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Person pressing the screen of an e-Learning tablet

Online Learning: A Great Option for High School Students

Person pressing the screen of an e-Learning tablet

You may already be familiar with online schools. Instead of attending an actual university, college students have the option to earn a degree through online platforms offered by the schools. Such an option allows students to stay home, save money, and have a healthy and flexible work-study balance if the student has a job.

The same option is available to high school students. The American Academy notes that more students are taking high school courses online. Read on to learn more about this popular trend.

Online Option for High Schoolers

Today, not only college students can enjoy the benefits of online courses, high school students can also take courses without leaving their homes. Online learning for high schoolers offers flexibility through a wide array of courses and electives. Students can even take physical education online.

More Control and Flexibility

As with any other online learning course, online high school courses give students the freedom to dictate their daily routine and learning pace. Children can study full-time or part-time. At the same time, they can choose how much they want to learn on a daily basis.

Suitable for High School Students

High school students who can benefit from online learning include homeschoolers whose parents may sometimes be too busy to attend to them. Students with serious health issues can continue to learn in the comfort of their home or the hospital. Gifted and talented students can have a customized curriculum that challenges them.

Caveats of Online Learning

Of course, online learning also has a few caveats. You must stay at home to keep track of your child’s progress. When you work out for long hours, online learning may not be suitable for your child, unless your child has enough self-motivation. If your child has the drive to learn, you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she chooses to learn even in your absence.

You can find more information about online high schools and programs by browsing reliable resources. Your child may be able to benefit from such learning even if only for a temporary period.

Using a Law Enforcement Software

Software for Better Public Safety and Security Service

Using a Law Enforcement SoftwareThe advancement of computer technology means that more and more industries and sectors of society can automate crucial processes. With automation, processes can be done faster and more efficiently. With better processes, in turn, more work can be done. The efficient and quick accomplishment of work is one of the reasons public safety and security agencies have turned to software.

Software in Your Agency

Many police departments, correctional facilities, and jails have now installed jail management systems software that help automate different processes. You can follow suit and install similar software in your public safety and security agency. With software, you can get rid of perplexing paperwork and improve productivity and efficiency.

Example 1: Benefits to Jails
Take the example of jail management software in a correctional facility. Of course, paperwork can be significantly decreased or made non-existent. Besides that, you can have a full and comprehensive history of an inmate, including medical history and other important details.

Easier Management

You can also have an easier time managing records and other data. Records management can be a pain especially if you still rely on paper records. You can greatly hasten the process by using jail management software. You can sort and find data without breaking a sweat.

Smoother Operation

With software, you can also improve the efficiency of jail operations. Delays can be prevented since data on inmates can easily be accessed. Even when third parties request information, you can easily access and send the information with software assistance.

Example 2: County Law Enforcement
Although the example above is of software for correctional facilities, you can probably see the good software can bring to public safety and security agencies. You can look at another example: the Rice County law enforcement in Minnesota. They have had a changeover of their computer system, and they have seen the value and potential of such software.

Naturally, a system change from paper records or old software to new software still poses challenges. You still have to learn and be familiar with the new system, yet the benefits can make the system easier to manage as well as more efficient.

Don’t you think it is time for a change?

By Design: Technologies for the Construction Industry

Engineers talking about planssa What if builders of the Great Wall of China had access to today’s technology: drones, 3D printing technology, and modeling software? Maybe they would not have taken over 2,000 years to complete the ancient architecture.

Fortunately for modern construction companies, innovative tools not only keep project completion within reasonable periods. They also enable accuracy in every stage of the building process, from planning to budgeting to construction.

Here are some of the more notable technologies that can help your construction firm do more:

Paperless Project Management

No longer will your offices suffer from disorganization and inefficiencies with the right project management software. Whether you own an established building business or a startup contracting company, construction software streamlines and mobilizes communication, documentation, and other aspects of the project.

It reduces cost, boosts efficiency, and prevents issues that can delay delivery. You’ll also find tools specific to a construction process, for example, estimators that ensure accurate quantity plan takeoff.

