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Dentist checking patient's teeth

Getting the Right Dentist

Dentist checking patient's teethLooking for the right fit is not just about what a dental practice offers, it’s about the environment, the approach of the dentist and finding out what to prioritise for each family member. Looking for a dentist in Alexandria starts with making a list of priorities with regard to dental treatments. Dental needs change as people age.

Rate Essentials Against Desirables

To choose a dentist, drawing up an essential and desirable list much the same as a company would advertise for a new post, the process starts to match the right practice with family priorities. For example, if a family is looking for a dentist in Alexandria, it would be important to have a good, child-friendly service. Dentists such as Healthy Smile Centre have specific services aimed at enhancing the experience of young people, including the innovative oral health programme Healthy Smile 4 Kids.

It’s also then important to look at the needs of other members of the family, look at:

  • How often the practice up-dates its technology. Is it important that a dental practice stays on the cutting edge of new treatments?
  • Is it possible family members will need access to more advanced restorative treatments such as dental implants and braces?
  • Are cosmetic options important such as teeth whitening or veneers?

Once the priorities for available treatments are looked at and assessed, it’s also important to look at the team of hygienists, dentists and even receptionists, since they will be the face that will meet you whenever you need to book an appointment. Looking at the surgery website, most dental surgeries have a Meet The Team page, where either the whole team will have a bio or the key team members are presented. This will give most discerning patients an opportunity to look at the general presentation of the team, look at qualifications, areas of interest or passion projects that team members are involved in.

After this research, it’s always good to visit the dental surgery and maybe have a basic hygiene consultation with one of the dentists. By being smart about how dental practices are selected, it ensures happy patients are seeing the correct dentist in Alexandria.

Woman smiling with braces

Getting Ready for Braces in Cheltenham

Woman smiling with bracesOne of the best approaches that a patient can take towards dental treatment is to participate in the process as much as possible. It may seem like the dentist is the expert when it comes to braces in Cheltenham, but this is only when you look at a narrow section of the picture. In fact, the patient has an important role to play in preparation, care and decision making.

When a patient gets braces in Cheltenham, a good dentist, like Cheltenham Dental Spa, will encourage them to supply as much information as possible about their needs and expectations. This is the start of a productive dialogue that will lead to a tailored and supportive treatment. The patient is then given specific guidelines on how to enjoy their procedure and do what they can to get to the results that they want.

Making choices

When it comes to braces in Cheltenham, there’s plenty that a patient can do to prepare. It all begins when they choose the method of teeth straightening that they want to use. The dentist checks the conditions in their mouth and will recommend the methods that can be used. If the patient is lucky, this will include one or more of the modern straightening options. They will get information on how each type of braces can impact their life and the benefits of each choice so that they can make an informed decision.

Clean teeth

Before going ahead with braces in Cheltenham, the dentist will often recommend a trip to the hygienist. This is so that the teeth are in the best possible condition before treatment begins. Strong, healthy teeth are important when it comes to fitting braces.


Information is power when it comes to dental treatments. A dentist will supply all the details that their patient needs to understand the impact that their braces will have. The patient needs to know how it will feel, what the correct care procedures are, how long the treatment will be and how often they need to come back for a check-up. With all the right information, they can plan around the ins and outs of their procedure and ensure that things go smoothly right from the start.

Help for Chronic Pain Following Injury

a man talking to two doctorsCar accidents are physically and emotionally shocking. They cause pain not just at the time of impact and the weeks after, extended over long periods. People chronic pain should see medical professionals who focus on this type of condition, such as Your Care Health Network.

Most people who sustain mild or moderate injuries from a car accident can expect to feel some discomfort for up to six weeks after their accident. But for a smaller minority, the pain may last for months. Severe injury leading to disability can cause permanent pain.

Here are some possible injuries following a car crash:

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is the most common injury associated with auto accidents and is a major cause of disability. Neck pain, repeated headaches and stiffness occur. If it lasts a long time, it may be accompanied by anxiety and depression as affected people struggle to get their pain-free lives back.

Back Injuries

Back pain is also frequent. Sometimes it is harmless, caused by strain or bruising, other times it can have a more serious cause, such as herniation of disc.

