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4 Problems Killing Your Business (And How to Solve Them)

Business PuzzleNo one goes into business to fail. The sad reality, however, is that the majority of businesses fail within its first few years. And it’s not just startups that collapse. Major companies do too. If in your business has been declining recently, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. You are using the wrong approach.

If your sales have been decreasing, it’s an indication that your marketing methods are no longer working. Evaluate your entire marketing campaign and see how you can tweak it. Try new ways to reach potential customers. Try working with an experienced Utah-based SEO company. Attend trade fairs and make presentations that stand out. Develop a referral scheme. In a lot of aspects of business management, experimenting on what works and doesn’t work is the only step forward.

2. You have problems with your capital.

When you start experiencing problems with raising enough capital for your business, you are well on your way to collapse. As you start a business, you need to determine how much capital you’ll need to keep the business running until you start making profits. If you’ve been in business for years and suddenly find you have inadequate capital, consider a business loan.

3. Your brand is no longer appealing.

With competition in business ever on the rise, you sometimes need to rebrand to ensure you stay attractive to your clients. There are many simple ways you can enhance your brand without necessarily losing your identity. For instance, you can slightly alter your colors and improve your logo. This creates a sense of freshness.

4. You are working with the wrong team.

When a member of your staff or a section of your employees are no longer productive, consider that it’s time to let them go and bring in a fresh team. You want to know your staff understands and shares your vision. A new team also can also inject new ideas in your staff.

It’s what you do when your business is on a downward spiral that will determine its fate. By taking a few simple steps, you can turn things around.

Leveraging Domains for Localization Marketing

Computer PPCMany companies are now using multilingual websites or at least those specific to a particular city or country that uses the same language. As a website owner, you’d want to create unique experiences for a visitor, doing so improves conversion rates and overall user experience.

Experts on PPC from Denver cite the following ways you can leverage domains, subdomains and subfolders for your localization strategy.

The Domain Level Strategy

One of the most common ways to reach a different audience using another language, regardless of the size of your business, is to use different domains. Americans may prefer sites with the .com URL, others would want to see .jp, .ca, .cn or others. This is the easiest way to reach other groups across continents; however, the domain may be unavailable.

Different domains also improve your authority and reach; you’ll get more links directed to your website from various sources. Diverse traffic helps your search results rank and makes it easier for algorithms to index and crawl your pages.

Subdomain Approach

Another approach is using a subdomain at the country and language level. Japanese users may want a URL of, and a Canadian may want, and so on. This strategy is similar to using subfolders; however, both strategies have one glaring limitation, which is poor intuitiveness.

Link Building

Link building isn’t dead, but has only evolved; with the help of domains and subdomains, you can improve your ranking results and reach a wider audience. Links to your primary domain and website boosts your authority, because of the different sources of traffic and link profiles.

With different domains and subdomains, you get to customize your approach based on your intended audience. You can have a site specifically for non-English speakers, those using mobile devices and for those looking for a particular product or service. This flexibility enables you to maximize your reach, use resources optimally and convert at a better rate.


3 Clever Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

a notebook, pencil holder, pens and laptop showing digital marketing on screen

Do you have a dental practice in the city and looking for ways on how to generate new customers? Try out these bright ideas to improve your dental marketing tactics.

Blog about dental procedures.

Ask your friends about a root canal, and they’ll probably wince at the mere mention of it. This is because, in recent years, root canal has been put under the spotlight and most people who have had shared their pain. This leaves more people worried about the pain involved rather than the necessity of the procedure. And if you tell your patients that they might need one, their bad impression and probably wrong information about the procedure would put them off of it immediately. That’s where you can use your website blog to educate people about dental procedure. Write about them in simple words that people would understand. The more they know, the less they become afraid.

Create shareable content

Blogs are shareable content. But there are also other types of content you can create to generate leads, especially on social media. In one survey, researchers found that 55 percent of people watch online videos daily. In another study, experts calculated that 74% of the total online traffic would come from online videos by 2017. Take advantage of how videos can increase your website traffic and create simple but effective marketing videos that are not just educational but also promotional.

