Ideas for Winning Motorcycle Accidents in Which You Were Lane Splitting

motorcycle accident involving a black car

motorcycle accident involving a black carAccidents on the road are becoming increasingly common. Though drivers might get a few dents and scratches, motorcyclists in most cases are left gravely injured. Unfortunately, more often than not, compensation is not awarded to motorcyclists. Lane splitting is the most common cause of this denied compensation.

This refers to a practice of riding between stationary or slow moving vehicles in traffic. It is quite a challenge to exonerate yourself if there is evidence you were lane splitting. With an excellent motorcycle injury lawyer from Denver, however, it is not impossible.

Here are some techniques he/she might use to get you compensated.

Prove You Were a Careful Rider

Proving you were lane splitting carefully can shift the court’s ruling in your favor. It is essential to have evidence that you were wearing the required protective clothing and helmet. Some states also expect a motorcyclist to lane split with their headlights on to warn other road users.

Establish You Are a Seasoned Rider

Motorcycling experience is not solely pegged on how long you have been a rider. It will prove crucial for your case if you have undergone and completed safety or riding courses. Having some certification to show the court that you have undergone safe riding training will boost your case. It will also help if you have an accident-free riding history.

Prove Your Actions Were Less Dangerous Than Those of Other Road Users

Lane splitting is dangerous, but there are other actions which are more dangerous than this on the road. Should you prove that other drivers’ actions were more dangerous than lane splitting, you tip the scales in your favor. These include abrupt changing of lanes and drifting.

Motorcyclists generally have an unfavorable rap in the public domain. This should however not be the cause of unfair judgment in your case. With the above strategies, your lawyer will boost your chances of getting a fair settlement.