The Robot Brick Layer

Robots may soon do masonry. You could cut building time in half with this technology, which promises to speed up brick laying; a robot can lay about 1,000 bricks every hour. Instead of the usual three to six weeks, your company could finish the shell of a building in two days.

“Designer” Equipment

Equipment manufacturers can now design machineries specific to applications. Companies use telematics information to determine whether your equipment fits the job, from light operations to heavy duty work. This allows manufacturers to improve construction equipment, enabling them to improve jobsite productivity.

The Future of On-site Access

Finally, construction companies in China are using advanced fingerprint and face recognition systems to limit jobsite access. The “Mission Impossible” approach to control access certainly brings an exciting element to the “authorized personnel only” sign.

Such a system not only ensures security for your construction site. But it also conveys to future clients of your company’s advanced capabilities.

Managing a Hotel

3 Commandments of a Successful Hotel Business

Managing a HotelWith the rise of the middle-class and the changing lifestyles of millennials, there is no denying that the tourism industry will continue to boom. More people are exploring both local and international destinations. If you're in the hotel industry, you are on the right track. However, your success is never guaranteed. Don’t be complacent and live by these rules:

1. Recognize your brand identity and stick to it.

As much as you want to cater to everyone, this will keep you from being the best at anything. Know your brand and establish its boundaries. Eventually, you will be able to zero in on your target market and reach out to them easily. Brand Manager Jim Holthouser at Embassy Suites Hotels, for instance, explains that one of the reasons for their success is that they don’t pretend to be a luxury brand when they are not. They know who they are and who they are not.

2. Aim to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are managing a small or a huge enterprise in the industry, your main objective should always be to provide your customers with a great experience. When it comes to amenities, they get what they pay for. What sets a great customer experience apart, however, is exceptional service. Train your staff to be friendly, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. 

3. Work on converting first-time customers to loyal ones.

The best way to do this is to have an incredible post-sales support. For a customer-centric business, having a customer support is crucial. If this is something that you can’t afford yet, United Call Center recommends getting a professional answering service from a reputable company. These people would know how to handle your customers — from inquiries to reservations to follow-ups. They are also trained to handle complaints and other negative feedback.

Selling and marketing your hotel enterprise involves more action than the ones mentioned above. However, these three are your non-negotiables. A combination of those steps will help you ground your footing.

Useful Computer Skills You Didn’t Know You Needed

Useful Computer Skills One of the earliest versions of the computer performed computational problems for the development of military projects. From a highly technical function, computers have become a personal machine; you now use it to type up a report, look up a recipe online, or Skype with a family member living a few states away.

Although you already know the basics of operating a computer, there are still countless of tasks you can perform and accomplish with it. Here are some useful computer skills you didn’t know you needed.

Microsoft Office Mastery

You don’t have to lie on your résumé anymore every time you write about your proficiency in Microsoft Excel. If you are working or planning to work in an office, Microsoft Office tools are inescapable. Mastering the functions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook can improve your work, helps you organize data, and assist in your time management.

Fighting off Hackers

Fighting off hackers is a cool skill anyone would want to have. You can put this on your résumé; you just have to pass an exam called CompTIA Security+. It measures your knowledge and abilities about network security and network management. If you’re worried you will fail it, you can always take a practice first. Passing the test will open up to more career opportunities for you.

Manipulate Photos with Photoshop

Photoshop is more than software that photographers use in their shoots. It is a versatile tool used by professionals in different fields. Architects and web designers use it to enhance, manipulate, and edit images. Animators also use it to create characters and background. Even forensic technicians use it Photoshop to process fingerprints. Honing this skill can land you a job in a lot of fields.

Your computer can carry out a wide array of functions and tasks Learning and mastering some of these skills will not only enhance how you use our personal computer but can help you land a job as well.

This is How Satellite Mobiles Improve Lives

Improve Your Life with Satellite MobilesModern telecommunication systems have changed the lives of many, including those in rural areas. From being “uninformed,” people in these places have gradually been introduced to information technology and its various benefits. Specifically, it has helped them become more globally oriented as regards to meeting goals geared towards innovation and faster information sharing. Connectivity has not only made education and the field of research more accessible to students; it has also made certain services speedy and efficient.

