3 Spinal Disorders That Need Surgical Intervention

doctor holding spinal cord modelOne of the most critical parts of the human body is the spinal column and cord. These support the trunk and make movement possible. The spinal cord, on the other hand, serves as a bridge of the messages to the brain, and vice versa.

Spinal disorders may result in disabling back pain and in severe cases, paralysis. These conditions can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. While most conditions can be relieved by non-surgical methods, some diseases may need surgery to improve the symptoms. Professionals at the Cervical Spine Institute in Fort Worth note that one of the common surgeries includes the mobi-c surgery Fort Worth.

Here are some of the most common spinal conditions that may require surgical intervention.


Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine. It can worsen as a child grows into an adult. In some cases, babies have scoliosis since birth. Others, on the other hand, develop in during adolescence. In worse cases, the disease may require corrective surgery.


Spondylosis refers to the degenerative changes in the spine including degenerating intervertebral discs and bone spurs. The changes in the spine can be linked to osteoarthritis. Surgery is needed to relieve the pressure and pain experienced by the patient. Mobi-C spinal surgery can be conducted to correct the condition and restore the spine’s normal function.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc or a slipped disc is a condition that causes extreme back pain. Disks, which protect the bones cushion these bones. When there is a trauma or injury, the inner portion of the disk will protrude through the outer part. In some cases, spinal surgery is needed to correct the condition.

The spine is a vital part of the body. When conditions affect the spinal column, it can cause serious injury, pain, and even paralysis. Spinal injury  can drastically affect the patient’s quality of life.