Efficient AC: Lowering Strain on Your Cooling System

A homeowner examining his ac unit

A homeowner examining his ac unitWhile you can rely on your air conditioner to handle high temperatures, you cannot expect it to run forever. This makes it important to do a few things to reduce strain or extra pressure on your cooling system. This will help maintain your AC’s efficiency and longevity, along with the benefit of keeping you and your family comfortable indoors.

AC repair experts in St Charles, MO share a few things that can help minimize strain on your air conditioner:

  • Replacing filters. Dirty or clogged air filters will cause the system to use more energy in cooling your abode. Be sure to check, clean, or replace the filter regularly to increase the lifespan of your AC, as well as reduce the overall strain to the unit.
  • Adjusting the thermostat. You don’t have to keep your AC on when you’re away or when there’s no one home. It’s best to adjust the thermostat or invest in a programmable one to arrange an automated cooling schedule. This will not just reduce the strain on your AC, but also lower your cooling costs.
  • Maintain your AC. Have your cooling system inspected (once or twice a year) by an AC repair expert. This is to make sure that all components of your AC are in good working order. This will also help you stay ahead of problems that can compromise the efficiency of your system, and address them before they get worse.
  • Update your insulation. Proper insulation allows the temperature indoors to remain constant. It also serves as a barrier to heat loss and gain in walls, floors, and ceilings. You can benefit from a home energy audit to detect air leaks and find areas where insulation can be improved.
  • Lower heat in your home. This also means decreasing internal load or the workload that your AC has to deal with. You can do this by closing door and windows when your AC is on, using shades and blinds at hottest times of the day, and accomplishing heat-generating tasks (showering or doing the laundry) at coolest times of the day.

Maintain the efficiency and longevity of your cooling system with the aforementioned tips. Don’t forget to hire a pro for routine maintenance or when you notice something wrong in your AC.