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Three Signs that Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

gray roofThe roof determines the first impression of a home or commercial building. Having a saggy and moldy roof significantly reduces the face value of a building. Besides, it can also lead to severe issues that could cause further damage to your home.

It is always advisable to hire an industrial roofing company to deal with significant roofing problems on your commercial building in Ogden. The earlier you get your roof repaired, the less you will pay. However, many people don’t know how to tell if the roofs need repairs. The following tips will come in handy:

Buckling or Missing Shingles

Buckling shingles are a sign that your roof is no longer waterproofed and it will cause your house to flood when it rains. Missing shingles can also mean that parts of your roofing boards are prone to water damage when the rainy season sets in. Have your roofing contractor assess the damage and let you know if you need to redo the entire roof or replace a few shingles.

Light Streams

If the light is seeping through your roof, you need to fix your roof as well as your roofing boards. You are going to accrue extra costs, but it is better to fix the roof before the rainy season. Otherwise, you might end up having leakages and mold growing on the roof and ceiling.

Chimney Flashing

When your chimney starts leaking, it’s time to replace your roof. This means that the flashing around your fireplace is not watertight anymore and you need to get it waterproofed with new metal flashing. You will want to invest in some quality leak-proof flashing that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Telling between a minor and major roof problem can be quite hard unless you are an expert. Whenever you encounter any problem with your roof, make sure to call an expert before it becomes an emergency.