Literally a Beauty Rest: 3 Ways Good Sleep Makes You Look Younger

Sleeping WomanNothing beats a well-rested, peaceful sleep. It makes you feel better — and as a bonus, makes you look younger. Who knew that such a simple, daily human activity could top the most expensive facials and skin care routines? Here are the ways good sleep contributes to a youthful look:


Good sleep contributes to a youthful look precisely because it triggers anti-aging hormones in the body. That is, if you sleep in a cool bedroom.

Utah experts say that setting your thermostat at 60–68 degrees Fahrenheit could help facilitate the production of melatonin in the body, the hormone that’s believed to slow down aging. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to anti-aging facials, then lowering your thermostat might just be it.

If you do encounter problems in keeping your room cool, it’s probably time for an AC repair; Salt Lake City specialists can help you with this.

Fewer Wrinkles

Yes, a peaceful slumber could give you that firm, supple skin. How? Well, there’s a chemical in the body called human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a role in improving skin’s elasticity as it causes the production of collagen.

As people age, though, HGH levels drop and stays low, especially during adulthood. Thus, the wrinkles and the sagging skin. But, the good news is, there are natural ways to increase levels of HGH in the body, such as — yes, you guessed it, sleep. A restful, peaceful 8-hour sleep, at that. Because well, poor sleep just results in further reducing HGH levels in the body.

Glowing Skin

The skin is exposed to harsh elements during the day: the sun, pollution, and other irritants. That’s why it needs to repair damages and regenerate itself. And it does so more efficiently during sleep. Experts say that you develop more skin when you’re at a restful slumber than awake.

So if you want to get literally the I-woke-up-like-this glow, then getting plenty of sleep should definitely be in your beauty routine.

Good sleep is good for the health. And as an extra benefit, it also helps you in your natural glam. So, don’t just spend time and money on snake venom facials and blood moisturizers. Sometimes, a beauty routine can be as simple as getting plenty of beauty rest.