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Man giving a gold necklace gift to his girlfriend

The Man’s Guide to Gifting Jewelry for Every Relationship Milestone

Man giving a gold necklace gift to his girlfriendJewelry is a great gift idea for celebrating relationship milestones. The challenge, however, is in knowing which type is the right fit for the occasion. It’s a tricky subject — give a ring on your anniversary, and your partner might think you’re dropping hints about marriage.

Cool if you’ve talked about kids and mortgage already, damned if you lead her to misguided expectations. With that, here’s your guide to gifting jewelry for every relationship milestone.


You know that your partner is already ‘the one.’ You’ve already discussed marriage matters, from home ownership and money management to parenting. It’s time to take the relationship to the next level. A ring should symbolize your engagement.

So even before you write your proposal speech, get her ring size, know her preferences, and visit different stores, advises AAA Jewelers. To make yours more special, ask around for custom jewelry Salt Lake City experts provide.


The first year dating anniversary means you’ve become more familiar with each other’s quirks, and managed to navigate through your differences. But at the same time, you still have a lot more to discover about each other.

At this point, you both have a growing interest about each other but want to take things slow and not get too serious about it. So for your jewelry gift, keep things simple. You may give stud earrings, a watch, or a charm bracelet.


Obviously, this is also symbolized by a ring. But in most instances, brides and grooms exchange small gifts on the day of their wedding, just before they see each other at the altar.

For this, it’s nicer to keep it simple. Most brides give watches to their would-be husbands, while grooms give their soon-to-be-wives a locket that has a special message or photo inside.

The Birth of a Baby

Push presents are gifts given to a new mom. It’s a way of honoring women in their long journey of carrying and caring for the baby. Husbands often give customized jewelry that has the baby’s birthstone in it. Moms would pass this on to their children when they grow up.

Every relationship milestone is worth celebrating with precious jewelry, as it symbolizes commitment and respect for each other. Remember these tips as you choose the best gems for your partner.