With the help of a satellite mobile, like those from Singtel Satellite and other suppliers in the country, key events have been connected and shared with many people. Applications have made activities and workloads easier to handle. Even counting calories is made easier, though not necessarily more accurate (by mobile apps, which are powered by the Internet).

Benefits of Mobile Satellites

In Nepal, satellite mobile has helped people recover from the big earthquake that claimed thousands of lives. Distress communication is much more possible, and even emergency notifications and relief come in faster. The mobile satellite in Nepal covers two types: data and voice.

With the help of these Internet platforms and mobile satellites, you can be more informed about what is happening around you. Communication lines are also open, as customer helplines now serve 24/7. This is a contrast to the norm in the past, where the help desk is available only during office hours.

The Future of Technology

Moreover, mobile satellite services facilitate technological changes that others may not be accustomed to. For example, Internet connections have evolved from LAN to broadband sticks and Wi-Fi connections. Film viewing is now made possible (and less costly, too) with pay TV and cable networks. Mobile satellites are a game changer, and this is a good sign because technology will simply keep on evolving. Equipping yourself with the right tools and services not only makes you a catalyst for innovation, but also improves your life in the long run.

Many are hopeful that in the future, many will follow the lead of maximising satellite technology to access other remote areas across the globe. This includes even the poorest countries that may not have the means to purchase sophisticated telecommunication services.

Online Highschool

Finishing High School Online is a Convenient Option

Online HighschoolAs a parent, would you enroll your child in an online high school program? What are your reasons? Is homeschooling the best option for your child to finish high school? This could be a convenient way for him to earn his diploma through home study. With so many high schools online offering the best program for your child, what are your choices? You need to analyze and decide which high school online is best for your child. Take a tour of their websites and see what they offer.

Academic Program

Homeschool high schools online offer the following: 9th-12th-grade courses, updated curriculum, interactive lessons with matching eBooks or printed textbooks, live interaction with certified teachers, and parents’ involvement is also encouraged for the student’s success. You could track your child’s progress by interacting with the teachers and get access to his student portal. Home studying is done on a schedule which fits your daily routines at home.

Tuition Plan

There are two options for you to pay tuition fees: full payment in cash; and, pay monthly. Whatever method you choose to pay your tuition, the school can assist you. Getting your high school diploma is now affordable and convenient.

Getting Help with Enrollment

There is an online form you can fill up to start your enrollment. Check the course you want to enroll and your tuition plan. You can also make a deposit with your payment. If you need things to clarify, hotline numbers are available for you to call on. A friendly staff will entertain all your queries and assist you.

High school online makes it possible for anyone who wants to earn a high school diploma at home. It is convenient, accessible, and affordable. Knowledge and skills learned by students will prepare them for entrance to a college course and a career in the future.

The Good that Medical Technology Changes Continue to Bring

Medical Technology In today’s time and age, technology has become so important that almost, if not all, industries can no longer function properly without it. The same goes true for people and their everyday lives. And of the many different industries wherein technology has a considerable contribution, health care continues to dominate most of them.

Used properly, technology in the healthcare industry can save lives and improve the overall quality of personal living.

The strong ties between technology and medicine

Without technology, the field of medicine can’t keep up with the increasing health care demands and requirements of people. The overall health and well-being of individuals will greatly suffer, doctors will lose many patients, hospitals and other healthcare facilities will go to waste, and lives will be lost.

This said, one shouldn’t underestimate the innovations made by providers like Hallmark Surgical in even the seemingly smallest medical equipment and supplies in NZ hospitals, clinics, and other similar organisations. From biotechnology to medical device/equipment manufacturing and from pharmaceuticals to IT, all the improvements and modernisation they’ve undergone played major roles in bettering human lives.

Faster diagnosis, quicker and better results

One of the biggest contributions technology has brought to medicine is the hastening of diagnostic procedures. Supplies and machines designed to help health care professionals come up with diagnosis now allow them to reach an accurate one in a shorter amount of time. Because of this, doctors now have the power to develop the best possible treatment plan, which can pave the way for patients to see significant improvements in their health sooner.