Connective Tissue Injuries

Torn ligaments and other connective tissue injuries can cause a significant amount of discomfort.

Head Injuries

Concussion, bruising, lacerations, or tissue damage inside the skull can occur via impact with a window or steering wheel, although the addition of passenger airbags have made some head injuries less common.

Seeking Help

Car accident treatment providers develop a patient care plan to treat post-crash symptoms. Options include physical therapy, massage, ice packs, steroid injections and medicines such as pain relievers or muscle relaxants. They can help patients manage post-surgical discomfort. In addition to promoting recovery, auto accident doctors can assist patients with their claims for personal injury by providing supporting medical documentation to attorneys.

Visiting a car accident doctor quickly after an accident will not only give the patient the best chance of a complication-free recovery, but it also increases the chance of a successful compensation claim.

Woman preparing a healthy drink

Things to Keep in Mind When Transitioning to a Healthier Lifestyle

Woman preparing a healthy drinkYou wake up one day and decide you do not want this life to go on—the life that is filled with junk food and unhealthy habits. You wake up one day and decide that you will start living healthy. But this may be challenging, especially if you do not know where to start.

Just one word of advice: do not change everything drastically. Going cold turkey may result in reversion. You will need to have a transition phase. And transition will help make things much easier. If you are decided now, you should take some baby steps. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Modify your diet

Among the easiest things to change in one’s lifestyle is the diet. So what you need to do at the start of the phase is remove some of the unhealthy foods you consume; for one, instead of eating chips during snack time, you may go for fruit slices. Substitute fruity drinks and water for sodas and caffeine. You may also introduce complementary food components, such as Swissoats from Singapore. Make it a habit so that the new regimen will stick.

Start with easy exercises

Wanna work out? Do not buy the hardest training package from the gym. Instead, start with the easy ones—go for workout routines that you will like. For one, if you are a fan of basketball, invite your friends to play with you. Start with jogging and similar routines.

Seek help

You may decide that you can do everything on your own. But you do not have to be alone every single time. You may seek help from your friends. Having someone monitor your progress will help in maintaining a newly established lifestyle.

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle should not be difficult. Just start with a habit and let it stick!

Save Money and Get quality Dental Treatment Overseas

Dental Check-UpMany people are having trouble finding an NHS dentist these days, as in many areas there just aren’t enough dentists to treat the population. One answer, which many people are now turning to, is to get dental treatment overseas.

There are many dental companies now offering the option of travelling abroad to get dental treatment overseas, where most procedures are cheaper. Access Smile is one such company, with clinics in Ireland and Budapest.

Can I trust a foreign dentist?

It should be pointed out that not all companies offering dental treatment overseas can be trusted. Before making a decision,people should do some research and ensure the company they use is a reputable one. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • make sure the company offers a detailed proposal with a guaranteed price rather than an estimated quote
  • look for a company with a clinic at home in case of follow-up work or any problems
  • make sure to consider travel and hotel costs – some companies offer packages with these included
  • if in doubt, consider a consultation visit to the overseas clinic, to find out in person what it is like
  • set up communication with the overseas clinic to make sure their English language skills are satisfactory
  • does the clinic offer any guarantee, in the event of complications or future problems?

Advantages to getting dental treatment overseas

There are many advantages to going overseas for dental treatment. For starters, people get a holiday as well as having their teeth fixed. Many dental clinics are in beautiful parts of the world and it is worth taking a few extra days to do some sightseeing while there. Then there is the difference in cost. Private dental treatment in the UK can be prohibitively expensive and many people avoid treating issues because of money concerns. People can have healthier, better teeth at a more affordable price by going overseas for dental treatment.

Many dental clinics overseas actually have better, more advanced equipment and technology than some UK practices.

Whether patients are looking for restorative or cosmetic dental treatment, it is certainly worth considering going overseas for treatment.

Visiting the dentist when pregnant

Is It Safe to Visit The Dentist in Richmond During Pregnancy?

Visiting the dentist when pregnantOral health care is vital for good overall health. It is really important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy, because it has the potential to prevent many problems and reduce the risk of transmission of harmful bacteria from mothers to their children.

