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Top Light Paint Colours to Maximise Natural Lighting

Ready to paint to maximise the natural lightingNatural lighting lends radiance to interior spaces that you just cannot replicate with overhead lights or lamps. It could likewise reduce your energy consumption and bills. Too much of it, however, could make your space feel and look blindingly bright.

On the other hand, lack of natural lighting could make a space look and feel too shadowy and cool. Gavin Chan Decorators Limited suggests that you refer to the following guidelines before you choose a paint colour for your walls.

For South-Facing Spaces

These spaces receive little to no direct sunlight so all the light that manages to get in looks less intense, shadowy and cool. A nice shade of peach or off-white with slightly peachy undertones would mimic the rays of the sun and make your space look like it is sunlit.

For North-Facing Spaces

These get plenty of sunlight throughout the day and because this could sometimes be extremely intense, you should consider cool blue paint hues. It is important to note, however, that not all blues have cool undertones, such as aquamarine and turquoise. To keep north-facing spaces cool, opt for silvery grey undertones, such as stormy blues or denim. If you like a more neutral hue, go with grey, but avoid taupe undertones.

For East-Facing Spaces

These get most of the morning sunlight, which is clear and warm with bright yellow undertones. Choose soft earthy hues or light tans to keep the brightness of the space without it looking too intense and vivid during the morning.

For West-Facing Spaces

These spaces receive most of the orangey afternoon sunlight. Opt for an off-white shade with some mauve undertones in order to intensify the sunlight, as it turns peachy during the later afternoon to early evening. Consider using an accent shade in light pinks and violets, as these would look brilliant against the afternoon sunlight.

Regardless of the orientation of your house, you could find the perfect paint colour for your walls. Once you do, you will see how the right colour could maximise the natural light in your room.

Liquid Storage Tanks

Maintenance Tips for Liquid Storage Tanks

Liquid Storage TanksWhen it comes to making liquid storage solutions last, a good tank fabrication and proper design, coupled with proper maintenance, can extend the shelf life of your investments. Here are some simple maintenance tips you need to remember.

Regularly Check for Contamination

It does not matter what type of liquid you are storing. Regular contamination tests are crucial, especially if you are storing water used for drinking. Look for ruptures in your tank. Remember, water can easily damage both your tank and the type of equipment the fuel powers if the liquid suffers contamination.

A monthly contamination check can help you prevent these types of problem.

Ensure Professional and Thorough Cleaning

You do regular cleaning using a water hose and a pumping kit design for decontamination. However, for deeper cleaning, liquid storage services provide thorough cleaning for tanks that endured contamination.

Leaving the deep cleaning to the experts will ensure you will not damage the storage solutions any further, which could lead to more money lost.

Check the Lid and Secure It in Place

Make sure that the lids of your liquid storage tanks secure in place. This will ensure that it stays in place during seasonal changes and weather conditions. A misplaced cover can damage both your tanks and the liquid stored in it. The contaminated fluid can do more damage when used improperly.

Make Sure to Prepare for Winter

A more thorough check of your liquid storage solutions becomes crucial to be ready for harsh winter conditions. You also need to check the surrounding areas for possible shell penetration and contamination. The age and wear and tear of your liquid storage tanks can also affect its performance.

For more security, you can have the tank coating assessed to study the tank’s remaining lifespan.

A seasoned liquid storage solutions company can help you decide which types of tanks to get. However, for regular maintenance, make sure you remember these tips so you can make your investments last and get the ROI you need.

Woman with Contour Makeup

Contouring Various Face Shapes: A Canvas for an Artist

Woman with Contour MakeupFacial contouring is probably one of the most difficult makeup tricks to master. As one beauty school in Salt Lake City puts it, a cosmetologist is a beauty artisan, and this artisan has but one stage: the face.

Most makeup artists would not reveal their trade secrets, but most agree that the shape of the face heavily influences contouring methods.

What Is Contouring?

Contouring involves the use of a matte cream or powder that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. The purpose of contouring is to hide a person’s least flattering features and bring out the best ones through highlighting. Contouring is also resorted to when there are areas you want to define in your client’s features.

