Align Technology Releases Invisalign Teen: A Dental Option for Teens

A woman's smile reflected on a dentist's mirror

A woman's smile reflected on a dentist's mirrorShaping teen smiles is now easier with the Invisalign aligner alternative from Align Technology. Called Invisalign Teen, the innovation comes with a mandibular advancement: a feature that moves the lower jaw forward while aligning the teeth at the same time. During the launch of the new Invisalign aligner, Align Technology announced that it is the first clear aligner solution for Class II teen patients.

Treating Class II Patients

Dental treatment for teens makes up at least 75% of all orthodontic cases worldwide, says Raphael Pascaud from Align Technology. Invisalign Teen, therefore, holds promise as a way to improve dental treatment services for young adults.

In Class II treatments, doctors often resort to functional appliances and elastics to align a patient’s jaw and advance the lower jaw. Invisalign Teen replicates the action in a Class II correction by having upper and lower ‘precision wings’ that hold the mandible into a forward position. Additionally, the aligners also correct dental issues, including crossbites, gapped teeth, overcrowding, deep bites, underbites and open bites.

Little Disruption to Teen Life

Align Technology customised Invisalign Teen for the specific needs of young adults. The removable aligners also allow patients to eat with freedom. Furthermore, teens can continue playing sports or a musical instrument while using the aligners, making them the perfect dental treatment option for students with a fast-paced, activity-filled lifestyle.

Improving Dental Treatment for Patients of all Ages

Invisalign Teen represents a huge leap in the field of orthodontics and clear aligner technology. Experts hope that the release of the new treatment will encourage other patients to realise the benefits of Invisalign, even among different age groups. Dental clinics like London Holborn Dental Practice, for instance, provide innovative dental treatment options to suit patients of all ages.

Advances in aligner technology are making it easy to transform teenage smiles, as they can now transition into adulthood with little disruption to their daily lives. Hopefully, it will help decrease the number of teenagers with dental problems in the future.