Visiting a dentist in Richmond frequently while pregnant is imperative for regulating gum disease and preventing further complications. However, many women believe that dental care during pregnancy is dangerous. This is a misconception and may prevent women from seeking proper dental care during pregnancy. Many dental practices, including Sheen Dental, offer comprehensive oral care to women at every stage of their pregnancy.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, including necessary dental x-rays, fluoride or use of anaesthesia, are beneficial and can be undertaken by an experienced dentist in Richmond with no additional risk. Regular dental check-ups are really important because they can help diagnose gum disease related to pregnancy and treat it before it becomes too extensive.

Why are pregnant women more at risk from gum disease?

There are two major reasons why pregnant women are susceptible to gum disease during pregnancy. During pregnancy radical changes in hormone levels allow bacteria to multiply in the mouth and help them attach firmly to the gums. Even with good oral care, gum disease is a threat to pregnant women, who should have their teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist in Richmond.

Moreover, pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting can lead to the concentration of harmful bacteria on the teeth and gums. The stomach acids from vomiting can also weaken the enamel coating of the teeth.

Are dental treatments during pregnancy safe?

Teeth cleaning and scaling should be sufficient to keep the patient’s teeth and gums healthy in the first trimester. In any case, no elective treatment should be started during this time – only emergency dental needs should be considered. This is because, in the first trimester, the organs of the baby start to develop and are most sensitive to radiation and chemicals.

The second trimester is the safest time to undergo dental treatment, including x-rays. However, complex procedures such as dental implants should be delayed until after the baby is born.

Doctor measuring man's waist

Does Your Waistline Affect Your Heart Health?

Doctor measuring man's waistA thicker waistline is more than an aesthetic issue; it also increases your risk for a heart attack. This is because stomach fat is associated with increased levels of (bad) cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar, which are all risk factors for heart disease. Carrying excess fat around your belly is more of a health risk than having extra fat in your hips or thighs.

Are You an Apple or a Pear?

The area where you have body fat is as important as the amount of weight you carry. A pear-shaped body (carrying weight around hips and thighs) doesn’t negatively affect your heart in the same way that having an apple-shaped body (carrying weight around the waistline) does. Cardiology centers in Castle Dale explain that you can still have a healthy BMI, but still be at risk if you have an expanding waistline.

Is Your Waistline a Risk?

Apart from being linked to some heart disease risk factors, the fat around your waist, also called visceral fat, is also closer to your internal organs and are related to hormones. Your waistline’s measurement often indicates the risks. If your waistline is greater than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men, you are at high risk for heart disease.

How Can I Trim Down My Waistline?

There is no immediate solution to trimming down your waistline, but eating a healthy diet and being physically active can help. Both habits are beneficial in reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, as well as reducing your waist size.

Avoid quick fixes. Skip special diets and devices (like waist cinchers) that promise to reduce your belly fat. Instead, eat a healthy diet (Mediterranean-style) and engage in a regular physical activity, such as strength training.

Mind your serving sizes. There are cases where the problem may not be due to the food you eat but the amount you consume. Be aware of your portion sizes to avoid going overboard on sugar, fat, sodium, and calories. You can also benefit from reading and understanding food labels.

Learn good habits. It can be tempting to engage in strict diets and try weight-loss pills. The sad part is, they do not work in the long term. You have to learn good habits, which include eating healthy and exercising regularly for the long haul.

A doctor can help map out the best plan for your situation. Learn more about heart disease and talk to your physician to learn more about the risk.

Woman about to put on contact lens

Eye Safety: The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Contact Lenses

Woman about to put on contact lensMany people find contact lenses more aesthetically appealing than eyeglasses, but the benefits of contacts go beyond mere appearance. For instance, they don’t fog up during the cold weather. Similarly, they conform to the natural shape of your eyes, resulting in fewer vision distortions than you might experience when wearing spectacles.

Contact lenses, however, can only provide these benefits if acquired from the right company, Crowborough Opticians point out. Additionally, when wearing a pair, it is crucial to take care of them as they go directly on the eyeballs.

Do mind cleanliness

Before handling your contact lenses, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. If you put on makeup, do so after you’ve worn your lenses so there is no residual powder on your hands. You should also always clean the lens case with the prescribed solution. After washing, wipe the case with a clean tissue then air-dry.

