Rotator Cuff Tears: What Athletes Need to Know

Runner with shoulder pain

Runner with shoulder painSports can shape the human body to peak condition, yet athletes can still experience injuries, injuries like rotator cuff tears. When you play sports that are repetitive and require much overhead movement, you will have to watch out for rotator cuff tears.

You can learn more about it below so you can prepare for it in case it happens to you.

Overuse of Shoulders

Rotator cuff injuries affect athletes in sports that frequently require movement of arms over the head. These sports include swimming, tennis, and badminton. Because of the repetitive shoulder movement needed for these sports, the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulders can tear or become impinged.

Other Factors to Injury

Other risk factors include age as people over 40 years old are at risk of rotator cuff injuries, more than their younger counterparts. Previous injuries to the shoulder can also lead to the tearing of the muscles. Finally, trauma to the shoulder because of a fall can also cause rotator cuff tearing.

Treatment for the Injury

Now, when you sustain a rotator cuff injury, your treatment options will depend on the severity of the muscle tearing. Partial tears will only require a minor procedure to trim or smooth the muscles.

Complete tears, however, will need minimally invasive surgery for shoulder performed by a Utah County orthopedic surgeon, who can guide you further if you need the surgical procedure.

Signs of a Torn or Impinged Rotator Cuff

How will you know if you have rotator cuff injury in the first place? One of the telling factors lies in increasing pain in a shoulder. This pain can continue throughout your sleep at night or when you are resting during the day. You will also feel the pain more when you move your arms over your head.

Rotator cuff injury can greatly reduce the strength and range of motion of a shoulder, which is why prevention can best protect you. Proper technique can help keep you from overusing your shoulder, but if you do sustain the injury, minimally invasive surgery for shoulder here in Utah County can fix the problem.