the usage

Tankless water heaters do not run out of water because it heats the water as it passes through the unit. If the usage surpasses that of the heating capacity of the machine, however, the temperature might not be as accurate. When buying, it’s important to determine how many people will be using the hot water at the same time. This will help you determine the flow of water usage and eventually help you decide on the kind you need to buy.

Required temperature

How much would you need for your water to be heated? This will be determined by two factors. First, the natural climate in your area and second, your usage capacity. The more people who would use the heater at the same time, the higher the temperature demand would be.

Know the different types

Tankless water heaters come in two types. There’s one that’s fueled by gas and the other is run by electricity. If you have enough space, going for a gas water heater is ideal since it heats water faster. However, if you have a tight space, then opting for an electric one would be wiser.

Buying water heaters is not rocket science if you know where to start. Keep this guide in mind and make your first purchase a convenient one.

Bed and pillows

Feel at Home: 3 Ways to Make Guest Rooms a Haven

Bed and pillowsThe number one rule in designing guest rooms is this: make it feel like home. Remember that your guests’ comfort is the priority.

Of course, it should have all the aesthetic details that make a visually appealing space, but ultimately, it’s that homey, cozy vibe familiar in most Californian homes that you want to create. Take inspiration from these tips as you plan or revamp your guest room:

1. For The Floor

The floors must have that warm, welcoming effect for the feet. The type where even with just the first step for your guests to the room, they can already feel they can live here. Your best bet here is wood flooring. Its natural material effortlessly gives that cozy feel to the room.

But if this doesn’t fit your budget, another good option is laminate flooring. Santa Ana design experts say that it has the same aesthetic benefits you get from wood flooring since it looks like real wood.

Plus, it comes in different tones and styles, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll find something that would suit your preference. And was it already mentioned that it’s cheaper? Well, it could get way less expensive if you’re going to install them yourself. And do note that installation is easy.

2. For The Bed

Even though your guests might not be the princess-and-the-pea type, your choice of bed determines their quality of sleep. So, please, please don’t reuse that saggy mattress you have.

There are lots of inexpensive, yet high-quality options out there. You may go for the latex type, as it has great bounce and cooling. Or, you can also choose memory foam, as it offers great support for each part of the body. Of course, don’t forget to have clean, sweet-smelling linens.

3. For The Storage

Obviously, your guests will need a place to keep their stuff, especially for clothes. So, provide at least a closet or a cabinet. And avoid filling them up with anything. It’s pretty tempting to put some clothes to be, you know, extra accommodating, but don’t.

When it comes to storage areas, the emptier the space, the better, as guests will have more space for their personal stuff.

Again, the rule here is to increase comfort for your guests. Keep that in mind. Happy decorating!

Boob Droop: 3 Things You Do That Make Breasts Sag

Woman measuring her breastsIt’s a terrible reality: your breasts over time won’t be as perky and firm as they once were. According to Dr. Steven Warnock, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and ultimately, aging is totally unforgiving when it comes keeping those boobs up. But the sadder reality is, even if you haven’t had a baby yet or hit menopause, you can still experience sagging breasts. How in the world?

Well, there are things you do every day that seem to be unrelated to making breasts sag — but actually, contribute to it. Here are some of them:

1. You Ditch the Sunblock

Sunscreen is important as protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays, preventing damage and dehydration on your face. Same goes on your boobs.

When you go out without some protection for your breasts, the UV rays cause collagen to stretch out and eventually damage skin, leading to — you guessed it — sagging breasts.

So give your boobs the same TLC you give to your face. Lather up some sunblock, especially if you’re in states that have hot, humid climates, like Utah.

2. You Lose Weight, and Then Gain a Few Pounds — Repeatedly

Doctors call this weight cycling, the repeated loss and regain of weight. People experience this when they go into crash dieting. This type of eating lifestyle is dangerous for the health — and it can seriously hurt your chances of keeping your breasts perkier. How?

Losing weight quickly can put stress on collagen and elastin, proteins that keep breasts firm. When you continue with that cycle of losing and regaining weight, it eventually wears out those proteins. To address this, people usually go for breast lifts; Utah doctors contour the boobs to achieve a firmer shape.

