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Getting Started with Your Salon Business: What Are Pieces of Equipment Do You Need?

interior of a salonHaving the right set of equipment is crucial to your salon's success. Without the proper tools, it's impossible to reach your client's expectations.

Whether you are just starting or have been in the industry for quite some time, you need to have a good understanding of the basic salon equipment you must invest in. To give you an idea, here's a list of tools you need to include in your checklist.

Hairdressing Tools

Having a complete hairstyling set is a must — ranging from hairdressing scissors, combs and brushes down to shampoo, conditioner and hair clips. For this one, you need to invest in durable and high-quality items since they could contribute to your or your stylist's quality of work.

Chairs and Mirrors

Ensure your clients will enjoy a relaxing time by investing in comfy salon seats. Customers will keep coming back to your salon if they have a great time and see good results. In addition, using high-quality mirrors says a lot about your business brand as well as the level of professionalism you uphold.

Mani-and-Pedi Set

If you're a salon that specializes in a variety of beauty services, including manicure and pedicure, having a full set of tools is necessary.

You need a reliable tool to buff out dry skin and so you can give your clients’ complete nails makeovers. Completing the mani-pedi kit would allow you and your staff to do their job with ease and confidence.

Sanitation Tools

Every hairdresser in the country is required to follow laws on sanitation strictly. This aims to prevent the spread of germs in the salon and keep your working area free from infections. So you need to be serious about investing in sanitation tools, such as the autoclave and other commercial sterilizing equipment.

These are just some essential salon items you need to have in your arsenal.

potato peeled by a peeler

3 Healthy Ways to Eat More Potatoes

potato peeled by a peelerDo you know that it takes about 10,000 pounds of potatoes to make just 2,500 pounds of your favorite potato chips? And Americans consumes more than four pounds of potato chips yearly. That’s a lot of crunch, alright.

But if you love potatoes and you want to stay on the healthier side, here are some of the healthier ways to prepare and eat potatoes.

Bake them!

You can start with the simplest—cooking potatoes in the oven. Bless This Mess shares that If you love French fries but don’t want to deep-fry, you can bake them in the oven instead. Cut them into wedges or strings and toss them in good olive oil. Sprinkle some coarse salt and pepper and then bake until crisp. Once you get the hang of it, you can start flavoring them with paprika, oregano, Italian seasoning, and more. You get the flavor and the crisp without the high fat.

Boil them!

If you love mashed potatoes, you should definitely make your own. For a healthier version, swap the cream with yogurt or even plain milk, add some salt and pepper and a little bit of your favorite cheese for more flavor. It’s a simple side dish that is loved by many. Like the fries, you can flavor your homemade mashed potatoes with some spices when you feel like experimenting with new flavors.

Microwave them!

If you don’t want the hassles of baking, you can try cooking the potatoes in a microwave and make some loaded potatoes. But to stay on the healthy side, ditch the cream and watch your butter serving. Add flavor minus the fat but going for natural yogurt instead of sour cream and adding some lemon juice, salt, and pepper for that tangy, salty kick you’re looking for. Ditch the bacon as well.

Go for Potatoes

You can eat potatoes even if you’re trying to lose weight, just be mindful about how you cook, flavor, and serve them. There are more ways to serve potatoes the healthy way, but you can start with these three.

Cavite is Steeped in Rich Coffee History

Arabic Coffee
Cavite City, Philippines is known for its rich heritage as well as cultural background. Not only is it home to the first Philippine President, Emilio Aguinaldo, it is also a favorite travel spot for local and foreign tourists.

More and more people are calling Cavite home because of the new properties and subdivisions which are now in development. If you go online, you will find plenty of Lancaster City reviews along with travel and food blogs written by people who love living in Cavite.

Get to Know Your Local Coffee

One of the most popular products of the Cavite area is coffee. The climate and soil make it ideal for raising different varieties of coffee beans: Robusta, Arabica, Liberica, which also known as the Barako coffee, and Excelsa, a sweeter coffee variety. These beans are also grown in Batangas, Bicol, Sagada and other lowland and mountain regions in the Philippines.

Coffee first came to the area in 1876 and was planted at the now famous Amadeo farms. The seedlings came from Lipa, Batangas, which was considered the coffee capital of the country at that time. The Batangas Barako coffee was at the height of its popularity and was quite expensive.

