Should You Invest in Your Own Print Business or Franchise?

Close up shot of a business printerStarting your own business

Starting your own business is not the easiest of ventures to begin. Many considerations have to be weighed and a lot of work has to be done. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have a sufficient amount of capital to cover all expenditure that startups need. You then need to consider the hiring process, how exactly will you make sure that you get the amount and the right type of people working on the business? These are just some of the basic considerations that need to be taken into account when starting a business.

Why Invest in the Print and Sign Industry?

Advertising either through print and sign or digitally is a growing business and a lucrative investment. The sign industry is estimated to be worth $55 billion in the global market. All types of signage can attract a customer’s attention. Specifically, having a ‘large pole sign’ is seen to be the most effective sign for a company. Based on a study, it increases profits by 15.6%.

According to the International Sign Association, a well-designed and well-placed sign can generate significant profit for business, especially if it’s part of a cohesive marketing strategy. The association also stated that it could help in attracting almost 50 percent of a company’s customers.

Starting a Print and Sign Business

If you were to start a print and sign business, you would need to begin with a thorough market research and a feasible business plan. These two requirements are necessary for assessing and creating strategies and market needs. You also need to secure a local business permit, tax registration and other legal documents. You need to purchase the printing equipment and pay for its installation as well.

Advantages of franchising

So, how do you venture into the print and sign business without going through all the difficult processes? Signarama helps you open a franchise for your print and sign business. A benefit is that investing in a franchise provides you with existing marketing campaigns that may be already implemented and access to future markets and clients that the franchisor acquires.

Franchising can open you to highly established brands that are known locally and globally. Furthermore, a franchise almost certainly, already has in place its business model and guidelines. You would not need to learn what mistakes not to make along the way because you would already be provided with protocols and guides to follow.

Print and Sign Business Franchising with Signarama

With over 30 years of experience in the sign industry, Signarama Franchise has an excellent track record of success with nearly 800 stores globally. The company was ranked the top one franchising company on the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for 2014. As the company progresses, they continually reinforce their core concepts and ensure that all of their franchises use the latest innovations in providing sign business opportunities.

If you want to franchise a print and sign company, call 887 959 8087.