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What Has Behavioral Economics Got to Do with Marketing

team of individuals discussingFor years, marketers have unknowingly applied behavioral economics in their strategies. Behavioral economics proposes a link between economics and psychology. This theory explores why people sometimes make irrational decisions and why their behavior deviates from traditional economics.

Rather than making decisions based on facts such as price and quality, people sometimes make decisions based on emotions. Behavioral economics helps explain why someone will choose to go for A instead of B.

When you hire an experienced marketing agency in Salt Lake City, they’ll implement some practical techniques informed by behavioral economics.

The power of positioning

Economists say that everything has a price and that everyone has a maximum price they’re willing to pay for a product or service. In behavioral economics, how marketing agencies position your product can change the equation.

A good example is restaurants, where most find that the bottle of wine which falls second in price is usually very popular. Why? Customers who buy the second in price feel they’re getting something fine while not going over the top in price and this way, they feel they are saving. The power of positioning helps explain why marketers will offer a few inferior options.

Social proof

Behavioral economics proposes people innately desire acceptance and for this reason, they base their decisions of social norms. That consumers are easily influenced by what products others buy or the services other people use.

This explains why word of mouth remains an effective tool of marketing. In this digital era, online reviews on your Facebook page or on Yelp can serve as social proof for consumers. A marketing survey found that 88 percent of shoppers look at online reviews before purchasing products.

Endowment effect

Customers prefer items that carry some sort of ownership as compared to a similar item owned by another customer. To increase emotional attachment to a product, markets utilize customization.

The ultimate goal of personalizing products is to increase their value in the eyes of the customer. Marketers have long been vaguely aware that irrationality in some way shapes consumer behavior.

Once you understand what behavioral economics is all about, this irrationality becomes more predictable. Understanding behavioral economics will help you position your products or services more strategically.

Knowing the Traits of a Good Project Manager

Happy BusinessmanBeing a project manager means being a master coordinator. And being that may mean extreme business, stress, and dealing with many people. But what’s good about being a project manager is that it helps you broaden your network and hone your professional relation skills.

Certainly, it has crossed your mind to become better at what you do. But being a better project manager may require you to look into your existing skills and find the ones that need improvement. Below are just some things you may want to keep in mind if you want to improve in your craft.

Thinks ahead

A good project manager is a future-thinking individual. While they may not be a clairvoyant, they do their best to determine the outcome of the situation based on existing variables. As such, solutions and contingency plans are properly laid out even if the problem is not yet happening. Their answers are always ready even before the questions are not yet thrown at them.

Finds ways to make things efficient

Project management is all about ensuring that the activities and tasks are being carried out based on the schedule. A better project manager sees to it that the procedures are streamlined to ensure timely delivery of outputs. They find and test new methods, such as cloud-based project management with Loadspring, to foster collaboration and maximize existing resources.

They are patient

Each part of the process flow should be undertaken painstakingly. Project managers understand the nature of timelines, so as much as possible, they do not rush things. And if rushing the project is inevitable, project managers will do it gracefully.

These are just some things you need to keep in mind if you want to become a better project manager. Make sure that each element of the project works gracefully based on your plans and projections.

How the Right Website Design Helps Your Business

Building WebsiteThe number of providers for easy website creation and free hosting makes it seem like it is the best way to get started on a business website for less. But without the right knowledge, creating a cheap website may actually cost you more.

One Look is All It Takes

Think of how you would judge the websites you view. Will you continue using or exploring a website that is poorly-made and difficult to navigate? Would a site filled with text that is difficult to read hold your attention? The answer is probably “no”—not unless you really have to.

Experts in web design in Croydon notes that to generate business, your website needs to draw not just traffic but interaction. To encourage interaction or at least have people stick around long enough, the website needs to appeal to your target market. In addition, the site must make two things clear: who you are and that you take your business seriously.

Who Should You Call?

