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Highschool students studying in a classroom

Classroom Training Ground: 3 Ways to Raise Leaders in the Classroom

Highschool students studying in a classroomThe classroom is more than a space for learning math lessons and getting hands busy on art projects — it’s the breeding environment for emerging leaders. The challenge for teachers is not to be caught up with the daily grind and forget the life and leadership lessons the youth needs to learn.

With that said, here are ways to train students to become leaders:

1. Delegate Tasks

Involve your students in little tasks, such as writing additional notes on the classroom whiteboard or maintaining a clean space in your supplies area. What you’re doing here is you’re slowly introducing to them a sense of responsibility, which is a key leadership trait.

Some students would be hesitant to take on such duties, either because they’re timid or at the flip side, too proud — two issues you need to address when you’re raising a leader.

So, don’t just delegate tasks to those who are willing to participate — engage the ones who are hesitant as well, and you might just be able to help them ‘prune’ attitudes and behaviour unbecoming of a leader.

2. Present a Problem

Problems are opportunities for leaders to step up. Whenever you have lessons that would be relevant to pressing issues in your school, say, waste management, bullying, or obesity, challenge your students about how they can contribute to fixing such problems.

Give them models of the best practices so they would have an idea on possible solutions. Acknowledge everyone’s input to boost their confidence and really own up to the challenge, but at the same time, encourage constructive criticisms on solutions proposed. You want student-leaders who think and listen.

3. Think About Collaboration

You must instill in students that leadership is all about people — collaborating with different personalities, for the most part. Your classroom then should be arranged in such a way that it would encourage students to work with one another.

Invest in high-quality, moveable school furniture, so students to allow students to reconfigure their spaces and freely talk. Dedicate zones as well where students can better do their group work. Assign a different group every now and then when cleaning up storage areas and whatnot.

Again, remember, your students are the next leaders. See them for who they are. Build them up to be the good leaders the world needs.

Dentist checking patient's teeth

Getting the Right Dentist

Dentist checking patient's teethLooking for the right fit is not just about what a dental practice offers, it’s about the environment, the approach of the dentist and finding out what to prioritise for each family member. Looking for a dentist in Alexandria starts with making a list of priorities with regard to dental treatments. Dental needs change as people age.

Rate Essentials Against Desirables

To choose a dentist, drawing up an essential and desirable list much the same as a company would advertise for a new post, the process starts to match the right practice with family priorities. For example, if a family is looking for a dentist in Alexandria, it would be important to have a good, child-friendly service. Dentists such as Healthy Smile Centre have specific services aimed at enhancing the experience of young people, including the innovative oral health programme Healthy Smile 4 Kids.

It’s also then important to look at the needs of other members of the family, look at:

  • How often the practice up-dates its technology. Is it important that a dental practice stays on the cutting edge of new treatments?
  • Is it possible family members will need access to more advanced restorative treatments such as dental implants and braces?
  • Are cosmetic options important such as teeth whitening or veneers?

Once the priorities for available treatments are looked at and assessed, it’s also important to look at the team of hygienists, dentists and even receptionists, since they will be the face that will meet you whenever you need to book an appointment. Looking at the surgery website, most dental surgeries have a Meet The Team page, where either the whole team will have a bio or the key team members are presented. This will give most discerning patients an opportunity to look at the general presentation of the team, look at qualifications, areas of interest or passion projects that team members are involved in.

After this research, it’s always good to visit the dental surgery and maybe have a basic hygiene consultation with one of the dentists. By being smart about how dental practices are selected, it ensures happy patients are seeing the correct dentist in Alexandria.

Study Notes for The Network+ N10-007 Exam: The Types of IP Addresses

IP ServersYou probably know what an IP address is, but if you need a refresher when studying for the Network+ N10-007 certification exam, it’s basically an identifying number given to a particular computer network or network device.

What you might not be aware of, as CertBlaster and other experts noted, is that there are different kinds of IP addresses. Although IP addresses are composed of numbers or letters and numbers, they’re used for different purposes.

Different Kinds of IP Addresses

In general, IP addresses come in four different types — public IP addresses, private IP addresses, dynamic IP addresses, as well as static IP addresses.

  • A private IP address is used in private networks, such as in-home networks and office networks. It’s mainly used for providing network devices with a way to communicate with the router as well as other devices connected to the private network. It could be assigned by the router automatically or set manually.
  • A public IP address is used for outside or exterior networks and is designated by ISPs or Internet Service Providers. This is the primary IP address that an office or home network use for communicating with other devices on the Internet. It’s primarily used by network devices to communicate with the ISP and in turn, the world outside. This enables them to have direct communication with other devices on the network and access websites.
  • Both public and private IP addresses could be either static or dynamic. This means that respectively, they either could stay the same or be changed. IP addresses that a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server assigns are dynamic. On the other hand, if a device doesn’t support DHCP or isn’t DHCP enabled, IP addresses are static and should be manually assigned.

