Safety Measures To Prevent Garage Door Accidents

Open Garage

Open GarageGarage doors may be simple machines, but they weigh hundreds of pounds – they can crush anyone and anything under them. A garage door accident may seem unlikely, but they have happened to others in the past.

Fortunately, you can do several measures to prevent any unfortunate incident from happening. Here’s how to stay safe while operating your garage door in Utah:

Test the Self-Reversing Feature

Modern garage doors have a self-reversing feature and a sensor that stops the door from coming down and raises it back up when it detects anything. You can test the sensor using a paper towel roll to ensure that it works properly. If your old garage door lacks this feature, you can replace it with a more sophisticated one.

Check the Suspension System

Other than the self-reversing feature, garage doors have a system that keeps it suspended three to four feet above the ground when the motor experiences a problem or the power goes out. You can test this system by closing the door and separating the opener’s release mechanism. Try to open and close the door manually. When the door stays suspended, your garage door is safe.

Keep It Maintained

Of course, you have to check all the parts of your garage door regularly. Rusty and worn parts can damage your garage door, and the problem can lead to an accident. Lubricate moving parts periodically, but call the professionals for more complex maintenance jobs, such as repair and replacement of parts.

Minor Safety Measures

Keep your garage door remotes and switches out of reach of children to avoid any accident. Ensure that the garage door and the area around it remain clear. Anything that can lean on the door or fall against it might hurt anyone opening the door.

Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. Use these tips to ensure safety in your garage.