Security Film – Good Protection

Security FilmSecurity film installation is on the rise in many buildings, especially schools. Security film works wonders as it is thicker than normal window film and increases the resistance to impact. Installing it properly with the help of Cleargard Australia will effectively protect the occupants of a building. Security film is applied to the inner part of the window and sealed with silicone. 

Here are some of the advantages of having security film on glass as opposed to just tempered glass.

Advantages offered by security film

  • No accidental injuries: It acts like an invisible shield and contains shattered glass in place. Shattered and flying glass can cause serious injuries and even death because glass can cut very badly.
  • Safe conditions in bad weather: When a hurricane or tornado hits, flying debris can break windows and enter spaces. Security film can withstand high winds and even keep broken glass in place. This film also prevents water from entering and protect property.
  • Crime protection: Glass doors and windows are a weak point for any building, home or business. As entry points, glass windows are a target not just for burglars but vandals too. Burglar alarms are good to have but not much protection. Security film keeps glass from shattering and providing entry.

Other facts about Security film

This film is designed to hold fragments in place when glass breaks. There are other films like solar and energy savers which help to filter out sun rays and keep the house cool. Protection against broken glass is a good side benefit. Before buying film and installing it in your home or the car, make sure to read up on the types available and the specifications of each products.

Film should be tested on tempered, laminated and heat strengthened glass for efficacy. Most manufacturers offer copies of the lab tests validating results of impact testing. Safety film is used a lot by government installations and companies which have a lot of windows – this helps to cut down on injuries from flying glass.