Signs of a Failed HVAC Contactor

HVAC Repair Service

HVAC Repair ServiceA properly functioning HVAC unit is an essential part of your indoor comfort. There are many times, however, that your HVAC might not be in tip-top shape. Your HVAC is made up of various components, and any disruption in any of these parts will shut down your entire system.

One of the parts that will call for the expertise of a plumber in Orem is a contactor. This is responsible for the transfer of electrical current, which starts your HVAC. Here are some signs that indicate that your HVAC’s contactor is faulty.

Continuous unit operation

If your HVAC compressor cannot shut down unless you flip its breaker or pull the plug, this is a sign of a contactor problem. It might indicate that the two metal pieces in your contactor are locked in place. However, if only your blower fans are the ones continually running, then the issue is one other than a contactor problem.

Failure to start

Your contactor creates an electric circuit that allows your unit to run after the thermostat sets the ideal temperature. If your thermostat clicks but then your HVAC does not start, then the two ends of your contactor are probably disconnected. The disconnection results in failure of transfer of the electric current needed to start your HVAC.

Frost accumulation

Sometimes your contactor might become stuck in a freezing position. This causes the development of frost and its buildup in your HVAC unit. Before calling your plumber to fix the issue, switch off your unit and let it defrost to prevent grave problems.

The above issues can also be caused by other faulty components other than the contactor. Instead of fiddling with your HVAC trying to fix the contactor, get a plumber to diagnose the exact issue and fix it. Fiddling with the contactor might also result in deadly electrical fires.