Greater quality of life

It is also because of innovative medical technology that many people, despite having developed major health problems or sustained severe injuries, continue to live on. And they haven’t just survived; they also enjoy a good quality of life.

The healthcare industry can’t overstate its reliance on medical technology, seeing that its brilliant contributions let health care professionals succeed in their respective fields.


How to Design Effective Micro-Interactions for Websites

Web Design in ColoradoIn UX, the things that matter most include how you, as a web designer or developer, deal with users, and how these users feel when using a site you developed. Even the seemingly inconsequential details require your utmost attention, says an expert from Micro-interactions do just that—offer users feedback and a comprehension of ongoing processes, which in turn makes the interface more approachable, regardless of the complex logic it took to build it. Take advantage of micro-interactions by keeping these crucial tips in mind:

  • Always Keep Users In the Loop – In short, keep them informed. Consider a status icon or loading bar to prevent confusion and keep their attention.
  • Quick Response Times – Ideally, an almost instant response time of say, .1 second, will help keep users feel in control.
  • Unification is Key – Whenever possible, build a unifying theme for tying all interactions together, whether micro or not.
  • Utilize What You Can – Resist the urge to add more than what the site needs. Utilize existing elements for delivering feedback instead.
  • Take Cues from User Research and Context – Know your users and each context behind your micro-interactions to ensure their effectiveness and preciseness.
  • Keep Repeated Use in Mind – Ask yourself if a certain micro-interaction you’re planning on designing is unobtrusive and easily understood or will it annoy users on their hundredth use?
  • As Human as Human Gets – A fast and easy way to humanize UI is to incorporate a human tone in your copy. A web development expert in Denver adds that this holds especially true for micro-interactions that emphasize feedback and need-to-know details.
  • Keep Basics Animation Rules in Mind – While the animation is a prime part of micro-interactions, it still follows its own rules. So prior to incorporating one with the other, remember the rules so you could apply them better.
  • Simplicity is Also Key – Put simply, do not turn your micro-interactions into macro-interactions.

Essentially, don’t lose sight of why you incorporated micro-interactions in the first place. They must serve as facilitators for easy and simple interactions, and offer quick feedback, instructions, notifications, and perhaps, some entertainment. They should help users save time by immediately providing information in a manner that does not distract or bore users. Basically, make your micro-interactions functional so they will work for you.

Why Is Air Conditioning Capacity Measured In Tons?

A Man Fixing an Air Conditioning Unit in UtahYou’ll likely hear familiar terms when HVAC personnel work on your air conditioner. Let’s say you’re about to upgrade to a bigger, better-performing unit. There’s one term that will get thrown around quite often: tons. Not actual weight, but tonnage in terms of air conditioning performance and/or capacity. HVAC professionals from firms like Alvey HVAC may have used it themselves to explain the system to clients.

AC Tonnage Explained — An Ode To The Old Days

The term often leaves clueless homeowners even more confused. For instance, if a contractor tells a client that they’ll need to install a 4-ton unit, he’ll get funny looks. But “ton” here is not a measure of the unit’s weight, but rather the amount of heat the AC can remove in an hour.

All answers lie in the ice making industry. Manufacturers looked for an easy way to understand the size of the cooling system in terms of ice production. To make a ton of ice, you need 288,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units, the universal unit of measurement of thermal output). If you need to make that much ice in a day, you need 12,000 BTUs an hour. Here’s a general number for reference: one ton of refrigeration capacity is required to freeze one short ton of water in 24 hours.

Here’s another historical tidbit. Before the invention of the modern air conditioner, people harvest ice from rivers and lakes during the winter and use it to cool buildings. Experts say that the use of tons in air conditioning performance measurement also links back to this.

AC Tonnage in Cooling A Room

Calculating the appropriate tonnage to cool an interior is important for optimal efficiency. Contractors multiply the room’s length by its breadth, take the square root of the result, and divide it by 10. For instance, a 10-foot wide, 15-foot long room is 150 square feet. The square root of 150 is 12.25, divide that number by 10, and the answer is 1.2 tons. Getting the wrong tonnage will create the wrong cooling effect. Too much AC tonnage will cool the room too quickly, and there wouldn’t be enough moisture in the air for a comfortably cold feeling.