When tragedy nearly wiped out the coffee industry in Batangas in 1889, the remaining viable seedlings from Batangas were replanted in Cavite. This began the flourishing coffee industry in Cavite and the rest of the country.

The Rebirth of Coffee in the Philippines

In the 1950s, the government introduced pest-resistant coffee varieties to help coffee farmers produce crops. This was right at the time that coffee became commercially available, and this new development helped the industry keep up with demand.

If you love coffee, the steady supply of great local coffee is all the more reason to make Cavite your home.

Mother Sauces and French Cuisine: An Inviolable Union

Food With Hollandaise Sauce

Mother sauces consist of several child sauces, which are variations of the basic sauce. You can create these variations using the same technique as the mother sauce, but you would have to use different ingredients to add more flavors.

Below are the basic sauces that you can master:

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise sauce mixes are part of a batch of emulsion sauces where you combine fat and egg yolks to get a thick sauce. Along with Béarnaise sauces, this is a mixture of warmed butter and egg yolks, making it a hot emulsion.

Other emulsion sauces that are not mother sauces include mayonnaise sauce that follows the same procedure as Hollandaise except that it uses cool emulsion.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is the base for practically everything, ranging from sauces for pizza and pasta dishes, Italian meat dishes, hot sauces, barbeque sauces and ketchup. To capture the flavor fully, you have to use ripe tomatoes and choose which species. Roma and Plum tomatoes would be better, but they are not easily obtainable.

It would be best to get Italian tinned tomatoes that can give you more flavors compared to salad tomatoes.

Espagnole Sauce

Espagnole or brown sauce is a classic sauce, but it has rarely served in its pure form. You would have to cook the butter and flour until they look golden to dark brown and smell nutty before you add the brown stock.

Most variations of sauces derive from this compared to other types, such as Zingara sauce, Merchant’s sauce and Tortue sauce.

Béchamel Sauce

This is your usual flour-thickened white sauce, the primary ingredients of which consists of nutmeg, pepper, butter, flour and milk, and seasoned with salt. You usually serve this on vegetable-based dishes, like pasta.

Veloute Sauce

Veloute sauce has the same procedure as béchamel sauce, but it uses the stock of fish, chicken or veal instead of milk. You can ideally serve this with meat proteins, like chickens.

Remember that the secret to creating the perfect sauce is not to hurry the process. Let them simmer, while you occasionally stir. Learnt to master these five mother sauces and you will easily be able to learn all the other variations. 

4 Reasons Why You Need a Food Safety Consultant

Restaurant in New ZealandFor every new restaurant that opens in New Zealand, food safety consultants like Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd are hired to promote safe practices in all aspect of the restaurant business. A low rating on your establishment means lost money, time and resources wasted.

By hiring food safety experts, you protect not only your customers and employees but also your business and other investments. Here are top reasons why you should hire food safety experts.

They evaluate the entire food-handling process.

The procedures include everything from ordering all the way to servicing. A well-trained food safety expert can stop the weak links in your process and offer the necessary solutions to promote the highest level of operational excellence.

They help prevent food contamination nightmares.

In 2015, 43 Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) branches in the US (Washington and Oregon only) were temporarily closed due to reports of contaminated produce. The initial outbreak spread to nine states and prompted Steve Ells, CMG founder, and co-CEO, to issue a formal apology. Needless to say, it was a public relations nightmare for the brand. Ensuring a strict protocol for food safety can help avoid these incidents.

They help you prepare for audits.

Food safety consultants help you prepare for periodic audits and provide you with support and updates about new regulatory standards. They can also provide food laboratory testing as well as equipment and other software needed to improve your current food safety and handling protocols.

They help build a stronger workforce.

In 2015, plaintiffs sued a McDonald’s operator in New York after the former were exposed to hepatitis A through a sick crew member. The contagious virus can be transferred not only through food handling but also utensils handling if the carrier fails to wash his or her hands after using the bathroom. A food safety expert can help educated your workforce about protocols to avoid such incidents.

Towards Stronger Food Safety

Nobody should get sick while enjoying their favourite food. Safety consultants can help you build a stronger workforce and a more competitive F&B brand.