A website is an important marketing tool for any business. Aside from word of mouth advertising, sites are an easy way to gain exposure. Other than asking friends, there is a good chance that the first thing people will do when they hear about your business is to turn to Google. If they do not like what they see, they might turn to others who offer similar services or products without giving what you have a second glance.

Look for web design professionals who can help you figure out the best options. Be open with the specifics of your business, what you need the website to do for you, and the budget you are working with. Note that while you might not have a big budget for website creation and maintenance, try to be flexible. After all, this is the face you are showing the world 24/7—you always want it to be the best you can present.

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Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Reinvigorate Your Brand

businessman pointing at online marketing business conceptsDigital marketing makes up a significant portion of today’s marketing strategies. It exposes your brand to over 90% of your clients. Digital marketing trends, however, change regularly and it is essential to keep up or risk fading into oblivion.

Digital marketing is, however, a double-edged sword and if mishandled can lead to the downfall of your brand. To handle these strategies correctly, it is imperative to hire a digital advertising agency. Here are some innovative approaches the experts from the advertising agency might recommend.

Ephemeral Content

This is content with a limited lifespan. It disappears after a set period. Temporary material might not seem like the best choice for most marketers, but this is the best choice in the current digital marketing world. It keeps your digital content from appearing stiff, out-dated, and overly edited which negatively impacts your marketing campaign.

Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is personal, social and easy to share. It also has an additional benefit of helping you to gather all your clients’ contact information. Email newsletters allow you to get more information to your clients compared to other forms of digital marketing and will enable you to position yourself as a leader in your industry. They are also less costly compared to traditional newsletters and allow you to reach a precise market.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality which involves combining a digital and real world is currently one of the more prominent trends in digital marketing. Snapchat has ‘sponsored lenses,’ Instagram has ‘face filters’ while Facebook has ‘frame studio.’ All these are augmented reality platforms which allow you to create an interactive client experience and innovative brand image and establish a recurring engagement with your customers.

There is so much your brand can reap from digital advertising and ignoring it will cost you. Apart from the three strategies discussed, there are others your digital advertising expert might propose. The ideal approach depends on your brand, target market, budget and intended impact.

Website Redesign: 3 Tips for Avoiding the Negative SEO Impact

A website being designedWhile redesigning your website is supposed to improve the user experience for your visitors, it can be detrimental to your search engine ranking. But this does not have to be the case as long as you take all the necessary steps when transitioning from the old to the new website. It all depends on how well you alert the search engines of the changes that you make on your domain, URLs, and structure. Experts on SEO services in Minneapolis share three valuable tips on how you can avoid SEO damages during a website redesign.

Redirect the old pages to the pages on the new site

In case a website redesign means that you have to make changes to the pages’ URLs, it is vital that you use 301 redirects to link the old pages to the new and similar pages. This will help inform the search engines that the information in both pages is similar and that they should give them a similar ranking. However, avoid making general redirects to the homepage, as this will annoy both the search engines and the site visitors and end up hurting your rank.

Design a friendly error 404 page

Although you might have redirected your visitors to the new pages, it is still possible to have errors such as link breaks along the way. Error 404 pages can be quite helpful in monitoring such errors and ensuring that your visitors are taken care of. Just be sure to create engaging and friendly error 404 pages to help the users find whatever they are looking for.

Deal with metadata descriptions carefully

When moving the pages to the new site, make sure that they have inviting metadata descriptions to maintain and even improve your ranking through enhanced click-through-rates. In case your old site had great descriptions, you can retain these on your new site.

Redesigning your website should not mean having to lose your ranking. In fact, you should utilize this opportunity even to improve it. Follow the above tips and get to prevent the detrimental SEO effects of a website redesign.

Choosing the Best SEO Consultant For Your Business

a search engineSearch engine optimization or SEO is important for your website traffic. If you want to increase sales and brand awareness, encourage people to visit your website. The more visits your website gets, the higher the traffic.

SEO can help make that happen and you can even hire a consultant to do the job for you. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the best SEO consultant in Salt Lake City for your business website.

