Getting Through a Med-Life Crisis

Girl in med schoolBeing a licensed physician will require passion, skills, determination, and patience, along with mastery of the course itself. There will be countless sacrifices, challenges, and struggle, but it will all be worth it.

Professionals from Interim Physicians talk about a med-life crisis.

What is a “Med-Life Crisis”?

Whether you’re a medicine student, a clerk, a fresh graduate, or a resident, you will encounter a phase of absolute burnout. This particular moment feels as though you have lost all motivation to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor. You have hit rock bottom, or could be fast approaching it, and all you want to do is burn your thousands of dollars’ worth of books and find the first flight out to a tropical island.

The Med-Life Crisis takes on different forms and levels of severity but is nonetheless inevitable in this field, and it’s important to know that this can be addressed and you can get through this!

Glass Half-Full

It’s easy to lose track of your accomplishments when faced with disappointments or moments of lack, which is when many people experience a med-life crisis. But allow yourself to have an allowance to make mistakes along the way, you are in fact human, and it is in these moments that you will truly learn. Do not allow a setback, whether major or minor, to discredit all that you’ve accomplished through the years. Be brave enough to tread on, despite how far off the goal may be.

Having a glass half-full mentality can save you from making decisions that you may later regret. Successful doctors would agree that there are effective ways to deal with depression in medical school, which is greatly applicable to professionals in the medical field and may be worth a read.

Look Toward the Goal

Instead of walking with your head down and dwelling on the current, it helps to look up and keep your eyes on where you’re headed. You may be neck-high on problems, but all of your problems have solutions that you can and will arrive to. Be confident enough in your own abilities; that you have managed to get yourself this far, so you can certainly hurdle a few more obstacles along the way. Look forward to where you’ll be in the near future, whether it’s working full time as a pediatrician in a big city hospital or trying out locum tenens for fields, such as Orthopedic Surgery in other institutions.

The possibilities are endless. It is never easy, the path may not be straight, and some battles may be lost, but the rewards at the finish line will be priceless. Dare to be strong.

A large number of medical students and doctors suffer from mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, but bear in mind that all will be well. It’s okay to seek help when needed, but never give up. Fight for your dream long enough to live it, and live it well.