Better Positions

Woman having her dental checkup

When people visit the orthodontist in Harley Street, it’s probably because they want to make a permanent positive change to their overall oral health. London dentists, like Harley Street Dental Clinic, offer orthodontics to straighten crooked and crowded teeth, reduce the prominence of protruding front teeth, and correct the alignment of the bite. All of these things improve the function of the patient’s mouth, and make good oral hygiene easier to maintain. Eating will be a more comfortable experience, and the risk of strain on the jaw will be reduced. And alongside all that, they improve the appearance of the patient’s smile, which can give them a real boost in social confidence.

Discreet treatments for adults

Although treatment to properly align the teeth is usually undertaken during childhood and adolescence, more and more adults are choosing to go to a Harley Street orthodontist because of the efficiency and subtlety of modern techniques. If a patient’s alignment problems are relatively mild, their treatment might consist of plastic aligners, worn over the teeth. Made out of transparent plastic, these can be removed when the patient eats or brushes their teeth. And their see-through material means they won’t attract too much-unwanted attention when the patient talks to people.

The lingual brace is another method of keeping a patient’s orthodontics discreet. While it is not removable for the duration of the treatment, it is affixed to the backs of the teeth, so that it stays hidden. And if the patient requires a brace to be attached to the front of their teeth, this can be tooth-coloured, to make it less eye-catching.

Far-reaching effects

The Harley Street orthodontist will make a detailed treatment plan, using the most effective methods and appliances for each patient. Treatments can last for a couple of years, because the gradual process of applying pressure to move the teeth into new positions takes time. But once it’s over, the patient will enjoy teeth that look much better and are easier to keep clean. They will have reduced the risk of future oral health complications and given themselves better dental function for many years to come.