Ask for referrals

An SEO professional would not hesitate to give a list of former and existing clients for referrals. Ask these companies for any feedback regarding the service of the SEO consultant or agency. They may not give specifics, but they could at least tell you if their rankings improved as a result of the consultant’s effort.

Ask about the consultant’s SEO strategy

Ask the consultant to explain the strategy that will be used to improve your website traffic. The consultant must reveal how they can increase your site’s search ranking. You must also agree on the timetable for reaching the desired ranking.

Ensure that there are no black hat or even gray hat SEO tricks

Make sure the person you hire will not use black hat or gray hat tricks to improve your site’s traffic and ranking. Search engines, especially Google, do not hesitate to ban websites from search results if these are engaged in dirty tricks, such as content and link spamming.

Watch out for false promises

The primary objective of SEO is to make a website land on the No. 1 spot on the first page of search results. Yet, you should avoid consultants who promise you a top one ranking after a month of working with them. It’s either they will resort to underhanded tactics or it’s an empty boast.

Consider those with local SEO expertise

Having your business appear in the local search engines is likely to get you more sales and profits. Consultants with local SEO knowledge will be highly beneficial for your brick and mortar shop or office.

Learn about the fees and terms

SEO consultants are normally paid per project, but they can also receive their pay hourly or by retainer. Most of them charge per project, which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,500, according to an article on Moz.

SEO is the driving force in terms of website ranking. To choose the best consultant suitable for your website, talk to their former or current clients. Ask them about their SEO strategies and tactics, and if they have a realistic view on improving your website’s ranking on search results. For local business owners, go with candidates who have local SEO expertise. And lastly, don’t forget to be clear on the payment terms for the SEO services.

Advertising plan

Vehicle Wraps: The Moving Ad that Benefits Your Brand

Advertising planBusinesses of any size need constant brand awareness to grow clients continually, and this is particularly true for small to medium companies. Business owners must know which advertising methods they should focus their efforts on to guarantee that they are not wasting their resources. This is why you should consider using one of the most efficient and most straightforward types of advertising, a mobile advertising tool with car wraps in Fort Worth.

Below are advantages that you can reap:

A Permanent and Extremely Affordable Form of Long-Term Advertising

Without a doubt, vehicle wraps yield great ROI to the business. Besides, this form of marketing won’t even require you to allocate more of your finances or renew contracts. As soon as you apply the wrap onto your vehicle, it will stay there until you want to alter the design or remove it. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to overhaul your entire vehicle because you can just go for a partial vehicle wrap.

A Mobile Billboard with Highway Driving

If you want a fast and easy method to widen your brand exposure throughout a greater geographical location, then have your driver course through the highway. Think about it, a few gallons of gasoline is way more cost effective compared to a roadside ad or a radio airtime. This tactic may sound pointless at first, but this is the most stress-free method to spread the word. Who knows, you might end up getting an email or call inquiries from possible clients after seeing your mobile billboard.

A Professional Finish

With a vehicle wrap, your car will appear like a fleet vehicle. It doesn’t only make your brand appear more modern, but it will seem bigger than it is. This tends to communicate reliability. People assume that a brand that uses vehicle wraps is already well-known in the industry.

As you read above, you must not undervalue the power of basic static marketing tools like these. With the capacity to frequently and quickly publicize your brand, it provides you with an economical method of advertising.

The Latest Trends in Retail Packaging Design

Strawberries neatly packed on a clean and safe disposable food containerMarketing is a competitive field and any organization that wants any consumer to notice it has to invest in advertising. Almost every firm is investing in targeted and blanket advertising. Though you might be reaping good ROI from these ads, you might be forgetting a crucial aspect of marketing.

