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3 Nuclear Disasters in History

Nuclear Plants Think nuclear disasters and the first thing that comes to mind is Chernobyl. Considered one of the serious meltdowns in history, it killed more than 25 of its staff and emergency workers in less than five months.

Health experts also believe the accident is responsible for thousands of children with thyroid cancers, as is the case with such catastrophic events. Nuclear Care Partners adds that radiation exposure can have long-lasting effects on people. Short-term exposure can lead to radiation sickness and skin injury, and long-term exposure can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, the Chernobyl tragedy is just one of many. Here are other nuclear meltdowns in the world:

1. SL-1 Reactor

SL-1 Reactor mishap occurred due to the manual removal of one of the reactor control rods. This mistake led to the increase of radioactivity. It was the country’s first fatal nuclear accident, and killed two Army specialists and a Navy electrician’s mate.

2. Rocky Flats Plant

Rocky Flats plant, located 20 miles southwest of Colorado’s capital, made more than 70,000 triggers for nuclear weapons for four decades. Workers handled a variety of radioactive elements, such as plutonium, and thousands of hazardous chemicals. Different instances, including workers’ accidents and fires, contaminated the site and nearby suburbs with these toxic materials.

Although the government cleaned up the site and studies show a non-definite link between exposure and ill health, many are still concerned about its adverse impact on people.

3. Goiania Nuclear Contamination

The nuclear contamination that occurred in Goiania, Brazil, proved the danger of ignorance. A pair of scavengers found a radioactive unit containing cesium chloride that used to belong to a nuclear institute that had since moved. The material ended up in the junk shop, the owner’s hands, then to their family and friends, and to others. By the time the health authority discovered the exposure, four people had already died.

As long as nuclear plants exist, accidents will occur and human lives will remain at risk. Fortunately, there are healthcare organizations working to bring specialized care to workers have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. And to some extent, restore a sense of normalcy into their lives.

3 Mistakes You Need to Correct to Improve Your SEO Value

SEO MistakesSearch engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the most important strategies when it comes to marketing your business online. That’s why if you are a business owner, you should already know how to do it right to get the best possible results. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid doing and what to do instead to make your SEO strategies always strong:

Publishing Awesome Content Without Optimization

SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. One won’t work without the other. If you think you have content that is timely, informative, valuable, and engaging, the next step is to optimize it for search engines, not publish it abruptly. Optimizing your content includes using the right keywords in the title, headline, URL, body, and images. On-page SEO is important for your high-quality content to reach its maximum potential.

Failing to Promote Content Intentionally

Promoting your content, especially if you’re starting to build your reputation, credibility, and relevance, is important for you to reach a wider audience. Using link-building strategies, posting guest blogs on other sites, taking advantage of the power of social media, and collaborating with online influencers are only some of the ways for you to promote your content. added that one of the most effective is sharing your content through different social media channels.

Not Getting Rid of Broken Links

Broken links are missed opportunities. It can hurt your SEO value and annoy users that are browsing through your website. That’s why you should always check your URL structure and redirects, especially if you recently changed something significant in your source code. There are many broken link checkers available for free on the web, so it’s not difficult to fix this problem.

These are only some of the most common mistakes that will hurt your SEO campaign. Make sure to get rid of them fast to keep your online marketing campaign effective.