IP addresses could either be private or public and dynamic or static. Although private and public indicates the network setup or location, private for inside networks and public for outside networks, dynamic and static is indicative of the permanency of an IP address. This means that a dynamic IP address could be changed, while a static IP address remains the same.

Woman smiling with braces

Getting Ready for Braces in Cheltenham

Woman smiling with bracesOne of the best approaches that a patient can take towards dental treatment is to participate in the process as much as possible. It may seem like the dentist is the expert when it comes to braces in Cheltenham, but this is only when you look at a narrow section of the picture. In fact, the patient has an important role to play in preparation, care and decision making.

When a patient gets braces in Cheltenham, a good dentist, like Cheltenham Dental Spa, will encourage them to supply as much information as possible about their needs and expectations. This is the start of a productive dialogue that will lead to a tailored and supportive treatment. The patient is then given specific guidelines on how to enjoy their procedure and do what they can to get to the results that they want.

Making choices

When it comes to braces in Cheltenham, there’s plenty that a patient can do to prepare. It all begins when they choose the method of teeth straightening that they want to use. The dentist checks the conditions in their mouth and will recommend the methods that can be used. If the patient is lucky, this will include one or more of the modern straightening options. They will get information on how each type of braces can impact their life and the benefits of each choice so that they can make an informed decision.

Clean teeth

Before going ahead with braces in Cheltenham, the dentist will often recommend a trip to the hygienist. This is so that the teeth are in the best possible condition before treatment begins. Strong, healthy teeth are important when it comes to fitting braces.


Information is power when it comes to dental treatments. A dentist will supply all the details that their patient needs to understand the impact that their braces will have. The patient needs to know how it will feel, what the correct care procedures are, how long the treatment will be and how often they need to come back for a check-up. With all the right information, they can plan around the ins and outs of their procedure and ensure that things go smoothly right from the start.

Woman choosing urn for husband's cremation

Which is Greener, Cremation or Burial?

Woman choosing urn for husband's cremationPeople rarely choose cremation or burial due to environmental considerations, but those who have tried to live ethically during their lives may want to consider the ecological impact of these methods before making a choice.

Cremation is by far the most popular type of funeral these days, with 70.8% of Brits wishing to be cremated. The majority will have made the choice based on what they are most comfortable with or on their cultural or financial circumstances. Fewer people are religious now and being buried in a churchyard may not be that important to them. Cremations are also cheaper. Since funerals can cost thousands of pounds, more people are attracted by its affordability.

For people who are concerned about the environment, cremation is not necessarily the most eco-friendly choice.

Why Cremation Harms the Planet

Cremation causes more ‘greenhouse’ gas emissions and uses more energy than burial. The person in charge of the cremation will need to burn the body at temperatures up to 1150°C for 75 minutes to reduce the body to ash. This uses about the same amount of gas and electricity as a single person uses in a month, just for one cremation.

The gases it releases contribute to global warming and affect the air quality. In addition, if the deceased had any mercury amalgam fillings put in before they died, mercury vapours will be released into the atmosphere during the cremation. About 16% of the UK’s total mercury pollution comes from dental fillings that are burned during cremation.

Why a Burial is Better

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans notes that green funeral services offer eco-friendly burials in woodland settings. Burial can be ‘greener’ than cremation. Just like composting, the body eventually breaks down, returning to the soil with less energy and fewer harmful emissions. If embalming was done, then embalming fluids such as formaldehyde can seep into the soil and pollute the grounds and rivers. However, it is possible to choose burial without embalming if there is no viewing required.

These factors make burial the more ethical option when choosing a funeral. Be smart when making your choice; consider its impact on the environment and the next generations.

Business handshake after negotiation

Three Popular Business Ideas that Still Work

Business handshake after negotiationWhen it comes to opening a business, a lot of people come up with groundbreaking ideas. However, being a visionary is not a guarantee of success, and it isn’t an absolute requirement for you to run a business. These days, there are many simple yet lucrative business ideas. Here are some of them:

1. A Computer Repair Shop

People still own faulty electronics. That truth keeps repair shops alive. If you’re looking to get into this industry, it’s best to look at a computer repair franchise for sale so that you won’t have to start from scratch. Franchising a repair shop allows you to use a proven model so that you can focus on running the business.

2. A Car Wash

Opening a car wash is one of the most practical steps that you can take. Because of the hectic schedules of people working day in and out, cleaning their cars is the last thing on their minds. However, being presentable and driving a clean vehicle is still vital to a lot of people, so opening a car wash in an area with decent traffic will always be profitable.

3. A Laundromat

Anybody who has thought of starting a business has probably considered opening a laundromat. It’s a business that clients seek out themselves. Decide what kind of value you want to bring to your clients. A self-service laundromat provides an affordable option that does its job while full-service laundromats offer clients that are more discriminating the benefit of having a tailored service.

These three businesses have existed for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work anymore. They still serve needs that won’t become obsolete anytime soon, so better get your thinking cap on and start working! Good luck!