An integral and typically forgotten aspect of brand marketing is retail package design. Red Rider Creative says that a good marketing agency in Utah can help emphasize the importance of your product package design when building your brand. Humans are visual creatures and what attracts customers to your product is package designing. Here are the latest trends for this crucial marketing tool:

Geometrical Shapes

This trend revolves around simplicity and approachability through shapes and patterns. Most package designs are shifting towards squares, circles, and triangles in monochromatic colors. In markets with exaggerated designs, the simplicity of these packages makes them stand out. The familiar colors and shapes communicate with consumers more than excessive designs.


The best design packages try to keep their message as simple and clear as possible. This trend is a hit with consumers who do not want to spend so much time trying to understand what you offer. Sell your brand using simplified and clearly stated messages on your package.

Hand Lettering

Your package should not blend in with your competitor’s products. Hand lettering is the latest trend for product communication as opposed to digital lettering. The individuality of hand lettering creates a connection with your consumers and makes your product visible among its competition.

All products in the market compete for recognition. Unique product package designs are the best way to advertise your product and stand out from others. Get a reputable and well-equipped marketing agency to help you with your package design. It will become one of your primary advertising tools when done right.

4 Problems Killing Your Business (And How to Solve Them)

Business PuzzleNo one goes into business to fail. The sad reality, however, is that the majority of businesses fail within its first few years. And it’s not just startups that collapse. Major companies do too. If in your business has been declining recently, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. You are using the wrong approach.

If your sales have been decreasing, it’s an indication that your marketing methods are no longer working. Evaluate your entire marketing campaign and see how you can tweak it. Try new ways to reach potential customers. Try working with an experienced Utah-based SEO company. Attend trade fairs and make presentations that stand out. Develop a referral scheme. In a lot of aspects of business management, experimenting on what works and doesn’t work is the only step forward.

2. You have problems with your capital.

When you start experiencing problems with raising enough capital for your business, you are well on your way to collapse. As you start a business, you need to determine how much capital you’ll need to keep the business running until you start making profits. If you’ve been in business for years and suddenly find you have inadequate capital, consider a business loan.

3. Your brand is no longer appealing.

With competition in business ever on the rise, you sometimes need to rebrand to ensure you stay attractive to your clients. There are many simple ways you can enhance your brand without necessarily losing your identity. For instance, you can slightly alter your colors and improve your logo. This creates a sense of freshness.

4. You are working with the wrong team.

When a member of your staff or a section of your employees are no longer productive, consider that it’s time to let them go and bring in a fresh team. You want to know your staff understands and shares your vision. A new team also can also inject new ideas in your staff.

It’s what you do when your business is on a downward spiral that will determine its fate. By taking a few simple steps, you can turn things around.

Leveraging Domains for Localization Marketing

Computer PPCMany companies are now using multilingual websites or at least those specific to a particular city or country that uses the same language. As a website owner, you’d want to create unique experiences for a visitor, doing so improves conversion rates and overall user experience.

Experts on PPC from Denver cite the following ways you can leverage domains, subdomains and subfolders for your localization strategy.

The Domain Level Strategy

One of the most common ways to reach a different audience using another language, regardless of the size of your business, is to use different domains. Americans may prefer sites with the .com URL, others would want to see .jp, .ca, .cn or others. This is the easiest way to reach other groups across continents; however, the domain may be unavailable.

Different domains also improve your authority and reach; you’ll get more links directed to your website from various sources. Diverse traffic helps your search results rank and makes it easier for algorithms to index and crawl your pages.

Subdomain Approach

Another approach is using a subdomain at the country and language level. Japanese users may want a URL of, and a Canadian may want, and so on. This strategy is similar to using subfolders; however, both strategies have one glaring limitation, which is poor intuitiveness.

Link Building

Link building isn’t dead, but has only evolved; with the help of domains and subdomains, you can improve your ranking results and reach a wider audience. Links to your primary domain and website boosts your authority, because of the different sources of traffic and link profiles.

With different domains and subdomains, you get to customize your approach based on your intended audience. You can have a site specifically for non-English speakers, those using mobile devices and for those looking for a particular product or service. This flexibility enables you to maximize your reach, use resources optimally and convert at a better rate.