Contouring Based on Face Shapes

A diamond face shape has a narrow hairline and a pointed chin. Thus, the area below the cheekbones, starting from the ears down to the middle of the cheekbones may be contoured.

On the other hand, a heart-shaped face may be contoured with a sponge or a blush the sides of the temples and forehead to balance the areas of the face. If the face is oblong, however, you may contour under the chin to create the illusion that your client has a slightly rounder face.

It is important that you map the face before contouring. Mapping means you wipe the foundation on the key areas noted above before finally blending the cream until it fully dissolves into the skin. This not only saves you time but also effort in correcting mistakes the moment you see them.

All it takes for you to master contouring is a lot of practice, time, and a person who is willing to be your canvas!


Of Parcels and Boxes: Choosing the Correct Product Packaging for Logistics and Fulfillment

Product PackagingWhat distinguishes a great product from a flop has really nothing to do with the quality.

In fact, depending on the industrial packaging material, even a cheaper item can compete with a luxury brand. For this reason, equally investing on product presentation will certainly boost your sales to monumental levels.

To know more here’s a behind-the-box look on how choosing the correct product packaging will make all the difference in your logistics and fulfilment.

High-Quality Packaging Travels Well

Most of your customers probably don’t know of the horrors when it comes to delivering your items to distributors and stores. On the off chance that there’s something wrong with the packaging materials, or they’re simply flimsy, your items can arrive damaged. This means you have to recall everything and save what you can, which is an extremely hopeless process. Therefore, apart from ensuring the quality of your items, the packaging should be able to completely protect your product too.

Appropriateness of the Packaging Material

Whether you prefer boxes, parcels, or vacuum seals, make sure that it makes sense to you and the customers. While experimenting is quite fun, bubble wrapping a shirt is not the smartest way to go, right? For one, it will be hard to display the item and you will end up paying more for the packaging material than the quality of your product itself.

Packaging Should Fit Almost Exactly

Apart from saving costs, having the crates, trays, and containers fit your product will make the handling and delivery of your product easier. But, of course, you don’t want to compress your items as this may damage your product. Aim to find the correct sizing of the packaging to the type of material. As a rule, the sturdier the packaging material, the more room you will have to store items without any problem.

When it comes to product packaging, how well your item stands against factors you cannot control is the key.

Diverse Fireworks for Diverse Celebrations

Fireworks There is no better way to conclude a celebration than with a beautiful aerial display of fireworks. People have been using fireworks for celebrations for hundreds of years, and their popularity is not waning.

As technology improved, fireworks became more sophisticated. They now come in a variety of styles, colours, and effects. Though fireworks are appropriate for just about any celebration, some types are better suited for some celebrations than others. Fireworks International, a firework company in the UK, suggests the use of single ignition fireworks for weddings.

Single ignition fireworks, also known as a ‘cake’, utilises a mix of different types of fireworks that create a choreographed barrage of explosions. They are perfect for weddings because they are easy to light and do not need the help of a professional pyrotechnician.

Here are a few of the other basic types of fireworks:


Rockets are all-around fireworks. As one of the oldest types, they launch into the air at dizzying heights and explode in a shower of colours. Rockets can have differing effects but generally do not produce the large explosions associated with cannon shells.


Cannons are one of the most expensive types of fireworks because of their size and complexity. Cannons launch circular shells into the air, filled with fuel and oxidizer chemicals. These chemicals, made of salts or metal, are packed into the shell in a specialised arrangement. They produce bright colours and beautiful shapes as they explode. They are perfect for big celebrations, especially for New Year’s and Bonfire Night.

Wheels and Fountains

Wheels and fountains are ground level fireworks. Wheels are usually placed atop a pole. Once lighted, they spin and send sparks flying in different directions. Fountains, on the other hand, consist of a hollow tube filled with gunpowder. As it ignites, it shoots sparks up into the air, similar to a water fountain. These two types are perfect for sports stadiums and stage performances.


Sparklers are small, handheld fireworks consisting of a wand dipped in a combustible chemical. As it ignites, it produces a tiny plume of sparks. Sparklers are popular for personal celebrations and are commonly found decorating birthday cakes as a more festive alternative to regular candles.

No matter what the occasion, fireworks will always add something special to the festivities.