Why Buy a Brand New House and Not a Pre-Loved One?

a houseOne of the questions that you might ask if you’re planning to buy a new house to live in is if you should buy a newly built one. Each option comes with its own set of perks. However, the relatively low price of a resale house might entice you more than the other, but here are some factors you might need to consider.


When you buy new homes for sale in Kansas City, MO, you’ll be able to install modern appliances and furniture inside it easily. You will have little need for readjusting any wiring or plumbing, and whatever new appliance model you acquire can easily fit in with the rest of the house that’s brand-new.

Energy Efficiency

Most newly-built homes are fitted with the latest features that can help you save on energy and utilities. Moving into a house like this will cost you less when it comes to paying bills in the future.

Even if you pay more for a brand-new property, the large expenses are likely to stop there since you won’t be worrying about paying too much electric or water bills.


New constructions are very much blank slates, so you are free to customize them as you wish. Choose the decor you prefer and arrange furniture and appliances to your liking. You’ll find it hard to do this with a pre-loved house.


Aside from security in terms of walls, gates, and fences, you’ll also be able to need it financially speaking. It’s easier to get funding and mortgage packages for this kind of acquisition. Also, there’s usually a warranty on the structure in case accidents happen because of faulty construction.

Another advantage new homes have over resale ones is the fact that, in case you decide to let go of your house, you’ll be able to sell it faster and for a higher price. You’ll be able to move out in a shorter time, and you won’t worry too much about finances. Brand new homes are truly worth the price.

What Has Behavioral Economics Got to Do with Marketing

team of individuals discussingFor years, marketers have unknowingly applied behavioral economics in their strategies. Behavioral economics proposes a link between economics and psychology. This theory explores why people sometimes make irrational decisions and why their behavior deviates from traditional economics.

Rather than making decisions based on facts such as price and quality, people sometimes make decisions based on emotions. Behavioral economics helps explain why someone will choose to go for A instead of B.

When you hire an experienced marketing agency in Salt Lake City, they’ll implement some practical techniques informed by behavioral economics.

The power of positioning

Economists say that everything has a price and that everyone has a maximum price they’re willing to pay for a product or service. In behavioral economics, how marketing agencies position your product can change the equation.

A good example is restaurants, where most find that the bottle of wine which falls second in price is usually very popular. Why? Customers who buy the second in price feel they’re getting something fine while not going over the top in price and this way, they feel they are saving. The power of positioning helps explain why marketers will offer a few inferior options.

Social proof

Behavioral economics proposes people innately desire acceptance and for this reason, they base their decisions of social norms. That consumers are easily influenced by what products others buy or the services other people use.

This explains why word of mouth remains an effective tool of marketing. In this digital era, online reviews on your Facebook page or on Yelp can serve as social proof for consumers. A marketing survey found that 88 percent of shoppers look at online reviews before purchasing products.

Endowment effect

Customers prefer items that carry some sort of ownership as compared to a similar item owned by another customer. To increase emotional attachment to a product, markets utilize customization.

The ultimate goal of personalizing products is to increase their value in the eyes of the customer. Marketers have long been vaguely aware that irrationality in some way shapes consumer behavior.

Once you understand what behavioral economics is all about, this irrationality becomes more predictable. Understanding behavioral economics will help you position your products or services more strategically.

Help for Chronic Pain Following Injury

a man talking to two doctorsCar accidents are physically and emotionally shocking. They cause pain not just at the time of impact and the weeks after, extended over long periods. People chronic pain should see medical professionals who focus on this type of condition, such as Your Care Health Network.

Most people who sustain mild or moderate injuries from a car accident can expect to feel some discomfort for up to six weeks after their accident. But for a smaller minority, the pain may last for months. Severe injury leading to disability can cause permanent pain.

Here are some possible injuries following a car crash:

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is the most common injury associated with auto accidents and is a major cause of disability. Neck pain, repeated headaches and stiffness occur. If it lasts a long time, it may be accompanied by anxiety and depression as affected people struggle to get their pain-free lives back.

Back Injuries

Back pain is also frequent. Sometimes it is harmless, caused by strain or bruising, other times it can have a more serious cause, such as herniation of disc.

Connective Tissue Injuries

Torn ligaments and other connective tissue injuries can cause a significant amount of discomfort.

Head Injuries

Concussion, bruising, lacerations, or tissue damage inside the skull can occur via impact with a window or steering wheel, although the addition of passenger airbags have made some head injuries less common.

Seeking Help

Car accident treatment providers develop a patient care plan to treat post-crash symptoms. Options include physical therapy, massage, ice packs, steroid injections and medicines such as pain relievers or muscle relaxants. They can help patients manage post-surgical discomfort. In addition to promoting recovery, auto accident doctors can assist patients with their claims for personal injury by providing supporting medical documentation to attorneys.

Visiting a car accident doctor quickly after an accident will not only give the patient the best chance of a complication-free recovery, but it also increases the chance of a successful compensation claim.