How Much Should You Pay for a Professional Fireplace Installation?

fireplaceIt costs an average of $2,108 to hire a professional for the installation of a fireplace at home, although the usual price might range between $865 and $3,491.

If you live in Utah, the price for installing a new fireplace in Salt Lake City is higher if you want some customized work. The type of furnace will also determine the overall cost of installation aside from the necessary materials for the project.

Fuel Sources

The most common fireplace variants comprise a wood-burning, gas or electric fireplace. Those who want to save on electricity bills can use the wood-burning type, but you need to clean it frequently. A gas line installation requires less maintenance and effort to operate, but be ready to spend more on utility bills.

If money isn’t an option and you don’t have time for regular cleaning, an electric fireplace serves as the best option. You merely have to turn on a switch to use it. While it’s more expensive than the two other types, an electric fireplace is still cheaper than a central heating unit.

Customized Work

Some people decide to do a fireplace makeover, especially if they intend to list their home on the market in the future since it can be the centerpiece of a room. You can do this yourself with some simple additions. However, consider hiring experts for customization work.

Among different designs include a colorful tile-surround fireplace or a wood-faced brick layout. A well-designed fireplace should aim to catch anyone’s attention as soon as they enter a room, which is particularly important if you’re trying to sell the house.

When choosing a fireplace installation service, ask quotes from at least three service providers to make an informed decision. How much are you willing to spend on installing a new fireplace at home?