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3 Common Hot Water System Installation Mistakes

a plumber workingAfter buying it so expensively, you will likely want your hot water system to save some cash at the installation stage. Here, you will avoid paying for professional services and alternatively do the job yourself.

While this approach may be tempting, the process ideally requires a highly trained and experienced plumber and electrician. This blog highlights common but costly mistakes people make while setting up hot water systems in their homes and how to avoid them.

1. Using incompatible metal pipes

When it comes to hot water metal pipe installations and replacements, it’s essential to hire 24-hour drain cleaning and services in Salt Lake City or elsewhere for the job. It can be quite risky to connect incompatible pipes because it might cause electric and corrosive charges when they come into contact.

With time, these elements weaken the entire system causing unnecessary leaks. Therefore, galvanized steel pipes must connect to other steel pipes, and copper pipes replaced with or connected to copper pipes.

2. Buying the wrong size of a hot water system

Homeowners know well the reasons why they would need a water heater. However, selecting the right fit for their needs becomes a challenge. A system that is too large is likely to, not just blow your initial buying budget, but also rack up colossal electrical, water bills, and other running costs.

Therefore, it’s often a prudent approach to seek directions from an expert if you have doubts about a water heater investment.

3. Soldering fittings directly on top of the tank

Generally, most people feel it a bother to unscrew the fittings from the top of the hot water tank before they can solder on them. However, it’s worth taking the trouble to undo them and solder them away from the tank. This way, you prevent soldering heat from melting plastic fittings of your water heater.

Remember, you shouldn’t turn on power to the water heater immediately after installation is complete. Not until it is full of water. Besides, open the hot water faucet, so the air in the tank is wholly expelled and wait until there is a steady flow of water before you start using it.