Expert Tips for First-Time Restaurateurs

Restaurant OwnerGreat food and unending passion are the ingredients for a thriving restaurant business. However, restaurant owners should add more elements as to attain success in the competitive food industry. Make it happen by reading the tips for first-time restaurateurs below.

Work on Your Vision

You opened your restaurant with a vision. Make sure to follow that by knowing what kind of food you want to serve, what kind of customers you want to see, and what experience you want to give. Along with your staff, following your vision allows you to succeed through passion and hard work.

Take Note of Your Restaurant’s Needs

Owning a restaurant is exceedingly demanding both in the kitchen and dining area. Fulfill your business’ needs by keeping tab of what you can supply and improve. Invest in the right tools and work with trustworthy people who can provide the best ingredients, supplies, and equipment. Keep a list of everything and follow-up your needs.

Put Cleanliness First

As a restaurateur, you should know that customers and health departments give poor ratings to unsanitary kitchens and serving areas. Maintain cleanliness by hiring a commercial cleaning service from Salt Lake City, San Diego, or anywhere near your business. Getting a professional to do the dirty work allows you and your staff to focus on the business side of things.

Invest in Marketing

Good food is the star of your business, but it is also important to invest in some kind of advertising. Marketing your restaurant whether through social media or word of mouth can boost your business and build your brand. Take advantage of technology by sharing well-thought-out online content and maintaining good PR. Apart from promoting your business in an instant, this also lessens advertising costs.

Serve exceptional food and provide one-of-a-kind customer service while making it in the food industry by keeping the pointers mentioned above in mind.

Thriving in the Liquor Business

Liquor Shop in FloridaLiquor has is present in many parties and social gatherings. Whenever there is a celebration for any occasion, no one can be at those gatherings without a bottle of beer or wine glass in their hands. You can say that in order to socialize, you also need to have even a little bit of alcohol in your system.

It is common knowledge that selling of alcohol without a license is a criminal offense in Florida that can have a fine of up to $50,000. Other penalties include the closure of establishment and even imprisonment

Importance of Liquor License

Having a liquor license is important mainly because it is against the law to sell without one. Having a liquor license can help you gain bigger revenues and profits. When you have a liquor license, you can gain more customers because they feel safe buying liquor products from you. In return, your collected profits can be used to build more of your liquor establishments.

Kinds of Liquor License

Costs of liquor licenses may be cheap or expensive, depending on the application fees and taxes involved in the application process.  Some licenses require the service of food alongside alcohol, while other licenses only allow for beer and wine. Nevertheless, it is important to acquire a liquor license before you can start selling alcohol beverages to the public.


Since Florida is a small state, it can be easier to apply for, buy, or even sell a Florida liquor license with the help of The Liquor License Guy.  Selling liquor as a business requires a lot of precautionary measures and laws that need to be followed. But when you already have a liquor license, you have fewer things to worry about while thriving in your business at the same time.

Quality Fresh Produce Give You A Whole Lot More Than Just Great Taste

Quality Fresh ProduceFruits and vegetables may not always be on top of your list when you go to the supermarket, but what you don’t know is that they have the characteristics you might not find in ordinary foods.

Have you ever tried plucking that red apple from the tree and when you sank your teeth into it, you simply said to yourself, “Ah, this is heaven!” So the following day, when you bought an apple from the supermarket, you were somewhat disappointed that it didn’t produce the same cracking sound and the same gush of the sweet juice of an apple that you’ve ever tasted. So what went wrong?

The Glaring Difference

Basically, you have found the difference between a high-quality fresh produce and an apple that has been frozen and transported for a long time before it reached the supermarket. The difference is clear, right?

Low Fat Low Calories

Almost everyone knows that fruits and vegetables have lesser number of calories as compared to processed foods. So if you are on a diet, choosing fresh produce would have to be among your priorities. Remember that when you’re on a diet, you would be doing your best not to eat, right? And when you do, you should be able to derive the most nutrients from the littlest amount of food so that you don’t neglect your body and your fitness goals.