Offer huge discounts

Here’s something you should always keep in mind: coupons create happiness. Discounts make people happy. And happy people are more than willing to return for follow-up procedures. Roll out discounts now and then. You can either offer one big discount off a series of small ones. Whichever you choose, the key is to give something seemingly for free.

Smart, Effective Marketing

These are just three simple but clever ways to help market your dental practice in the online and offline world. There are more but do try these three out and see for yourself how they can benefit you.

Maximising the Benefits of Dental Practice SEO

Dental care image placed on one of the keyboard keyIn the old days, if your dental practice paid for a full page on the telephone book, that was all you needed by way of advertising. That, and word-of-mouth, were pretty strong forms of communicating your practice to patients.

These days, however, a listing in the phone book and on the newspaper, pamphlets or fliers and posters are hardly enough to get you any visits from new patients. When people need to see a dentist, most of them do not turn to old media; they reach for their phones.

With that in mind, here is what you need to remember about SEO for dentists.

You need SEO

Search engine optimisation is what leads to the “organic” rise of your website on the search results pages of Google and other search engines.

Having a website is not enough; you need to pay for SEO services to make sure your practice website does not get lost in the multitude of results that appear on people’s phones when they need your services.

Invest in localised SEO

There are perhaps over a million of dentist around the world, and many of them offer the same services as you. This is why you need local SEO. Localised and geo-targeted keywords are important.

You are competing for dominance with properly chosen keywords, and those keywords are likely to have very, very high competition. Keeping them geo-targeted gives you a better chance of appearing on searches by people within your area.

Post only quality content

Spamming is not something that Google appreciates, so do not just post content for the sake of posting them. Make sure the content on your website is of high quality, something that raises your image and provides value to users.

Not only does this make patients appreciate your practice website more, but it also builds up your authority in the eyes of both users and Google.

It is not easy to compete in a field where there are so many other players. But the Internet makes it a more level playing field. Invest in a great website, good and useful content, and search engine optimisation to get a better chance of getting more patients to come to your practice.

Credit Improvement: Raising Your Credit Score to Get Business Financing

Business loan applicationBorrowers who would like to put up a business but have unfavorable credit may face a difficult time getting a business loan as creditors consider one’s credit standing as one of their criteria for approving a loan. Even if the borrower is approved, he or she may face higher interest rates, less favorable payment terms, and higher insurance premiums. Thus, borrowers who want a higher chance of approval, as well as qualify for lower interest rates should focus on improving their score. Keep these things in mind to raise your credit score and obtain a favorable outcome in your business loan application.

Build up Your Debt-to-Credit Ratio

Debt-to-credit ratio is a percentage of your total debt in relation to your available credit. You can improve your ratio by doing one or more of the following: ask for a credit limit increase, pay down your credit balances, and roll over your credit card debt into a personal installment loan. Take note that a low debt-to-credit ratio shows lenders that you are using your credit responsibly.

Make Payments to Creditors on Time

While each credit bureau utilizes slightly different ways of calculating business credit scores, all of them look at your history of paying creditors. Thus, make sure that you pay on time. Given that the bulk of your credit score comes from your payment history, it’s important to do everything you can to avoid late payments.

Refrain from Setting Aside Money while Missing Payments

Even if you have a big ticket item that you want to buy in the future, you should not set aside money at the cost of missing payments on things you already owe your creditors. While it can be enticing to save money for business expenses, your priority should be to stay on top of your bills.

Improving your debt-to-credit ratio, making on-time payments, and staying on top of your bills can help you gain a credit score more likely to help obtain a business loan at a desirable interest rate. An excellent credit score doesn’t just open up better business loan opportunities; it can also attract new clients into your business, too, as anyone can look at a business credit score to gauge a business’ trustworthiness and accountability. 

Run a Successful and Profitable Business in a Volatile Market

Stock rates and informationAs the world event continue to unfold, it is becoming abundantly clear that change is the only constant. While such turn of events might pose a problem in some quarters, it comes bearing many opportunities.

Despite these changes, you can steer your business practice to profitability and register runaway success. However, before you can make the most of such occurrences, you need a proper strategy.