Choosing An Air Conditioner in Perth

Keep Cool: Choosing Between Central and Window Air Conditioners

Choosing An Air Conditioner in PerthCentral and window air conditioners are both ideal for any home, but you can only install one. It often becomes difficult to choose unless you have evaluated your budget and requirements. To help you decide, it’s best to understand your home’s structure, number of rooms, and other factors that could affect the comfort of your home.

Here’s a comparison to help you when visiting air conditioning system providers in Perth ​and other parts of WA:

Central Air Conditioning Unit
  • Central air conditioning units promote the equal cooling of your home. Based on what you’ve set in the thermostat, the temperature of each room will be the same. No room will be hotter or cooler than the other.
  • A central air conditioner unit is usually placed outside the house. Sometimes, homeowners put them in the basement of their house. No matter where you want to install them, it’s best to maintain all safety precautions to avoid accidents.
  • Central air conditioners transport cool air into individual rooms with the help of concealed blowers. This ensures that the walls of your house are not damaged by the installation of an air conditioning unit.
Window Air Conditioning Unit
  • A window air conditioner is an entire machine located on a particular wall of your house, though it’s possible to install it in your basement.
  • Window air conditioner units are ideal for small rooms. Their built-in thermostat maintains the temperature you’ve set, ensuring that the entire room’s temperature remains steady.
  • Buying a window air conditioner could cost you less compared to central air conditioners, but the efficiency of the latter is more.

Based on your requirements and the differences you’ve learned in this post, you can now choose to install a central or a window air conditioner. Before anything else, you must ensure that both machines are energy efficient before installing.

The Importance of a Wet Dust Collector

Wet Dust CollectorWorking in an industrial setting can be dangerous in many ways. Employers have to take steps to make sure workers are as safe as possible while on the work site. Aside from safety gear and training, employers have to make sure the air is clean. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) calls for metal fabricators to have a wet dust collection system. 

A wet dust collector, however, does more than keep the air clean. Dual Draw explains this below.

The problem

Air filter systems in some industries are to keep workers from breathing in dust that can lodge in their lungs. History has taught some very hard lessons to employers and workers alike. Very fine dust such as cotton and coal has led to serious health problems for workers many years down the road. However, workers in metal finishing have another concern. Grinding and sanding metal produce very fine metallic dust. Some types of metal can explode and catch fire. This includes aluminum, steel, magnesium, and titanium.

The solution

A dust collection system is the obvious solution, but not a dry one. Mixing certain types of metal dust together in a dry system can make a dangerous situation even more so. Mixing steel and aluminum dust, for example, is a very bad idea. A wet system can keep metal dust concentrations below what NFPA says are dangerous levels without the risk of blowing up the building.

The advantages

The wet dust collector is great for worksites that work with different kinds of material. It not only reduces the risk of combustion from metal dust, it also cleans the air of other types of dust. A good system will not get in the way of operations and be easy to access.

A wet dust collector is an essential piece of safety equipment in metal finishing and fabrication. Find a reliable supplier for one and you can relax. A good system cleans the air and keeps workers safe from explosions and fires.

Security Film – Good Protection

Security FilmSecurity film installation is on the rise in many buildings, especially schools. Security film works wonders as it is thicker than normal window film and increases the resistance to impact. Installing it properly with the help of Cleargard Australia will effectively protect the occupants of a building. Security film is applied to the inner part of the window and sealed with silicone. 

Here are some of the advantages of having security film on glass as opposed to just tempered glass.

Advantages offered by security film

  • No accidental injuries: It acts like an invisible shield and contains shattered glass in place. Shattered and flying glass can cause serious injuries and even death because glass can cut very badly.
  • Safe conditions in bad weather: When a hurricane or tornado hits, flying debris can break windows and enter spaces. Security film can withstand high winds and even keep broken glass in place. This film also prevents water from entering and protect property.
  • Crime protection: Glass doors and windows are a weak point for any building, home or business. As entry points, glass windows are a target not just for burglars but vandals too. Burglar alarms are good to have but not much protection. Security film keeps glass from shattering and providing entry.

Other facts about Security film

This film is designed to hold fragments in place when glass breaks. There are other films like solar and energy savers which help to filter out sun rays and keep the house cool. Protection against broken glass is a good side benefit. Before buying film and installing it in your home or the car, make sure to read up on the types available and the specifications of each products.