Defence Against Chronic Diseases

If you have been eating good quality fruits and vegetables, then, you are actually lowering your risk from suffering from a host of chronic diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. Eat Right said that aside from protecting your body from many diseases, consuming this fresh produce could also lower your risk of cancer. Now this little piece of news might just have you scrambling to find out where you can find that fresh produce.

Lowers Blood Pressure Levels

The moment you reach the 40 or 50 mark, you will start to notice that you constantly visit the doctor. You tend to feel all those pains, headache, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, and all the other “nesses” in the world only to find out that it is caused by fluctuating blood pressure levels. According to Choose My Plate, opting for fruits and vegetables can greatly help in lowering blood pressure. Now that‘s one thing that would have you looking for affordable wholesale fruit and veg in Brisbane stores like

So you see, aside from the absolutely fantastic taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, this fresh produce can bring in a whole lot of benefits to your body. Whether you are on a strict diet or you just want to live a healthy life and ensure that your body receives the right amount of nutrients it needs, going for fruits and vegetables is the only way.

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Pets Healthy and in Good Spirits

Pet In GeorgiaWhile owning a pet looks all glamorous and fun, it calls for a considerable amount of effort and cares to keep them happy and healthy. The article highlights some of the proven ways to keep your pets healthy.

Pet owners have soft spots for their animal companions, forging relationships that last for many years. In fact, many consider their pets as family members and pamper them to no end. By taking great care of your pets, you safeguard your family from any pest or diseases that spread through the animals.

Have a great exercise routine

Although to the uninitiated, walking the dog is simply something one does to pass the time, the benefits carry a health implication. Taking your canine friend for a walk keeps them in good health both mentally and physically. It is in their nature to lead an active life, and failure to put them through a physical routine causes them distress. Additionally, they tend to become overweight, which could pose a potential problem in the future. Similarly, going for a walk strengthens the bond between the two of you and builds trust, not to mention that it is good for you too.

Attend a few house training sessions

As much as having a pet in the house is an absolute joy, it requires a considerable effort to keep them in line. You certainly do not want a pet that eliminates all over your seats and carpet or chews up your seats. Unbroken pets can wreak havoc in your house, in addition to posing a real danger to your household. With proper training, your canine friends are well behaved, respectful and obedient, making your life blissful.

Have an exceptional medical cover

With some of the specialty treatment running into thousands of dollars, you are better off with pet health insurance. That way you can have regular health checkups, to keep them in excellent shape. Unfortunately, horrible accidents or terminal diseases such as cancer can lead to your pet needing specialized care around the clock. In Georgia, you can check your sick animal friends into a pet hospice if you do not have the ability to care for them properly.

While animal companions are great and delightful, it calls for a considerable amount of effort to keep them that way. However, with proper care, you can improve the quality of life for your pet and family as well.

Practical Ways to Care for Your Kitchen Knives

Kitchen KnivesWithout proper care, knives can corrode and rust with time. If you care for them properly, they would serve you for longer. Maintaining a knife is not difficult, but there are important practices you have to follow.

Always Use Cutting Boards

Invest in wood or plastic cutting boards. Cutting on marble, metal or glass surfaces usually dulls knives. This is because such surfaces are too hard for blades. Choose the right types of cutting boards as well. It makes no sense buying a board that would end up dulling your knives.

Do not Put Knives in the Dishwasher

While a dishwasher makes washing cutlery easier, it’s a bad idea to put your knives in there. Movements in the dishwasher may lead to dings, chips and warps on the blade. Wash your knives by hand and with warm soapy water.

Sharpen the Blades

If you feel that your knife is not effective in cutting, sharpen it. There are several tools to sharpen your knife. The common ones are a whetstone or a diamond stone. If you’re uncertain if you can sharpen your knives effectively, get help from specialists in knife sharpening in Australia.

Store Them Appropriately

Leaving your knives in your kitchen sink usually poses a danger to everyone using the kitchen. Additionally, it can lead to bending, scratching of the blade or bending of knife tips. Wash your knives after you finish using them, and then store them in a clean knife block.

Don’t store them with other utensils because they would be scratched or dented after they are jostled around each time you open the utensil drawer.

Maintaining your knives would mean nothing if you don’t use them as required. Regardless of how expensive your knives are, handling them carelessly would damage them. Use each knife for the roles they are meant for.