Do check your lenses before application

Before wearing your contact lenses, make sure they are not inside out. If improperly worn, contact lenses can cause eye irritation and even infection. It is also important for you to check that the lenses are not dusty nor damaged, as the jagged edges of a torn contact lens can scratch the cornea.

Don’t use tap water

When cleaning your lenses or your lens case, use only the proper solution. Tap water may contain microorganisms that can contaminate your lenses. Also, don’t reuse your solution as, after on use, it has already been tainted with the dirt on your lenses. Always use fresh solution each time you store your lenses in their case.

Don’t abuse your contact lens

There are lenses that can be worn while sleeping. But, if your lenses are not made for this, don’t wear them to bed as this increases the risk of eye infection up to four times.

Contact lenses come into direct contact with your eyes, so it is in your best interest to take care of them the same way you would take care of your eyes. Equally important, don’t forget to go to your optometrist for regular check-ups and lens replacement.

Top Things to Know about Manuka Honey

Bees on a HoneycombManuka honey is a by-product native to New Zealand that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies such as Comvita NZ have been cultivating this amazing product since the 1970s because of its many benefits. Here are a few facts about manuka honey that might change your life.

Helps Heal Wounds Faster

Although all types of honey contain antibiotic qualities, manuka honey is different in terms of its antibacterial strength. And to gauge this strength, the grading system UMF or Unique Manuka Factor is used. The UMF determines the levels of leptisperin, DHA and methylglyoxal. The higher the UMF rating, the stronger the manuka honey’s antibacterial qualities. This can then be used to treat wounds, burns and cuts.

Treats a Sore Throat

Because of its amazing antibacterial property, it helps alleviate inflammation and even eliminates the bacteria in the throat that causes pain. It also coats the throat’s inner lining to give it a more soothing effect. Moreover, manuka honey also attacks the harmful oral bacteria that induces mucositis.

Promotes Oral Health

Consuming manuka honey can also promote oral health. Certain studies show that manuka honey helps eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. And unlike refined sugar and candy, manuka honey is very unlikely to contribute to tooth decay or cavities.

Alleviates the Chances of Blood Sugar Increase

Another benefit that manuka honey has to offer is its positive effect on a person’s sugar level. Taken orally, it effectively prevents the rise in blood sugar.

Manuka honey is an exceptional by-product that has amazing effects when it comes to healing and wound management. That’s why it’s essential only to purchase it from suppliers who can provide you with quality products made especially for your health.

What is an ACL Injury?: A Look at the Condition

Injured AthleteDerrick Rose, Jamal Crawford, and Jason Smith are just some of the numerous NBA players who are known to have suffered from ACL injuries. A dreaded injury among players that is often a career changer (or ender), ACL injury happens when the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, tears.

Despite being a literal game-changer, some people still thrive even after an ACL scare. ACL surgery in Provo and other parts of the country can help patients manage the condition. Doctor Mitchell Larsen shares that understanding the injury is key to knowing how to prevent it from happening, or how to handle should you suffer from one.

What causes ACL injuries?

The ACL is like a cord that connects the thigh bone and the shin bone. It is the one responsible for keeping the knee stable and allows your shin bone through a normal range of motions. An ACL injury happens when this cord tears due to excessive pressure on the knee caused by sudden stopping, jumping, or changes in position. Thus, it is no surprise why people who are into sports like basketball, football, and tennis, among others, are the most prone to such injuries.

What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?

People who experienced torn ACL often hear a popping sound in their kneed followed by severe pain. Often than not, the pain causes the injured to stop the activities altogether. Swelling after a few hours is common, so is losing sensation on the affected area.

How is it treated?

Like other injuries, the treatment for the injury will depend on its severity. Rehabilitation programs and therapy are the most basic approach done to help cure the condition. It might take months or even years before a person recovers. But the chances of recovery are high because treatments are usually specifically tailored to one’s condition. However, there is a need for surgery for more severe cases. Instead of sewing the torn tendon back together, it is replaced by a substitute graft made of tendon taken from other parts of the body or other people.

Know anyone who is suffering from an ACL injury? Seek immediate help and see how it can help them back into the game.