Keep learning the markets

The key to the success of any business venture is having a ready market for your goods and services. As such, you should use a bottom-up approach when launching products on the market. That entails researching the needs of the target market long before making a start. In so doing, you bring to the market a product that solves a particular set of problems. Such is a better approach since you provide a solution to a real and pressing issue.

Similarly, you need to keep abreast the happening in both the local and international scene. A safe and reliable source of news can help you plan and take advantage of emerging markets and opportunities. In essence, learning the market gives you an edge over your competitors.

Have a great currency strategy

If your business entails selling goods and products to foreign markets, you need to be smart about your monies to reduce exposure. International transactions can prove costly only to end up taking a toll on your profits. This is particularly serious when you need to convert between various foreign currencies. Poor exchange rates coupled with hefty commissions can jeopardise your chances of success.

Rather than endure such losses, make use a reliable foreign exchange calculator like Stock Market London when making transactions. That way you can make accurate calculations and negotiate the best exchange rates on the market. Such move not only helps you to avoid losses but also to make accurate financial projections.

A dynamic market often poses a challenge to many business establishments, but with a little planning and preparation, you can achieve runaway success. These useful pointers can help you get an edge on the market.

What a Solid Online Presence Can Do for Your Dental Practice

With nearly 30,000 dentists operating in the United Kingdom, it has becomeA Dentist Using A Tablet increasingly difficult for oral health care professionals to have a lucrative practice. This does not automatically mean though that your office will become part of the statistics.

There are many different ways to secure your market share of patients in need of dental services, and one of these is to ensure you have a solid online presence. Having a team of experts specialising in website design for dentists will help you achieve this goal.

Dominate Dental stresses the importance of hiring a firm that will give you that all-in-one, online marketing package that grows your patient list.

Boosting new patient traffic to your site and your practice

It is not enough for you to have a website and expect droves of patients to come knocking on your door. It needs to have all the right components that make it stand out from the thousands of other sites competing with you.

In short, it should have dental marketing content that best describes your practice, such as your specialisations, while also educating patients and making them feel secured and at ease, especially since dental anxiety is common in the UK.

Showing off your expertise

Potential patients need to see tangible proof that they can trust you and put their oral health in your hands. So one of the first things they will look for when they visit your site is your “Before & After” gallery. This page should feature your latest work in an organised manner and layout.

Make certain you display your expertise in high-resolution photos. Do not forget videos too, as these will give off a more realistic vibe. Bear in mind, some 84% of people trust reviews online the same way as personal referrals.

Getting the best value for your money spent

After successfully converting visitors into paying patients, this tool in your arsenal will then provide patients a way to set up an appointment with you right away; they no longer have to wait for the next day, since they can do so through your “Contact Us” page.

In short, a well-conceptualised and competently designed website will help you not only garner the attention of prospective clients, but also capture your leads.

Seasonal SEO: How Important is It?

SEO ChartSearch engine optimization (SEO) is part of your digital marketing scheme; you should know by now that trends fluctuate every season and these affect your website traffic.

Did your rankings drop suddenly last Christmas or did you see a significant change in your standing in the SERPs on specific holidays throughout the year? For more dynamic data that would help your marketing efforts, your affordable SEO plans should be able to identify which seasons and holidays affect customer behavior and their decision-making strategies.

When you talk about seasonal SEO, this is essentially about optimizing keywords for a particular time of the year.

Seasonal Occurrences Pertinent to SEO

Seasons – you may be thinking of the four seasons throughout the year or specific holidays celebrated annually, but for SEO, it’s more than that. Seasons in SEO include sales patterns, as well as current trends.

Planning Your Seasonal SEO Campaign

The key to effective seasonal SEO is timing. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 months before you can execute your plan, as there is a lot of research that goes on.

The first thing you do is gather information, and where else would you find it than on your website? You need to analyze data from previous seasons for you to come up with a new plot to make your site flourish during the coming season. Check which time you’ve had a significant change, whether positive or negative and find the keywords that can still be useful to you.

As mentioned, do keyword research. Find which ones can help you rank during the upcoming season and expound on that. After which, outline the types of content you will use and make sure that you create content that is clear and precise with a strong call-to-action.

