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Maintaining laser cutters

Key Care Pointers for Your Laser Cutter’s Longer Lifespan

Maintaining laser cuttersFor those who have decided to buy their own laser cutters, keeping their machines functional for as long as possible is of the utmost importance. You’ll be able to save on repair costs and make the most of your investment if your machine stays durable and efficient. Proper maintenance is a key element in achieving this. Thus, take note of these pointers to keep your laser cutter in top shape all the time.

Ensure cleanliness

Many parts of a laser cutter greatly lose their effectiveness when dust accumulates within. Do not let your equipment go without cleaning for too long. When you use your laser cutter on wood, its parts are prone to sawdust accumulation, which might cause them to stop functioning properly in the long run. One of the most important pieces to check and clean regularly is the cutter’s optics. But as much as possible, clean everything.

Regularly check the alignment

The laser moves a lot during use, so it’s no surprise that sometimes it can be shifted from its proper position. The change might seem small at first, but you will find out the hard way that it can affect your laser’s cutting power. The position of the machine itself can also affect its performance. Thus, you need to maintain the alignment.

Inspect the flow of materials

Lasers can be very strong, but there are ingredients to maximize their efficiency and power. Of course, you will need electricity, cooling, and, if you have a plasma cutter, gas. If these don’t flow into your machine properly, they can cause wastage and malfunctions. Always check for leaks, thinning tubes, or wires before or after use. Also, you should disconnect your laser cutter from its electrical source when not in use.

The important thing about maintaining a laser cutter, or any other machine for that matter, is making sure that every part functions properly. If one part is left to break down, in time, everything else will. Keep the above points in mind while noting your manufacturer’s instructions. As a result, you will be able to use your laser cutter for a very long time.