3. You Keep up with Your Morning Run Routines

It sucks to know that when you’ve finally gotten used to those sweaty runs, being a few steps away already from getting the body you want, you get the news that it makes your boob droop. Not exactly the motivation you want, right?

Unfortunately, the repetitive, back-and-forth, bouncing movements when you run beat the breasts down, and it may result in the breakdown of collagen. Before you totally abandon your fitness routine, though, do note that there’s a simple fix for this: a well-fitted bra.

You can also do some shifts in your routines, say, run today, and then swim tomorrow, so you can give your boob a rest.

Sagging breasts are an inevitable part of a woman’s life. But avoiding the mentioned habits can slow down that process.

Dentist checking a patient's teeth

Methods of Surgical Treatment for Gum Diseases

Dentist checking a patient's teethEveryone should achieve periodontal health in the least invasive way and in the most cost-effective manner, the American Academy for Periodontology (AAP) explains.

Unfortunately, non-surgical periodontal treatment has its limits. This is why sometimes, it doesn’t achieve periodontal health. When this happens, your dentist may perform a surgery to rescue the situation.

Here are some surgical treatment procedures that your reliable periodontics in Spanish Fork might use to fix your oral health.

Bone Graft

This process comprises the use of fragments of a synthetic bone, a donated bone, or your own bone to replace the lost bone due to gum disease. The graft provides a surface suitable for the re-growth of a new bone, which restores teeth stability.

This method sometimes employs a new technology known as tissue engineering. It pushes your body to generate tissue and bone at a high speed.

Pocket Reduction/Flap Surgery

This procedure lifts back gums to remove tartar. It smoothens out irregular parts of the ruined bone to minimize the spaces where bacteria can hide.

The dentist then places back the gum, in a way that the tissue snugly fits around the teeth. By reducing the space between the tooth and the gum, it reduces the chances of bacteria to survive. Any surviving bacteria can cause periodontal disease.

Soft Tissue Graft

Soft tissue graft works to reinforce fills or thin gums in areas where the gums have receded. Dentists often obtain additional soft tissue within your mouth, particularly from the roof part. It is then stitched onto the gum to add tissue density to the affected area.

For a majority of patients, the non-invasive procedures, which involve root planning and scaling, are all they need to treat gum issues. Surgical treatment is only necessary when the surrounding tissue and bone are unhealthy and that non-surgical options cannot repair.

A beautiful bathroom interior

4 Smart Tips on Updating Your Shower

A beautiful bathroom interiorIn the last decade, it was the norm for master bathrooms to have nice bathtubs. Today, most homeowners prefer luxury showers instead. If you’ve been thinking of a bathroom remodeling project in your home, then you may want to consider installing a more practical and inviting shower. Here are four tips to achieve that:

Choose a multipurpose shower head

Many bathrooms have the traditional builder-grade shower heads that can be rather boring. If that’s what your bathroom has, then consider replacing it with one of those trendy multipurpose shower heads that can be used as a rain shower or handheld showerheads. The shower head offers a more luxurious bathing experience. A company that offers bathroom remodeling services in Ogden could help you with this.

Install tile from floor to ceiling

If you are looking for an updated look that lasts a long time, then try installing elegant tiles from the floor to the ceiling of your bathroom. White ceramic subway tile is a great choice. You could experiment with different colors, but white is always stylish. Consider a few accent tiles to add some flair to your bathroom.

Update the shower door too

If you have a framed sliding door for your shower, then consider updating it to a frameless pivoting one instead. Clear glass is the best option. Your shower immediately feels larger and more open. The update is also remarkably inexpensive.

Upgrade your bathmat

In the course of updating your shower, consider investing in a well-constructed, plush, and machine-washable bathmat. Such a bathmat gives your bathroom a luxurious feel as you get out of your shower. In addition, an elegant bathmat adds some color to your new bathroom and is easy to change if new trends emerge.

You use your bathroom every day and it’s only natural to want to have a great experience whenever you’re in it. By investing in a few creative touch-ups, you can transform your shower into a spa you look forward to spending time in.