A Guide to Taking Care of Your Hair

woman have pink hairYour hair is a good indicator of your general health. Dry and brittle hair, for example, can be traced to a lack of oil produced by the scalp. If the scalp is unable to produce oil, it may be suffering from irritation or nutrient deficiency. Taking care of your hair is essential in taking care of your body.

Here are ways to have healthier hair:

Treat Your Scalp

In haircare, treating the scalp is just as important as treating the hair itself. Use shampoos, conditioners, and moisturisers that are designed not only to wash your hair but to exfoliate and nourish your scalp. Experts at Kerluxe, a Swiss-based haircare company, advocate practising a regime that follows the “Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat and Protect ritual” for both hair and scalp. Haircare products rich in natural ingredients like sunflower oil extract and jojoba oil can reinvigorate your scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Get Trims Regularly

Untrimmed split ends can lead to more damage if the hair splits all the way to the root. Once it reaches the root, it can damage the hair follicle which regulates hair growth and length. Getting short trims every six to eight weeks can help get rid of these split ends and prevent further damage. Regular trims can also make your hair look longer by keeping the tip of your locks rich and thick.

Watch Your Diet

Nutrient deficiency is a common causes of hair loss. Eating food rich in iron and protein can help nurture your hair follicles and encourage hair growth. Incorporate eggs and green vegetables into your daily meals. Fish like sardines and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your scalp healthy. Your food intake affects your hair much like the way it affects the rest of your body.

Having great hair is something that most people can aspire to. Taking care of your general health gets you a long way there but to make your hair great, be sure to pay your hair and scalp a little extra care with regular trims and a solid hair care regimen.