It takes a few months of research before you can implement seasonal SEO for a particular period. Consult with your digital marketing specialist on how this can be helpful in your sales and ranking in the SERPs.

Bouncing Back: How You Can Recover from a Google Penalty

Google PenaltyA Google penalty can be damaging to any website as it can result in less traffic and cause a site’s SERP ranking to drop. Worst case scenario? It could lead to a complete de-indexing of the website. Digital marketing companies, such as, say that websites get penalized when a Google update renders their old SEO strategy obsolete and it violates the new guidelines or when a Google manual review team flags the site.

Fortunately, not all is lost for your penalized website. You can take the following steps to help you bounce back from a penalty.

Determine if the Penalty Type is Manual or Algorithmic

There are currently two types of Google Penalty: Manual and Algorithmic. Identifying which category the penalty falls under will help you fix the issue.

In a manual penalty, you’ll receive a message from Google stating the details of the violation. Manual penalties occur when the spam algorithm of the search engine flags something on your website. The only way to revoke this penalty is to send a reconsideration request to Google.

An algorithmic penalty, on the other hand, is a lot harder to detect as Google doesn’t notify you of the sanction. There are, however, clues that point to an algorithmic penalty, such as a drop in traffic. If you suspect an algorithmic penalty, find out if it was due to a Google Panda or Google Penguin guideline violation.

Identify All Bad Back links

Bad back links are one of the major reasons websites get penalized. Take stock of all your site’s back links, pick out the bad ones manually or with the help of Monitor Back links, and disavow those links. Make sure that you choose only the bad links! Accidentally disavowing good back links will also affect your search-ability and page rankings.

Send a Link Removal Request

After weeding out bad back links, send Google’s Webmaster an email requesting to have the link removed. Make sure to use your company email address so the Webmaster can verify that you own your site. The Webmaster regularly receives emails like this every day, however, so don’t expect to get a reply immediately. Follow up on your request every few days until you resolve the issue.

By identifying the type of penalty a website was given, identifying all bad back links, and sending a link removal request, a website can recover from a Google Penalty. In the future, make sure to stick to white hat practices so that your website won’t get hit with another penalty.

SEO on a Keyboard

4 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO on a KeyboardComing up with a good SEO strategy seems like an easy task. Apparently, this can be very tricky because Google does not allow trial and error approaches that involve malicious tactics to improve your ranking. SEO is a fundamental digital marketing technique that every business should apply to improve search rankings and sales. Hiring a reputable and experienced agency can be very helpful in achieving this goal.

To achieve your business objectives, you must do things right. Below are four main SEO mistakes you need to avoid in order to succeed:

Keyword Stuffing

Overusing a keyword can raise issues with Google, and it is very unfortunate because many beginners hardly avoid this mistake. Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting suggests that you place keywords in your article as naturally or organically as possible. The content must not look as if it is forced to take in the keywords because Google will recognize this mistake and make you pay for it.

Publishing a Summarized Content

Most people make a mistake of creating thin content, which usually does not earn a good ranking. It is more sensible to produce a detailed article on the topic you chose to write about in order to pass Google’s relevancy criteria. A previous study revealed that pieces of content that contain over 2000 words earn themselves a good position on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

Unresponsive Website

Non-desktop browsing is increasingly becoming popular and Google is on the verge of emphasizing the importance of website updates. Mobile searches have grown drastically in recent years. The search giant favors websites that are mobile friendly, meaning they work seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes. It is time to upgrade!

Applying DIY

Working on your own SEO campaign is not a bad idea. But the question is, do you have the necessary skills or knowledge about the current strategies, trends, or changes in Google’s algorithm? Do you have the resources and tools to support your optimization projects? Being a marketing professional does not mean you can do SEO as well as the “real” SEO specialists. Hiring an expert can mean additional expenses, but this will save you a lot of work and stress in the long run. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your campaign is in the hands of true professionals.

Keywords, content, and SEO go hand in hand and the way you apply the concept to your business determines your success rate. Avoid these mistakes and you will be a step closer to achieving online success.