Endometriosis: An Alternative Treatment Method

chiropractor in DenverIt is common for women to experience pain and cramping, especially during the time of the month. What is uncommon, however, is experiencing severe pain that hinders one’s daily activity. One of the most common conditions that cause such pain is called endometriosis.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition that affects at least 6.3million women and girls in the U.S. alone. It happens when endometrial tissues (which should be growing in the uterus) are found in other parts of a woman’s reproductive system (i.e. ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.).

These misplaced tissues respond the same way an endometrial tissue would respond during a menstrual cycle. It builds up, breaks down and sheds. Normally, this tissue would flow out of the body through the menstrual periods, but misplaced tissues have no way of getting out of the system. It remains stuck inside the body, causing pain, inflammation, and infertility in women with endometriosis.

There is no cure for endometriosis, but hormonal pills are given to manage the condition. An alternative means to manage the condition without such medications is by consulting with a chiropractor in Denver.

How can chiropractic treatment relieve endometriosis?

There is a strong connection between the location of the spine and a woman’s reproductive organs, making chiropractic treatments an effective alternative.

Chiropractic treatment helps restore normal peristaltic motion. This is the muscular function that is regulated by the autonomous nervous system. Peristaltic motion is responsible for the normal functioning of the uterus because it enables the egg to properly travel down the Fallopian tube, allowing a person to be fertile. This, along with proper placements of bones affects the blood flow and the functions of the reproductive organs. Through regular chiropractic treatment, women suffering from endometriosis are not only able to manage their pain, but also have higher chances of getting pregnant.

Despite the absence of a cure, women suffering from endometriosis are not losing hope. Thanks to alternative management options like chiropractic treatments.