E-Designing from E-Learning Design Hacks


E-LearningNow that your company has decided to be part of the e-learn phenomenon, you might want to remember these reminders before putting in all the bells and whistles. While it’s appealing to make your blended learning method into the most visually astonishing thing, it won’t help if nobody understands what is happening.

Velpic suggests considering the following:

Get Creative

While the purpose of e-learning is to streamline the process and train employees in the swiftest and most cost-effective means possible, you shouldn’t shy away from using your creativity and imagination. Videos with a static camera and an even more static speaker can be quite boring and can discourage participants from making a connection to the message.

Give your more creative employees a chance to shine and get them to help in the planning of your video. Also, remember to be a good leader by giving due credit and payment for their efforts.

Make it Interactive

The purpose of e-learning and blended learning is to encourage participation and involvement. Provide mini-tests after two or three topics to help with retention, create an interactive table of contents for them to access if they need to navigate to hard topics, and even a comments box at the end of the program can encourage your learners to communicate with your team and provide their input on the learning experience.

Still, remember to keep such interactions to a minimum to avoid making the assistance into a distraction.


While it is worthwhile to make things in a creative and inspired manner, the point is to make your people transition and e-learn as easily as possible. Create a consistent, visually appealing series of videos, text, and images to help your learners associate one lesson with the others.

As for text, avoid flooding a single page with paragraphs upon paragraphs of it. Instead, give short sentences centred on major ideas of the topic and highlight important words. Keep pictures balanced and make sure they are royalty-free or credited to the original source.

With the tips mentioned above, not only will you remove certain flaws of previous methods, you will also reduce the time it takes for your employees to understand something. They will see and comprehend things at their own time and pace, letting you reap the benefits in the long run.