Fence Materials That Have Decorative Options

Metal FenceFences are sturdy boundary markers that keep trespassers out of your property and provide protection too. For some it is a good way to mark ownership, but how do you do it without making your property look unwelcoming and cold?

Metal Fences with Style

People now prefer to use ‘decorative metal’ fences to establish not only ownership but also improve the curb appeal of their properties. They can make your home appear inviting and charming, but still provide the security you want.

Here are four different metals that you can use to build the kind of metal fence that would suit your home.


Cast iron fences can be ornamental if you use them in gardens and lawns. There have been variations with alternating shorter pickets still tipped with the arrow-shaped finials and some that have leaves and geometric shapes, which suit any garden or lawn with lots of greenery.


These fences feature some of the easier-to-install choices in the industry. Vinyl picket fences can also be made to mimic ornamental wooden fence styles or iron fence designs. They also require less maintenance than wooden or iron fences.

Ornamental Wood Fence Combination

Traditional wooden fences have been combined with other materials to make them more durable and appealing. Lattice fences are an especially popular option, with wooden lattice incorporated in decorative fences. Shadowbox fences that offset rows of picket fences are especially popular to people who value privacy.


Aluminum ornamental styles are also a sought-after option for people who prefer simple yet stylish designs. They are also relatively easy to install and are a low-maintenance option.

Choose the Best…for You!

The best reason for picking a fence should depend on the security it gives you and the durability of the material. You’re not just picking for style, after all—you want something that will last the test of time! Style and substance go a long, long way when you’re looking for something that signifies both ‘welcome’ and ‘keep away!’ At the same time.