Getting the Right Dentist

Dentist checking patient's teeth

Dentist checking patient's teethLooking for the right fit is not just about what a dental practice offers, it’s about the environment, the approach of the dentist and finding out what to prioritise for each family member. Looking for a dentist in Alexandria starts with making a list of priorities with regard to dental treatments. Dental needs change as people age.

Rate Essentials Against Desirables

To choose a dentist, drawing up an essential and desirable list much the same as a company would advertise for a new post, the process starts to match the right practice with family priorities. For example, if a family is looking for a dentist in Alexandria, it would be important to have a good, child-friendly service. Dentists such as Healthy Smile Centre have specific services aimed at enhancing the experience of young people, including the innovative oral health programme Healthy Smile 4 Kids.

It’s also then important to look at the needs of other members of the family, look at:

  • How often the practice up-dates its technology. Is it important that a dental practice stays on the cutting edge of new treatments?
  • Is it possible family members will need access to more advanced restorative treatments such as dental implants and braces?
  • Are cosmetic options important such as teeth whitening or veneers?

Once the priorities for available treatments are looked at and assessed, it’s also important to look at the team of hygienists, dentists and even receptionists, since they will be the face that will meet you whenever you need to book an appointment. Looking at the surgery website, most dental surgeries have a Meet The Team page, where either the whole team will have a bio or the key team members are presented. This will give most discerning patients an opportunity to look at the general presentation of the team, look at qualifications, areas of interest or passion projects that team members are involved in.

After this research, it’s always good to visit the dental surgery and maybe have a basic hygiene consultation with one of the dentists. By being smart about how dental practices are selected, it ensures happy patients are seeing the correct dentist in Alexandria.