Preventing Tile Stains in Bathrooms and Kitchens

tile stains

tile stainsDo your bathroom and kitchen look brand new, or are stains spoiling the appearance of your tiles? These blemishes can range from hard water spots to large oil-based stains, and can easily make your home look neglected. How do you stop these stains from showing up?

Sealing Your Tiles

By treating your tiles with the right sealing product, you can significantly reduce the chances of staining. Powerful sealers are available in most local hardware stores and suppliers like, Engineering Supplies. A quart is usually more than enough for the average home, and costs less than a hundred dollars.

A good product will seal hairline cracks, protect against weathering and wearing, make cleaning easier, and most importantly, does not affect the appearance of the tiles. Many popular brands also have performance warranties ranging from ten to twenty years, so you should pay attention to that, too.

Keep in mind that proper application is also crucial, as no matter how good the sealer is, there is no point if the homeowner does not use it correctly. Either follow the product instructions carefully, or get professional to help.

Cleaning up Existing Stains

Properly sealing your tiles and cleaning up spills immediately should be enough to prevent most problems. Even with these precautions, however, you may still see stains appearing on your tiles from time to time. How you clean these depends on what kind of stain it is.

For instance, removing water spots is a fairly simple and cheap process. Usually, a sponge soaked with distilled white vinegar followed by a sprinkling of baking soda is more than enough to soften the deposits. Rinse and repeat multiple times while wiping vigorously, and you should see it working soon.

Other types of stains usually have similar home remedies. While preventing the stain is always preferable, you shouldn’t panic when one does show up. In most cases, all you need is a well-stocked cabinet of cleaning supplies and a few minutes of your time to get rid of it.