Film should be tested on tempered, laminated and heat strengthened glass for efficacy. Most manufacturers offer copies of the lab tests validating results of impact testing. Safety film is used a lot by government installations and companies which have a lot of windows – this helps to cut down on injuries from flying glass.

Woman Wearing Jewelry

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Outfit

Woman Wearing JewelryAccessories such as handbags, scarves, belts, watches, hats, eyewear, and jewelry pieces can be extremely powerful when completing a look. They complete an outfit by accentuating certain features and adding that little extra to make a strong style statement.

The key to using accessories to improve your style is knowing what pieces to match a certain outfit. Jewelry, for example, should be worn sparingly unless the outfit really calls for it. Here are some guidelines when choosing jewelry to match a certain look:

  • Keep it chic and balanced – Although loading up on jewelry can be exciting, balancing will go a long way. The goal is to accentuate, not to overpower. For example, if you decide to wear an armful of bangles, better keep your necklace and earings simple.
  • Adjust according to your outfit – When the clothes you’re wearing already provide a lot of detail, such as when wearing animal print, tone down your jewelry. A simple shirt can go well with a statement necklace, but with a ruffled and printed blouse, not so much.
  • Layer them up – There are many ways to wear necklaces. Abandon the idea that you can only wear one. Wear a mix of necklaces with varied sizes and shapes, to make your simple outfit look more festive.
  • Go solo with a bib or choker – Forego any other item of jewelry when wearing a bib or a choker and let it be your statement piece.
  • Go long for long dresses – Long and draping necklaces are best worn with long frocks. They will elongate your figure, draw attention to your curves, and give an illusion of a slimmer body.
  • Diamonds are literally forever – Studs are perfect if you want to add a little bit of glitz to your outfit without drawing too much attention or without having to change accessories every day. Christensen Jewelers says diamonds are the best candidate for this because they are glittery, stylish, and versatile. they go with everything.

Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to live stylishly. Take care of them properly to keep them for a long time. Clothing styles may change, but jewelry pieces will stay relevant forever. Understand and apply basic jewelry care and have the number of the most reliable jewelry repair store in the ready, one that can restore your engagement rings, statement necklaces, and valuable earrings to their original state.

Diamonds may be forever, but only if you help preserve them.

Phones in wedding

Weddings and Photography: The Problem with Guests and Their Smartphones

Using Phones in wedding in AustraliaA Facebook post from a wedding photographer is gaining a lot of attention for pointing out a problem with most of today’s weddings.

The post says guests are ruining weddings just for the sake of having something to immediately post on social media.

Picture Not Perfect

Photographer Thomas Stewart, who works in Burradoo, Australia, says camera-happy guests are too concerned with taking photos using their phones that they often get in the way of the official photographer.

Stewart posted a photo of a recent wedding he covered that shows just how guests are ruining once-in-a-lifetime pictures. In the photo, the groom had to lean out past the aisle just to get a glimpse of his bride because guests with phones, iPads, and cameras were blocking the view.

A Word from the Pros

Mr. Stewart’s post echoes a sentiment many professional photographers have during weddings and other special occasions.

Cape Town photographers at Clay Jar Photography explain that you hire professionals to capture natural, stunning photos that will tell your love story to future generations. While these professionals work to do their best, they do need cooperation from the guests.

Wedding photographers have restrictions when it comes to taking photos. For example, they are discouraged from going to the altar, near the officiant, or too close to the bride and groom because doing so is rude and affects the intimacy of the ceremony. The same should apply to guests.

Going Unplugged

This is also a reason photographers and other wedding suppliers encourage couples to have an unplugged ceremony. No phones, tablets, and cameras mean the official photographer can take better shots, and the guests are more attentive.

If you’re going to a wedding, follow the new rules of wedding etiquette. Wait to publicly post photos and your best wishes to the newlywed couple, respect their request if they ask you to hold off on posting, and use the official hashtag, if they have one.

Take as many photos as you want, but don’t get in the official photographer’s way. Guests are invited to celebrate the special day, not to sit there on their phones or be busy with taking photos.